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Season 2

29 Sep. 2007
It's the start of the next winter tourist season in Whistler. A dedication ceremony for a new training facility named after Beck is taking place. Urged by his mother, Quinn, who has been away at school solely to escape all the bad things that have happened in Whistler, decides at the last minute to return for the ceremony. However, it is just as much to reconnect with Carrie, recently moved out with a roommate named Leah, to see if there is still romantic feelings between the two of them, despite all those issues. Quinn's return may be marred by Travis Hollier, the ...
6 Oct. 2007
Quinn makes the decision to stay in Whistler to try out for the Village snowboard team, both to find his place in the world and to continue his relationship with Carrie following their night together. Beyond Jen's initial opposition in her want for Quinn to be the first McKaye to finish school, Quinn has a few obstacles in achieving all these goals. First, he, who has not competed in years, has placed much pressure on himself in following both his father and brother's footsteps, the McKaye name which will not automatically give him one of the spots. And second, he ...
13 Oct. 2007
Hazed and Confused
Quinn and rest of the freshman members of the Village snowboarding team are enduring the one week hazing ritual, kindly referred to as "hell week". But Travis seems to be taking special aim at Quinn for personal reasons. Quinn has to decide when best to fight his battles with Travis while still maintaining the bond of the team. Jen and Derek have to figure out how best to deal with their sexual liaison now that Quinn is living at home. Jen does not yet want Quinn to know, he who may not be ready for anyone seeming to replace Ethan, even if Jen and Derek's relationship...
20 Oct. 2007
End Game
The annual skiers versus snowboarders floor hockey game is upcoming. Because of things going on between Griff and Carrie, and Quinn still hoping that he and Carrie will get back together, Griff eventually finds out that Carrie slept with Quinn upon his arrival back in Whistler. The three will find out if they can resolve their romantic triangle while still maintaining, if not friendship, at least harmony in time for Griff and Quinn to work as a team against the skiers. Now that Quinn knows, the next hurdle for Jen seemingly to overcome in her relationship with Derek ...
27 Oct. 2007
Passion Plays
Now that Carrie has chosen Griff over Quinn, Leah encourages Quinn to get back into the dating scene solely to get over his sexless slump. The time is ripe now that the "snowboard bunnies" are hanging around the gym as the snowboarders train. Leah can't help but provide greater advice than getting his feet wet again. Jen can see that Ryan has some money problems, and provides a helping hand in the hopes that he will not turn to gambling as he has done in the past. Ryan may not want to admit to himself how much of a problem he has. Despite promising Nicole that he ...
3 Nov. 2007
Always a Bridesmaid
The Coach's upcoming wedding, which is being held at the tavern, makes the perfect setting for people to think about relationships. Even though they both stated that it was a one time only thing, Leah, the queen of meaningless sex, contemplates telling Quinn that she wants their one sexual encounter thus far to be more than that. Jen's relationship with Derek hits another possible bump in the road with the short term arrival back in town of Peter Varland, Adrien's polar opposite brother, who was once the love of Jen's life and for who she was going to leave Ethan, ...
10 Nov. 2007
Out of Bounds
Jen and Derek decide to go for a romantic getaway, but Jen can't help but still think about Peter. Meanwhile, it's close to a year that Beck died, and Quinn has his brother on his mind, still feeling like he is living in Beck's shadow in almost every perspective: in his mother's eyes, with Carrie, and with snowboarding. Partly because of Beck, Travis challenges both Quinn and Griff to a run down the out-of-bounds "The Drop". The trio gets into one Murphy's Law situation after another, which threatens one, two or all three making it out of the back country alive. The ...
17 Nov. 2007
Quinn is feeling a new joie de vivre after he and Travis are saved from their back country near death experience. In the process, he makes some reckless decisions. Spending some time with Travis in the hospital may give him a clearer perspective. With Derek becoming a bigger and bigger part of her life and being sweet and kind toward her in whatever he does, Jen struggles with whether she should tell him about her kiss with Peter, especially as she will not yet admit to herself what that kiss meant. Rumors abound at the resort that Adrien's attention toward Carrie is ...
24 Nov. 2007
Family Ties
Reeling from the news that Adrien is her biological father, Carrie is wallowing in self-pity. She can't turn to Griff in the knowledge that Adrien only gave him the sponsorship deal because of her, and since Griff is preoccupied with a visit from his judgmental father. And it doesn't help her knowing that Nicole knew about Adrien but didn't tell her. As such, Carrie turns to Quinn for support. Not knowing why she's in a funk, Leah, to get her out of that funk, signs Carrie up for a local short film competition, which has the stipulations of filming within a certain ...
1 Dec. 2007
Road Trip
Quinn, Griff, Carrie and Leah have a road trip planned to Mount Baker in Washington State for a halfpipe competition. Things are already tense at the beginning of their trip because of an article where the reporter was able to pit Quinn and Griff against each other, and because of Carrie being on edge due to the whole Adrien situation, he who seems to be trying to buy his way into her life. So each subsequent issue that arises on their trip brings out the frustration all are feeling. Their friendships may not be able to survive making it back to Whistler. Nicole ...
8 Dec. 2007
The Rules of Attachment: Part I
Jen is the target of backlash against her being the face against the casino, that backlash even from some of her oldest friends. While Peter is concerned, it's Derek who comes to the rescue, part of it his professional duty, but a larger part his continued feelings for her. He demonstrates those feelings in an unusual and unexpected way. Quinn and Leah are moving at different speeds in their relationship, the one who feels neglected falling into the arms of another for a sense of comfort. Although stating outwardly that she can handle it, Carrie is still uncomfortable...
15 Dec. 2007
The Rules of Attachment: Part II
Carrie takes sides in her friendships with Leah and Quinn when she finds out that Leah slept with Travis, regardless of the reason. Her taking a stance may jeopardize her friendship with the one on whose side she's not, and in turn her relationship with Griff. Ryan decides to tell Adrien about what he knows regarding Jada and his father Jonus' working business relationship. Ryan takes steps, which include asking for a few favors from old and not so much friends anymore, to ensure he comes out the other side in tact. Adrien uses the information to speak to his father ...
15 Dec. 2007
Last Run
With the nationals only a few days away to take place in Whistler, Quinn and Griff receive the news that, based on the returning team members, there will only be one open spot for a new men's half pipe team member. Quinn hits a setback in the road to the national team, he needing to make a tough choice based on that setback. Some news from Carrie about her burgeoning video career helps Quinn decide what to do. Both Adrien and Jonus makes some business decisions based on Jonus' terminal illness. But that illness in part leads to yet another revelation concerning ...

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