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1st series - funny

Author: lambjw
13 December 2005

I thought this programme was a breath of fresh air. Yes some of it is variable - what sketch show isn't but I think the four main actors are just great together. Some of the sketches are down right silly. Others excellent observation - taken just that little bit (well quite a lot sometimes)further. Many are ensemble pieces often with all four and there are some really good running jokes "you can't just say I look nice", the guy thats always crying, the "posh" cosmetics assistants and particularly this evening I thought the three on the sofa discussing their horrible "perfect" boyfriends excellent stuff.

Try not to compare it other shows and where the actors may have come from. Look at it for what it is - a bit of a laugh at men and women together.

If you get the chance watch it. I think it works. I don't think you will be disappointed.

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More Hit Than Miss

Author: bs3dc from United Kingdom
16 February 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Man Stroke Woman" is one of the better adult comedies produced for BBC3 - and indeed the BBC in general (just look at "After You've Gone") in recent years and was deservedly repeated on BBC2. The acting talent on screen is great - and better than the material in my opinion. The cast deserve to get onto more mainstream content, which at the moment is pretty poor since it appears to have run out of ideas. In particular the mainstream seems to rely on the same tired comedy actors they have for years instead of giving new talent a chance. Hopefully BBC3 and "Man Stroke Woman" proves to be a good platform for rising stars.

Like any sketch show, some of the sketches are repetitive and don't work for some people, but at least they don't make the mistake of allowing them to run on too long which can really try the patience of the viewer. Also the writers don't rely on swearing (though there is plenty) and bodily functions for about 90% of the gags like "Tittybangbang" which inexplicably managed to get a DVD release and a second series despite the jokes wearing thin after a couple of episodes and very few fresh sketches seemed to be introduced in the latest run. In comparison, the characters in this show are new and although some don't really work, the others manage to make up for it on the whole. My favourites at the moment are probably the irresponsible uncle who takes his 12 year nephew to pubs, strip-clubs, and blind dates and also the woman who predicts terrible futures for children based on how they act at the playground - to the horror of their parents.

The new series of "Man Stroke Woman" seems to have run out of steam a little bit after the last few episodes were really good. It is inconsistent like the recent series of "Mitchell and Webb" which had some really funny episodes and some in which I barely laughed. I wonder if the footage is purposefully edited in this way to create at least some great episodes instead of six lukewarm ones.

It definitely won't be to everyones' taste and everybody will have particular sketches that they like and dislike, the range of humour is quite broad. Hopefully it may be re-commissioned as it is actually funny compared to the many pretenders out there currently that are just weird or trying to be too clever for their own good and forgetting to put any humour in.

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Best sketch show in a long time

Author: jrtrinder37 from United Kingdom
17 July 2007

The great thing about this sketch show is that it does what a sketch show should do; focus on one aspect of life and develop it into comedy! The format of a sketch show has been done so many times in the past 30 years that it really doesn't mean anything anymore. But Man Stoke Woman is about adults in there 30s and the relationships between men and women. There is no catchphrases, no silly costumes (well perhaps one small one worn by Nick Frost) and together with a fresh cast and good scrips, the show is by far the best of the 'new comedy' to air on BBC3 in the past few years. I think the people who don't find this funny are the types who focus on repetition, although nothing really wrong with the 'Little Britain' formula, it does get tired easily and the writers get lazy. The great thing about this show, is that you don't know what to expect. Nick Frost is probably the best known out of them all, and he shines along with the rest of the cast. I really wish they'd do more together as they work off each other so well. Here's hoping that they'll be more. Although I doubt there will be. Shame. Can't wait for series 2 DVD release.

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One of the top UK comedies from 2005

Author: Shepja87 from United Kingdom
30 November 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What makes Man Stroke Woman stand out from other sketch shows has lasting appeal. It has elements of a wacky Monty python style, but a realism to it. The fact is has no canned laughter makes it better than other sketch shows such as Little Britain. Like pretty much all sketch shows though, it does have some repetitive jokes, but there are a number of twists and unexpected wordings, that it keep the humour to it. Only thing that is repeated is a Punch-line.

Example of which is the couple where the woman is wearing something quite strange, like a scarf which is part floating in the air, a handbag which foams, and a lingerie outfit that has body hair on it. Each time seems more strange, but the husbands reaction keeps the laughs, whereas the same punchline 'You can never say i look nice can you?' kind of dampens it.

Desite the presence of some bland traditional sketch show traits, it can still pack in more laughs than others.


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One of the Best Sketch Show Out There

Author: abigreen19 from United Kingdom
1 June 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Obviously, as with any sketch show a few of the sketches wear thin or rely on 'stupid' humour that not everyone will love, but taking all of this into consideration it is still one of the best sketch shows that I have ever seen.

'Man Stroke Woman's' strength really comes from the actors, and they really are ALL a very funny and talented bunch. Nick Frost is arguably the most famous of the group, but this doesn't mean that he is given the most screen time. They all have an equal time on screen and they all use their time brilliantly.

The programme relies on taking man/woman relationships and finding the funny side of them, occasionally pulling them into the ridiculous but still in a totally hilarious way. What's great about the show is that there are only a few sketches that are repeated throughout the series and most of these still manage to remain funny with just two or three exceptions.

It's true that sometimes the repeated punchline of 'I don't think we should do role play any more' or 'you can never just say I look nice' do wear thin over time, but the lead up to these punchlines is still extremely funny and different every time.

Overall it's a brilliant show with brilliant actors and I think everyone should give it a go. It won't be to everyone's taste but I urge everyone to at least have a look.

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Good but uneven.

Author: moonvine27 from United States
2 November 2012

Brutally tragicomic and pretty good. Parts are hilarious and the performances are great but it's also uneven and falls flat well more than once. That said, I wish I was that funny. Also, the one thing I requested NOT to see prior to viewing this, namely Nick Frost's hairy moobies, were on display no less than three times in the first episode. I wouldn't mind SO much if the women were allowed to meet (meat?) the same standard. Since the standards of the IMDb review are not, shall we say, Hemingwayesque, (min 10 lines of text required) I'll mention in passing to interested parties that there is girl kissing in one of the sketches.

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Superb, original, memorable AND McNeill is fit as ****

Author: beeste-1 from United Kingdom
18 October 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Absolutely superb. It's difficult to set up and execute a really funny gag in under 2 minutes and they do it very well indeed. This team is very talented and although possibly not on a par with Python, quite comparable to Little Britain in quality with less yuk factor and similar running-gag/callback stuff that is very funny. McNeill and Frost in the sexy role play stuff are hilarious. McNeill is a talented and well qualified RADA actress with enormous range, but when she's looking very cute indeed dressed as a sexy nurse . . . A highly memorable image indeed for a bloke, and one that will have girlfriends in living rooms throughout the land tutting and rolling their eyes :-)

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Great Skit Show

Author: frodo18 from New Zealand
22 August 2008

Recently had the pleasure of seeing both seasons. Loved it and my wife agrees we had a good laugh (multiple times) throughout the whole series. There's a lot of everyday situations that we go through played out to the extreme and I love this particular satirical view on life. All the awkward moments of dating, parenting and married life - really taking on the 'What If?' approach quite well. The acting is stellar on all counts. I do particularly like Nick Frost's ability to play a great husband in one scene and then completely back-flip and play a useless drunk Uncle in the next. Man Stroke Woman is right up there with other greats such as 'The Office' 'Little Britain' and 'Catherine Tate' I do hope they get a 3rd series!

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BBC 3 comedy at its best

Author: Stewart Ryder from United Kingdom
27 December 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is what the new age of British digital television is about, giving new writers, comedians and shows opportunity that they might not have had before on terrestrial television. Man Stroke Woman was never going to make everyone laugh and was not going to be funny 100% of the time otherwise it would have debuted on the main channels. If this were a BBC1 or even BBC2 show it might well not have survived the first episode but on BBC3 we've been given the chance to see the series as a whole and see what parts have worked and those that should not return. I expect to see more experiments with shows like this over the coming years and hopefully Man Stroke Woman will be a future example of how it works.

The creative team have managed to tackle traditional humour along with the surreal and yes, childlike jokery that appeals to the audiences of today in a half hour slot and they've assembled a capable comedy-acting team to carry that off. As a modern sketch show there's thankfully little in the way of 'over-the-top' characterisation that saturated our screens in The Fast Show and Little Britain, and more of the 'everyman' characters and situations that would turn up in likes of Big Train.

Jokes are repeated through individual episodes and throughout the series, occasionally getting tiresome but it's worth it for the gems that arise. My personal highlights have been the couple shopping for flowers, cakes etc for their wedding and getting financially screwed every time the proprietors discover that it's a wedding, as well as the man who doesn't seem to know about fishing, pregnancy or even what an aeroplane is and his reaction to it all for the first time.

Hopefully a second series will head our way soon.

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Not utter crap but could've been so much funnier

Author: (lexo1770) from Ireland
20 March 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Man Stroke Woman is a sketch show, and as such suffers from the problem of all sketch shows: if you don't have an episode-length story every week in which to let the audience get to know the characters, then the jokes had better be pretty damn thermonuclear. In this case, they aren't, and an excellent cast can't make them better than they are. Example: a dinner party sketch, in which a character (Meredith McNeill) tries to top someone else's story of something-funny-that-happened by her own pathetic retelling of something else not very funny that happened on a quite different occasion, doesn't work because it fizzles out on screen exactly as it would have fizzled out for real. If the writers had taken the other characters' reaction and amplified it beyond the bounds of probability, it could have been truly hilarious. If, for example, they'd all turned on her and actually kicked the crap out of her because her story was so rubbish, now that would have been funny. Potentially very offensive, sure, but very funny. But nobody will listen to me because I'm just some guy on an internet site. Maybe I can interest you in my autobiographical novel.

Time and again, sketches stop just when potential comic momentum is starting to build up. Surely we've had enough sketch shows. Bring back the sitcom.

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