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Best New Show of 2006
gmcjhill25 December 2006
Heist was the best new show of 2006. It was well written and the plots were brilliantly executed. I cannot think of any other show that is even close in content like Heist. The lead character was magnificent to look at. He was cool, suave, and believable. All other characters were also believable and it was a well rounded mix. Just seeing them in action made you want to root for them as opposed to the cops. The chemistry between the two leading opposing characters was also enjoyable to watch. It kept me on the edge of my seat. Please bring Heist back and put it in a better time slot! Thank you so much for listening.
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Sure it was flawed but far more entertaining than given credit for.
chrichtonsworld5 July 2010
Heist is just as exciting as Leverage or White Collar. Maybe it wasn't the right time for a show like this or it was overkill next to "Thief" and "Smith". Whatever the reason it still isn't a good excuse to cancel a show after only two episodes. This is something I don't understand and never will understand. For what it is worth "Heist" was pretty good and it would have become a great show if given the chance. It had all the same ingredients as similar themed shows. Of course it had flaws. Michelle Hicks as the cop was one of the biggest flaws. Her role could have given some great tension between her and Mickey (Dougray Scott). It wasn't her acting that made it bad. For some reason the writers forgot or ignore to do something with her character. Not one scene showed her doing something brilliant. Enter Ted Danson as Hicks' replacement and you see the difference. It only took him one episode to catch on. Heist deserved better!
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"Heist" was good but Billy and Reno are da Bomb!
ReeperTheSeeker26 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
when "Heist" came out I was willing to give it a shot and I wasn't disappointed. The Cops and Robbers theme may have been done before but Heist gave it a new twist that work both in the drama and humor of the show. Each of the thieves had their own motives and personality that made for a dynamic crew. And the duo of Billy and Reno are awesome! I STILL remember how entertaining they were. If anything they should have gotten their own show after heist was canceled. There was a "Lethal Weapon"-ish chemistry between them and i still have my fingers cross that they team up once more. My only gripe was the poor acting of Michele Hicks, the lead cop. Every time she was on screen it felt like she separated herself from the audience and her dialog was confusing at best. She just seemed out of place amongst the rest of the cast and (Spoiler) after that notorious cliff hanger i wondered if they really did kill her off. But like a lot of new show, Heist wasn't given a long enough chance to shine and it's a shame for it had so much potential.
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Awful dire come back "Smith" all is forgiven.
CatoTSR217 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Oh dear what do you get when you cross a wannabe' Thomas Crown and the heat of Ray Liotta.. Well it wasn't "Heist" This was a 100% load of absolute drivel and a shear waste of everyones time. What were they thinking, oh I know, we made a mistake with canning "Smith" so lets try to plagiarise the show and pretend to do a pastiche cover or remake. This was utter drivel of the worst kind...An attempt to rob three stores in Beverly Hills. Oh just give the stuff away darlings, thats what the TV moguls did when they canned this crap after 5 shows and just as well. Oh by the way, lousy American accent worthy of the Dick Van Dyke Hall Of Fame.
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