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I Stopped To Rate This Movie Halfway Through The Film

Author: Sapphire383 from London
6 May 2013

I could say all of my thoughts about the bad things of this movie first so you just walk away and never see this trash, but I'll start with what I liked.

OK, that's all the good things (Yes, everything is there.) now the bad things.

The animation is terrible and why there were celebrity voices, I do not know, but I'm pretty sure that they did not expect something so bad! If you are not 4 or under do not watch this movie! This is the worst movie I have ever experienced, it has a weak plot, bad graphics, and Pine Cones that look worse than dinosaur eggs!

If you want to, watch it if it's free but do not buy it if you have not watched and checked if you like it because there is a high chance of you regretting it. You have been warned!

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Badly animated Totoro rip-off

Author: benjaminweber from United Kingdom
8 February 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


I picked up a copy of this film in a charity shop, thinking it couldn't possibly be as badly animated as the cover art seemed to suggest. It was, and the ridiculousness didn't stop there. Within a couple of minutes of the start, it became very clear that the film was heavily borrowing from 'My Neighbour Totoro', essentially lifting the moving in scene directly from it. There was also a running gag of a hunter and his dog, who could be described entirely as a fat Dick Dastardly. The dog even laughs like Muttley at one point. Add to this the flying Bigfoot, one of whom takes off by farting, and a plot to use a hydroelectric dam to grind up pine-cones, and you have one of the biggest rush-jobs to ever make it to public release, arguably making 2012's FoodFight look professional!

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Hands down the greatest film since The Godfather 2

Author: Griffen Emmet from East Africa
21 November 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie, will make you laugh, make you cry, and it will touch you in places where you have never been touched before. The Legend of Sasquatch is a heartwarming tale about two mentally ill children that are forced to live in the wilderness with their handsome father. This family soon finds out that are not alone! One night, a Sasquatch kidnaps the youngest daughter and performs unspeakable acts on her. Fortunately, she is kind of into it, so it's all good. When the father finds out his daughter is missing, he blames her disappearance on the other daughter. He beats the living sh*t out of her, and then puts the gun to his head. In this scene, we find out that he is an atheist, and is therefore worried about what will happen to him once he pulls the trigger. In his final moment, he turns to his daughter and says, "You're adopted", then blows his brains out. Meanwhile, the youngest daughter and Sasquatch decide that it's time they go their separate ways. As the daughter is leaving, Steven Segeal comes out of nowhere and karate chops her face clean off. Now faceless, the youngest daughter spends the rest of her life wandering the wilderness, hoping to find the world she once knew. Then the movie ends.

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Author: jogibson-69564 from London
25 April 2016

I'm watching it now. I feel it's my moral duty to warn off other parents from spending money buying or hiring the film. We're watching it on Prime so it's free. I can only describe it as akin to a cartoon pretending to be an full blown animation, but without upbeat tempo tunes, a good storyline or quality animators. I'm not entirely sure it has a storyline either. I should have switched off ages ago. It's sending my kids to sleep, which means I can extract myself from the sofa to make a cup of tea, so it gets 2 marks for that at least. I'm really surprised my children haven't asked me to switch channels.

Apart from that it's brilliant.

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Not the greatest film ever, but young children may like it.

Author: CaptainCuddles from United States
1 September 2015

I can see why this movie won the "Best Feature Film - Animation" award at the International Family Film Festival; little kids would enjoy this movie. However, if you're not a young child, then this movie probably won't be that awesome to you. The animation in this movie isn't very good; it's kind of choppy, and the two girls in it will take five seconds just to blink. The walk cycles are really weird, too. And yes, that big hairball on the movie poster is the "Sasquatch." The voice acting in this movie wasn't pulled off very well either; the voice actors of the main characters especially don't really have any expression in their voices. They just sound like they're reading a script. William Hurt voices the girls' father, and he whispers and speaks softly at inappropriate times. Yeah, I can't believe this is an actual movie. It looks more like a film by a college/animation student. I only gave this movie a two rather than a one because as terrible as this movie is, they somehow got award-winning actors like William Hurt, June Foray, and John Rhys-Davies to voice-act.

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Complete garbage. "The Room" of Family Films

Author: henri-lane27
16 April 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First of all, I have to say the Bigfoot looks nothing like a Bigfoot, and I mean that in a bad way. It literally looks like a lump with fur. The animation is horrible to, and I mean Really bad. Some stuff doesn't have shadows or even Shading. The dad also has the most awkward walk cycle Ever! But here's the worst part. IT RIPS OFF MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO! The mom Bigfoot inflates herself, so she can fly, which even looks like that scene from Totoro. A dad and his two daughters move into a house near the forest. SOUND FAMILIAR? Then the house full of pine cones instead of acorns.There is also a completely useless sub-story about a guy that is a jerk to his dog, who tries to catch a Bigfoot. This never gets tied into the main story, ever. Much like the Chris-R "WHERES MY MONEY DENNY?" scene from "The Room" The only thing that keeps it from getting one star is the celebrity voices.

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Great kids flick

Author: Josh Sperling from United States
26 November 2010

We received this DVD as a gift from a friend who's child loved it. My daughter watches it everyday sometimes 2 or more times. It's a good story for a child. It's simple and easy to follow. She loves the music and will stop the DVD (she's only 2) and rewind the song she wants to hear again. Sometimes she goes to far and gets upset so she calls me and I have to get it back to the right spot.

The characters are all pretty big and their features are exaggerated somewhat so it's easy for her to see and understand who is who and follow along. I think it was perfectly written for a child ranging in age from 1 year to 3 years. Older kids may like it as well but I only have my daughter as my reference.

When I first watched it I was concerned that some things might be scary for her but they weren't at all. She asked questions about things that she didn't understand so it was a good opportunity for learning. She loves the dog and the little girls. She also loves the big fury Sasquatch.

If you have a child and are looking for things she or he may like. I would say this one is a safe bet.

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Author: scott-vandemotter from United States
22 November 2009

There is not much to say about this movie. since I am the only reviewer, that means I am not the only one who thinks this. This movies seems like a college project or someone's first film. It is poorly animated and poorly written. My kids seem to like it, but kids will watch anything you put in front of them when they are young.

The two sisters in the movie have strange eyelashes that are distracting and unnecessary. The Sasquactch can fly with their feet. What is that about? William Hurt is horrible as the dad, he speaks too softly when it is inappropriate, he should stick to live action. The "lesson" of the movie is tried and true and you are whacked in the head by it.

When you have great animated movies these days like UP!, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda or anything else released by Dreamworks or Pixar, there is no need for trash like this.

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Cute story

Author: jocelyn21403
14 November 2012

Not a huge fan of the animation, but the story is sweet. Not much conflict, and I like that the family is helping the Sasquatch. Only one real complaint: The dead mother. Why do the makers of kid's films find that so appealing?

This movie reminds me a whole lot of My Neighbor Totoro. The animation in that movie is so much better, as are the actors. Both sweet movies about respecting nature and helping out.

I like movies with strong female characters for my 2.5 year old to watch, and it's so hard to find them. I am glad my husband stumbled across this movie on Fios.

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