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The scooter itself is just powerful enough to make it technically illegal in New York City, which permits electric scooters but has banned engine-powered ones like Charlie's. He's a bit of an outlaw.
The video game that Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle play is Shadow of the Colossus (2005) (Shadow of the Colossus). It's a game about a man who slays colossi in an attempt to bring a woman back to life. Early scripts had Sandler play a simple, 1980s-style game, until editor Jeremy Roush recalled that his own father watched the movie Aliens (1986) obsessively as a "thinly veiled kind of Vietnam veteran kind of story". Seeing the imagery of the colossi falling, he realized "someone who was dealing with 9/11 would be engrossed by a giant that keeps collapsing over and over again," so he demonstrated it to the director and actors. With the approval of the game's director Fumito Ueda, it was included in the movie.
At first Adam Sandler declined his part because he was terrified of it, although he thought the character was incredible after he read the script. A month later, he reread the script and decided that he wanted to do it.
Every song that's played in the background is either played on Charlie's iPod or has its album mentioned by Charlie.
In the left bottom corner of the receptionist's desk is a glimpse of a postcard size sticker that has the numbers 01.20.09 which is President George W. Bush's last day in office.
The title is inspired by Pete Townshend's song "Love Reign O'er Me" from The Who's 1973 album 'Quadrophenia,' which was also the inspiration for the scooter in this film. The song itself appears twice on the film's soundtrack, the second time during the end credits.
Mike Binder wrote the lead role with Tom Cruise in mind, who turned it down.
Some interior scenes were filmed in Del Rio Diner on Kings Highway in Brooklyn, New York. The diner shut down for two weeks and installed flat screen TV's for the production.
When Charlie is hospitalized, he is wearing a shirt featuring a beaver insignia of Camp Tamakwa, childhood summer camp of Mike Binder and Sam Raimi.
Brad Pitt was at one point considered for the role of Charlie.
Exterior of Manhattan Criminal Courthouse is actually Baruch College located in NYC. Production paid a little under $7,000 (as well as clean up costs) to the school for the use of their exterior.
Jennifer Garner was attached to play the role of "Angela" but left the project a few weeks before filming began.
At one point Javier Bardem was going to play Don Cheadle's role of Alan Johnson. Scheduling conflicts led to Cheadle being cast in the role instead.

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