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A fun, family-friendly game!
dreamcatcher-623 August 2006
Playing this game was my idea of a joke since the guy I was going to play it with wasn't a Spongebob fan. But the game turned out to be a blast! Since you can have up to four human players in the game it's excellent for parties, small groups of friends hanging out, or even a family game night! The highlight of this game is the partnership required in half of the Spongebob mini games. Since you have to work with your team mate to win, there's an extra element of social fun involved in playing the game with company. The games are all unique in their design between one another and the lines recited by the characters as you win or lose make for a good laugh.

If you're a Spongebob fan, this game has the double bonus of keeping up with the TV show's bubbly humor. When playing through the story mode, every three games the character who wins plays a role in part of the Mermaid Man and Barnicle Boy movie. This means that there are six different characters who can win and play one of the ten roles in the game so it's fun to play over and over again just to see how the different characters react to the roles that they win! A must buy for any hard core Spongebob fan!
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