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Hearing Nails scratched over a blackboard is more fun
Apurv Nagpal3 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I think I know what happened here. The Baweja's spent so much money on the Australian locales and special effects / animation on the 2050 part that they ran out of money and employed themselves as the story / screenplay writers and also forgot to employ an editor. The result is a movie reeking with inane, hammy dialogue, a story crammed with unnecessary sub-plots and silly twists and turns. And I honestly think they put every scene they shot, up on the screen. They forgot the editor or his scissors

He-man type, extreme sport loving Harman falls for a mills & boon type, pink colour loving, Priyanka who writes a diary, scribbles hearts, and names toys 'Winkydinks' and 'Boo'. Harman woo's her by break dancing and doing all the silly things that work only in movies and never in real life. He also immediately transforms from an alpha male character into a mushy, soppy mass of goo, who breaks into tears at the drop of a handkerchief. Enter an uncle, mad scientist type, who has a time machine, some more very silly twists and turns, and we're off for Mumbai 2050.

There are three glaring examples of sub-plots which didn't need to be there at all  The two kids : firstly I know of no kids like them, they're irritating, try to be cute, are all senti-mushy-yucky and mouth sentences no self-respecting kids would. Secondly, there's not one reason why they had to exist on-screen.  Harman Baweja's Dad – again, the whole father-son relationship thing was unnecessary. The story wouldn't have changed one iota, if Harman had simply remarked 'i'm on my own'and we would've saved fifteen minutes of screen time  The whole Hoshi angle : an unnecessary caricature of a villain they introduced in the 2050 part of the film.

Come to think of it, they could've just shown Harman and Priyanka to be dating already, spared us the whole courtship thing and gone ahead directly with the 2050 part. So whats good about the film ? The locales in Australia are very nice, well-chosen and for a change its not about Sydney, the opera house and Sydney harbour but something more interesting. Priyanka is all pouty, looks decent, even in red hair. And the futuristic animation / special effects are good. Not great, but good and with a couple of nice touches (the Kantabai hologram and the paan-making robot were interesting thoughts). Harman can dance, look good but is overly made-up (the lip gloss is too prominent) and is very bad at dialogue delivery. His character, during courtship, is also shown doing a couple of things which are very silly (getting up while a roller-coaster is moving and stealing a toy) and kids may take up on that. And eets long, this movie, very painful and very long.

I went more for the 2050 part but unfortunately it's the Love Story part that dominates – they don't let go even in the 2050 part and spoil that too. When I first heard the toy name 'winkydinks', my instinct was to get up and run. I didn't obey it and sat through. Big mistake. Big. Huge ! For more reviews, please go to apurvbollywood at blogspot. Thanks
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How bad can it get?
die_Heuchler4 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I thought Luke Wilson starrer Idiocracy was the worse sci-fi ever. But LS 2050 tops Idiocracy in terms of how bad a movie can get. I simply lack the right words to review this film so I am going to keep it short (I've already wasted too much time in the theatre – cannot afford to waste anymore.) This is, face it, an exceptionally bad movie. This film seriously lacks direction and dimension. You feel painfully bored right from scene 1 and if the first five minutes of a movie does not grip you, it never will. In fact, I lost my attention right from the first. Then that lame staircase scene with Dalip Tahil and more cumbersome scenes Priyanka trying to catch a butterfly in the park. And the mountain bike race and OMG, I had to check my ticket every once in a while to make sure I was in the right auditorium wanting to watch a decent sci-fi flick.

Then once we're convinced that these too couple with absolutely no chemistry are dating – the story transports us to this really wacky place supposedly but certainly not Mumbai in 42 years time! Then follows some bizarre sequences that look almost identical to Star Wars (the flying cars or whatever you call them, ) Robots (the city, building design, etc.), I Robot (ha ha, robots assembly line,) The Island (lame XBox fight,) Terminator (skin rip of a robot) a song that's almost identical to Idhar Chala from koi mil gaya, Bridget Jones' Diary (Sana actually starts writing with "Dear diary…" ha ha ha) and perhaps many others too that I may have overlooked.

Oh god, I can write a book on the inconsistencies with this film And whatever with the brand endorsements in the year 2050! Hard to believe Lux would use the same label (and same ambassador) for 42 years (especially for a brand that comes up with new media campaign every year) and that line "Ceat Tyres ke 100 saal.." and all that bull**it.

And whoever said Harmann looks like Hritik – that is one hell of an incorrect statement. He is no way even close to the Hritik Roshan. Boman Irani is really annoying.

Final verdict 2/10 for some clever CGI, an open air stage floating in the air, Priyanka's costume and that's about it!
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LOL movie
silvan-desouza16 May 2009
Oh god heaven's sake such a piece of crap God save us

Imagine if this is a future really then we better be in 2008 only

But wait!!!!! before going in the future, we must actually spend the first half cringing and yawning at the love story between Harman and Priyanka

And of course Harman's father Harry has directed the film so lot of reels spend in trying to show his various qualities which are bad like slow motion introduction, plus lot more awkward comic scenes

The first half is a bore

The second half is even worse and the villainy track is even worst

There is nothing remotely engaging in this yawn feast

Maybe a few scenes but the impact is not there

Direction by Harry Baweja is mediocre Music is okay

Harman tries to dance, look, talk, walk like Hrithik and looks like a poor clone of Hrithik and his voice sounds like Sonu Nigam and plus he is too awkward Priyanka is awful Boman irritates and overacts the rest are bad too
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Some love stories aren't meant to be told
nomanali777 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Here's the story: Harry Baweja, a mediocre director but doting father, manages to scrounge enough money to launch his beloved son Harman in a dream project. They set out to find a damsel to play the female lead and come across Kareena, who reads the script, is a bit indecisive, but signs anyway because she doesn't have any other big projects. Suddenly, Kareena starts getting a lot of film offers that are much more lucrative, and she decides to walk out on the Bawejas. Enter Priyanka, a simple, pretty, girl-next-door type looking for love. She's already tasted success with Krrish (in the sci-fi genre) and thinks she's made for this. So she signs up. Here starts the love story of Priyanka and Harman.

This is their real life story, and if you think this is boring, just watch Love Story 2050.

The director has invested a lot of money into the film, but his investments have gone to waste. Filled with special effects and nice locales, the makers thought they could lay off actual screenwriters and do all the storytelling ideas themselves. Bad move. The story and screenplay, from the very first shot, are the worst thing about the film.. so basically, everything else is a little better, which doesn't really matter, 'cos you've lost your audience's interest.

Our main man, Harman (what was his name in the film??!!??) is a motherless boy living in Australia, with a rich father who gives him no attention. This makes for our first useless sub-plot. Played by Dalip Tahil, our hero's dad has two scenes and his character only adds boring minutes to an already boring start. The 3 token friends our hero has (making a comfy, 90s-style foursome) are nothing but guys who are uglier, skinnier and dumber than him. So they're pretty wasted too. Off the top of my head, that's about 20 minutes which our movie editor ignored.

On a morning jog, our hero comes across a girl who somehow has the magical powers to control cosmic forces in such a way that butterflies land in the palm of her hand. Apparently, it isn't as hard as it sounds because our man does the same thing once she's gone... and a couple of times over through the course of the film. This girl of course, is Sana (Priyanka), a girl who writes a diary, loves cute/mushy toys and has never done a bad deed in her life. We are taken through another 10 minutes of uncut footage regarding a friend of hers, and a bicycle race through rocky terrains.

Anyways, so he chases her around, trying to woo her with his break dance moves and constant, needy bickering. What girl wouldn't fall for that? Our Sana is no different. They hit it off, and we're treated to the regular song and dance sequence along with romantic moments, just to "build up the love story".

We're soon introduced to some more useless characters via the girl's family, namely her parents and her adolescent siblings. The latter provide plenty of irritation through to the end of the movie. An important character that suddenly gets thrown in at this point is Uncle Ya (Boman Irani), who plays the passionately mad scientist, complete with the frizzy white hair, the overgrown mustache and the ceiling-high chalkboard. For the past 15 years, he's been inventing a time machine of sorts and he finally succeeds.

Meanwhile, our lady love Sana dies in a horrific accident, and our hero is sad as hell. Some subliminal messages tell him that she has been reborn in the future, in 2050, and is living in Mumbai, so he must go. And that's just the intermission.

Cut to the future, and we see a city (apparently Mumbai) that looks way beyond 2050. Flying cars, obedient robots, mid-air concerts and interfaced boutiques are the highlight of our city. Impressive effects, though. 2050 is made up of a mix of SFX ideas from The Fifth Element, Minority Report, iRobot and a few more Hollywood flicks.

Thrust into this unlikely future are our hero (still can't remember the character's name!!), Uncle Ya, and Sana's whining siblings. They finally find Sana, who is now Zeisha, the greatest rockstar/popstar/teen-queen in the world. It's now up to our team from 2008 to remind Zeisha of her past. The director decides that the audience has not had their fill of unnecessary characters, so he throws in a pink teddy-bear that talks, a multi-lingual robot that looks like Angelina Jolie with dreadlocks, and a Darth Vader style villain named Hoshi. Hoshi, apparently has a back-story where he used to be Uncle Ya's assistant and he betrayed him, or something useless like that. All in all, it's a happy ending 'cos Zeisha decides to go back to the past and replace Sana, and life goes on.

After THAT story, you'd think this movie would have some saving grace. Well, the music by Anu Malik is way below average. There isn't a single song that leaves a mark. All our actors are quite bad, and doses of overacting by our leads doesn't help. The locations are fresh, but Harman breaks into a jive every time you try to look at them. Idiot words such as Winkydinks and Boo are thrown around shamelessly to name inanimate characters. Harman looks decent, can't act, and grew up watching Hritik Roshan films. Priyanka is too bubbly to handle in the first half, and too fake in the second. Boman Irani does a fair job, but his character seems to change shades sometimes. Archana Puran Singh (as Sana's mother) provides moments of humor. At over 3 hours in length, LS 2050 is a movie that has the potential of being really interesting and new for the Indian audiences, but ends up trying too hard to be a saga of love, and one that doesn't seem to end.
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don't watch it if you have seen Time machine,the terminator,Jetsons,Sharkboy and lava girl,ultraviolet etc etc..
fahim200312 July 2008
well the movie is a bad copy of a lot of English movies. Major portion has been ripped off The Time machine. As in the original the Hero looses the Heroine (both of them don't know how to act) hence you know what happens if you have seen the time machine. The Robot in the movie is too similar to the She-robot in Robbin Williams Bicentennial man hence a rip off. I saw "Matrix","The terminator", "Shark boy and Lava girl" and Mila Jokovich's "UltraViolet" ( fights in the movie. Virtually The director of the movie believes that all the indians are living under and rock and they would not have seen those movies and if it is made for the international audience then I salute the director :D. Its one of the worst movies I have seen.

And yeah the hero though looks like Hritik he only managed to be a bad copy.
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Absolutely no script in ultra cheesy Bollywood remake of The Time Machine
long-ford28 January 2009
This is an overlong, ultra cheesy remake of HG Wells' Time Machine. The script is mangled almost beyond recognition by the makers. Clearly intended as a star vehicle for Harmen Baweja, the poor actor is forced to play second fiddle to leading lady Priyanka Chopra in Mumbai of the future. He comes across as a weak imitation of Hrithik. The Special Effects are are anything but special and simply not worth the hype. There are oddly offensive jibes at the Hindi language, and a ridiculous villain crops up suddenly out of nowhere. Truly awesomely and mindbogglingly pathetic. A must-avoid film!

Overall 1/10
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A prime example of when potential is not even used...
Cruiz Dwyer4 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Love Story 2050 centres around two opposites falling in love. On the one hand there is Karan (Harmen Baweja) who is very energetic and lives life on the edge. And on the other hand, there is Sana (Priyanka Chopra) who is a self-assured, yet rule-orientated individual. After an unlikely accident, Karan's only hope for saving Sana rests in the use of a time machine.

The story is one of many problems this film has. It's difficult to tell whether it was the complexity of a sci-fi film that got to the script writers, or their own idiocy, but Love Story 2050 does not even attempt to tell a viable story, let alone a love story. For the most part, the futuristic setting of the film, its major draw, does not even come into play until the interval has subsided. The story borrows heavily from various Hollywood films, most notably Time Machine, Back to the Future and Terminator, and there is very little which is unique. It also moves as a fairly slow pace, and the silly attempts at humour always fall short, and does not help the film's pacing. If director Harry Baweja had only tried to make a more serious film, it would have been less frivolous but most importantly, a better film.

But regardless of whether the story is taking place in the present or future, it is entirely predictable and illogical at times. One such example being when Karan is trying to catch-up with Sana, who is in a bus, and Karan comes to a stage where he jumps up onto an above crossing bridge, only to jump off it a second later. What is so vastly comical about all of this is that he is trying desperately to get to the bus, but instead of merely running through the facility he was in, he decided to take a few seconds from running to do some climbing and jumping. The musical segments do not fare any better, and are fairly weak. From terrible dance movements to poor music, except for perhaps Chopra's concert number in the future, the music never helps to aid the film from feeling as if it is being dragged along to its conclusion, which itself is quite bad.

The acting is sadly low-key. While Copra does seem suited for her characters, she is still quite offbeat from the whole affair never bringing any convincing characteristics to her character. However, it is Baweja that truly disappoints. As the lead, his acting is not particularly good and neither was his line delivery. Perhaps this can actually be credited to the poor dialogue and even poorer characters. Where Sana and Zeisha comes across as strong-willed females, they inevitably fall for Karan to the point where their lives need his existence for them to even be able to talk. And Karan is such a pathetic excuse for a man that I was really hoping he'd be killed before the interval, but alas he was not, and his overly sensitive and exaggerated need for love finds its way throughout the entire film: basically, there was no characterization whatsoever. There is no need in discussing the other actors as they are all average at best. In fact, the represented characters are utterly annoying. The teddy robot Boo, was a badly implemented distraction from the film, and Sana's younger siblings, Rahul and Thea, were unnecessary to the overall plot, while Dr. Yatinder (Boman Irani) as far too silly to even be considered as a credible scientist.

The usual sex appeal of a commercial film is present, and remains thus so. Violence is minimal and arguable so terribly choreographed that you really could not call it violence. However the language department did contain a few blasphemous terms, and a surprising number of scatological terms, though it was in moderation.

If there is any positive to the film, it would be in the CG department. While special effects are never great by any means, Mumbai in the future is rendered quite beautifully, but more so during the night than during the day. But even the CG is not fully realized as it comes across as something out of a video game instead of a high-budget film production.

I will admit that Bollywood films are not exactly my cup of tea, but I have enjoyed, to some degree, all of which I have seen, especially loving the recent Sakar Raj. But Love Story 2050 is such a mismatch, that it's impossible to even understand how the film ended up so badly. The acting is not good, though sympathy must be given to both Chopra and Baweja because they didn't have a decent script to work with, and the production design was clearly not well thought through. Love Story 2050 has so much potential to be a worthy attempt at standing toe-to-toe with Hollywood, but doesn't even begin to scratch at this potential. Instead of the futuristic sci-fi flick which was supposed to hit cinemas, what has shown its place is a Bollywood film that will have even Indians embarrassed, and that is saying a lot.
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Terrible remake of Hollywood flick "Time Machine"
the_aryankapoor8 July 2008
I thought that this movie would be great, as I respect Mr. Baweja, but unfortunately he chose wrong story and director for the film, which completely ruined his reputation of great film producer, this film has nothing to offer; it is an insane remake of Hollywood flick "Time Machine" which was a flop film. Harman Baweja (Hero of this film) has done well job, but it could have been better if he didn't copy Hritik Roshan's acting and dancing style, because Hritik is still alive and well established actor, Harman should be unique and make his own mark by his own style, Priyanka is not hot in Bollywood as she was previously, in the whole film is pathetic, vfx of the film can't save this film to sink because Hollywood is flooding movies with superb vfx but still content in some of them is missing, neither music can help to rescue this film, it is a disgraceful awful movie, police should use this film to torture criminals, other than that it is a great embarrassment, go and spend money on bear but not on this film because after watching this film you would be needing medical attention...
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raj_imdb6 July 2008
Could have been much better, but d terrible acting, unnecessary characters, bad direction, poor or rather 'no editing', length(abt 3hrs 20mins) etc let it down!! Harry Baweja tries to do a Rakesh Roshan by directing this movie featuring his son Harman Baweja, who, nonetheless tries to do a Hrithik by adapting to his style, looks, dance etc. only failing in what matters the most, i.e., 'ACTING'. His dialogue delivery is painful which is understandable since its his debut, but then again, Hrithik did put up a good performance in his debut.

But this movie is lot more than that. The special effects are good(in fact great for a Bollywood movie), but they don't stop the movie from being boring. No wonder big money being wasted in this flick. Then there are unnecessary characters like Karan's(Harman) father, his 3 useless friends, and the two kids (who don't help the storyline at any moment). The songs are OK!! The shooting locations(in the first half) are great. Futuristic assumptions for the year 2050(in Mumbai), is fairy tale type. Mind you the robots Q.T and teddy, were really really annoying. And the movie as a whole was too explanatory, I mean, it seemed as if they expected the moviegoers to be the dumbest beings alive. Priyanka Chopra will make the producers believe that she'll act in any movie that sounds interesting and stupid at the same time. Her acting suffers big time as well. The whole masked villain or Darth Vader's act is kiddy like.

This movie does seem to be made only for the preteens and expects its target audience to be the same. It could well be stated as a landmark in Indian cinema but that will only be for its special effects which will encourage bollywood film-makers to make 'good' sci-fi movies from now on. Although this movie has its moments, but definitely not recommended!!
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Don't watch this movie
rab-shaikh10 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I saw the rating of this movie on IMDb and it was a 2! Despite the rating, i went to see the movie because i wanted to see how can this movie, which is amazing in trailers can be a 2. I had to see it. The movie started and i started liking it. I was sure this was not 2 BUT actually a 10.the story dragged on and on without changing...the rating for this movie dropped in my head to a 7. Interval happened and the story had changed. Than of course the story hit 2050. Now that was the worst part of the movie. The movie dropped from a 7 to 3 right at this point. Yeah scenes were wonderfully done in Hollywood manner...but man was this movie boring. First half was fine but second half gave me a headache. Its not Hermans fault that this movie isn't good but its actually Harry's fault. This movie was too long...if it had been 2 hours instead of 4 than it would really have been good. But there are so many unnecessary scene that i had a head ace by the end. Some scenes were amazing and but some were so terrible. I know Jaane Tu wins this race since at least that movie is not boring.

Ratings: First Half: 10/10!!! It was nice and Herman actually looked good Second Half 0/10...A disaster to say the least...Destroyed the whole movie.

Pros: Good Action, Dance, Songs Con's: too Lengthy, Too much BS, unnecessary characters

I would suggest everybody to NOT watch this me guys it a waste of time!
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How unoriginal!
virindra2 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
When I saw the cover of this movie I thought; "Finally Hritik Roshan made a new movie!" But it wasn't Hritik who played in this movie, it was Harman Baweja. It is not a compliment that I thought Harman was Hritik. Don't get me wrong, I love Hritik a lot, but I don't like people who try to steal the image of an other actor. Now there are several things I didn't like about Harman: - He is not a man, he is just a boy. He acts very stupid. He talks weird, he tries to copy Hritik too much. - I did not understand why this boy made it in the Bollywood industry. Then I saw the name of the director; Harry Baweja. That explained a lot.

I'm glad I bought this movie just for 1 euro 50. This movie is very poor. This was the first time ever I saw that a movie got a bad review on the back side of the DVD cover!

Everything about this movie is crap; - The movie itself looks like "Back to the future", "Time machine" and "The fifth element". Nothing about the special effects and story was original or new. - When Karan meets Sana for the first time, he sees that a fake butterfly lands on Sana's hand. Who believes that! Then the same butterfly lands on Karan's hand. Yeah right. - Karan sees Sana in a bus and he runs after the bus. He jumps onto a bridge, walks over the bridge and then jumps of the bridge. What a moron! He could have walked under the bridge to be faster, but no, that would be too easy. - Sana gets a hand-doll called winkydings. Isn't she a little bit too old for such a childish toy? - Sana dies, bus accident. Karan wants to get his love of his life back. His uncle has a time machine. Yes, Karan does not go back to the future, no, he goes into the future to find Sana. Then you really must be a moron. - Karan goes into the future with his uncle Yatin. This uncle looks like the professor of Back to the future. Fake hair, fake mustache. When they get into the future, this uncle can explain a lot of the future things. That's weird, how does he know? Everything is new for him too! - When Karan sees Zeisha, he thinks she is a reincarnation of Sana. Why would he want to fall in love with the reincarnation of Sana, when he could go back into the past to save his Sana for a bus-accident? No, he lets Sana die and goes for a future look-alike. - The fight scenes were horrible and very fake. There are no emotions on the face of Harman. - In the future there is a scary man with a helmet on his face. No-one knows who he really is. It would have been very great if this man would have been Karan's future him. But no, that was a disappointment.

What a bad movie. What a bad actor (Harman Baweja). I have no respect for someone who copies someone elses image. What a bad actress ( Priyanka). She is a beautiful woman, but that's it. Good as a model, bad as a actress.
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Harman impresses but the film doesn't.
bobbysing6 August 2008
Huge expectations and a big launch of a talented star Harman Baweja was all in the air before the film hit the screen. And the other exciting feature of the movie was its theme of Time Travel into the future. These were the thoughts in the mind of every viewer before seeing the movie. But after watching it the viewer feels dejected with some sad feelings for the hard working debutant Harman.

No doubt the movie is Grand and well made technically but it lacks gravely on the script level as the viewer never seems to be into the narration at any moment. The excitement of watching a Time Travel movie drops drastically as nothing happens in the first hour and we are just watching a love story of a boy trying to win over a girl.

The other sad part of the movie is that intentionally or unintentionally Harman is quite similar in looks with Hrithik Roshan and that's a drawback for him. He impresses with his dance and acts well but exactly in the same manner of Hrithik. So in future he will have to work out a different identity of his own putting more efforts towards the same. Priyanka looks good and sports him in his debut venture. Boman Irani becomes too excited in some scenes but Archna Puran Singh manages to entertain in her few scenes.

Special Effects are good but the future interpretation is not so impressive with excessive use of robots, flying elements and computrised interiors. Mention of Hypnotism in 2050 is also quite innovative of the script writer. While watching the future you never seem to be excited enough which takes away the spirit of watching a so called science fiction. In fact the 2050 factor has only been used to add a USP to the film and it has not been worked upon well.

Director Harry Baweja had a good idea but the execution lacked in many departments. I wish he had taken more inspiration from the Hollywood movies on similar theme. Musically Anu Malik has surely added new stock to his sound library but has come up with only few melodious tunes.

Inspirations to the movie include "Back To the Future" series & "Time Machine". The sequence of Priyanka dying in an accident is highly inspired. In the English version the hero goes back in the past to change the happenings and tries to save his girlfriend. But each time he goes back she dies in a different manner. That part of the plot is more interesting than going into the future and winning over the girl again. If you surely want to enjoy the Time Machine rides then you must watch the three movie series of "Back To The Future".

In all the movie which is a launch pad for Harman Baweja could have been much better with all the backing of a huge budget. But Harman surely makes his presence felt in the industry.
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Mad Story 2050!!!!!!
Unborn P5 July 2008
I ventured into this movie expecting grand treat of a sci-fi movie based on bollywood theme, but unfortunately for me and the makers of this movie the money has been spent into a wrong venture.

Just half way through the movie you feel embarrassed because you are supposed to enjoy a rehashed version of some top notch Hollywood entertainers but sadly you don't. Intead you are left wondering about the glaring ditches in the story as well as the acting. The story stops making sense after some time and even if you are interested the end is purely a forgettable affair.

Harry Baweja seems to have done everything in covering this launch vehicle for his son with as much possible but its his son who crashes it in the bad acting zone with Priyanka in it. She will survive and of course harry's son will too find an excuse but one wonders if the bollywood biggies will ever take notice of the fact that talents is what matters more than connections to an average viewer
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Long, Excruciating Weekend Spoiler,
saur-785 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
There have been long Hindi movies like Mughle Azam, Lagaan and i liked them even jodha akbar was tolerable.This one is a complete test of patience. I couldn't see the complete movie and had to walk out in the climax (my first ever)...

Story is not even worth discussing here. There is no plot. Everyone hams. Harman carries a pathetic sorrowful expressions on his face and dialogue delivery is bad. His transformation from a macho, extreme sports loving person to a sentimental emotional character is hard to understand. Boman as a mad scientist is over the board. Priyanka is wasted and doesn't create the magic. And the kids with unnatural dialogues irritate.

Back to the future series still remains my fav time machine movies.

I am sorry harman...thats a nasty launching movie you had. One star for floating concert concept and archna pooran singh. And fellow movie goers not the one i would recommend for the weekend.
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If only IMDb had a 0 rating option...
maulikkhamar29 July 2008
After having high expectations of this movie, as I have with all movies with Priyanka Chopra, I regrettably say that this movie was nothing short of a total FLOP.

Although it is admirable and even courageous of bringing new themes to Bollywood, no director could have possibly done worse than Harry Baweja himself. The bizarre and unique plot left plenty of golden opportunities for Baweja however, instead of directing a good movie, some directors feel the need to show off the miracles of computers and the special effects they can produce.

Despite the terrible directing, this movie was further worsened by Harman Baweja, the actor that has now taken the new role of imitating Hrithik Roshan in any possible way… Certainly, my condolences do not go for Hrithik as Harman is no match with his pathetic (sorry, I had to say it) acting skills. Hopefully this will show that being the boyfriend of a famous actress plus the son of a director does not correlate to a successful actor.

Writing this comment, I wonder to myself, should IMDb not have an option of sending a 0 rating? If only they did… I can almost guarantee that the rating of this movie would be far low than the highly generous "2.9" I see above me…
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It's a bad attempt at a blockbuster, or a good, guilty-pleasure "bad" movie.
Saj722783 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I can see how if you actually paid money to see this in the theater and were expecting to view the first major Bollywood blockbuster, you would be very disappointed, and a 0-2 star rating would be understandable. However, my husband and I watched this last night on Netflix, so our expectations going into it were quite different than those of other reviewers.

I don't know how my husband decided on this film other than it had to be listed under Sci-Fi, because otherwise he would never choose something like this. I walked in the room as the characters were breaking into song for the first time and laughed. "You're watching a musical?!" "I don't know, this is the first time it went this way." I expected him to immediately turn the movie off after the schmaltzy, young lovers suddenly broke out into a schmaltzier song, but for some reason we kept watching... and watching... all the way through the entire odd, even at times excruciating, three-hour production. Why?

The hero and heroine of the story, two young lovers named Sana and (I can't recall the boy's name), were simply flat characters, but so are every prince and princess of all the classic fairy tales as they were originally written. It doesn't mean such a story can't be enjoyed, it just means you have to put more of yourself into it, or appreciate it on a more metaphorical level. Despite a lack of character development and a lot of predictability, we still wanted to see exactly how the happy ending was going to play out.

The original concept of this film is great - a modern-day, Bollywood interpretation of The Time Machine, except instead of futilely, repeatedly returning to the past to try to keep his lover from dying, the young beau overcomes that snag by retrieving her from the future instead (in reincarnated form, of course). And there's a nice, little paradoxical twist thrown in. Our hero who was the thrill-seeking loner turned to mush by the sweet, goody-two-shoes Sana, is now the softy who has to win the hardened, self-absorbed, doesn't-need-anybody future Sana (now named Zeisha) all over again.

The main problem of this film is its complete lack of editing. It's like a 90-minute teen romantic comedy and a 90-minute Sci-Fi/Action flick pasted together. If they could've stripped the romantic development down to just the basics, running at around half an hour, and then spent an hour on the Sci-Fi and action, this could potentially have truly been a Bollywood blockbuster. The hero's father and other elements should have been cut from the beginning, and the villain, Dr. Hoshi, was completely unnecessary to the second half, for example. The stereotypical, genius scientist uncle and generic siblings I can deal with. (They actually fit with this type of storytelling.)

So, long story short, a great Sci-Fi/Romantic story concept that was beautifully rendered is botched by poor or nonexistent editing. What could have been a Bollywood blockbuster is reduced to at best a guilty-pleasure "bad" movie, as there are parts that are enjoyable if cheesy, if you can sit still that long. Love Story 2050 gets an A for concept, an A for effort, an F for editing, a B for effects and a C for everything else - so I think 6/10 is maybe a tad generous, but overall fair.
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Maybe It's B/c I'm an American, But I Enjoyed This Movie Quite a Bit
drprod12 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Personally, as an American with limited exposure to Bollywood I liked LOVE STORY 2050. I thought Harman Baweja and Priyanka Chopra were appealing leads, who acquitted themselves very well as a couple who had fallen so deeply in love they would battle time and space to be together. I also enjoyed the crazy genius scientist uncle, who seemed to be auditioning to be the next Doctor Who - his lab even resembled some of those rooms in the TARDIS you never get to see! Unusually, the two cute kids not only didn't send me into insulin shock, their presence actually gave the hero's pursuit of his possibly-reincarnated love added poignancy.

Sure it was *way* overlong, some story elements made no sense to me, and it was packed full of distracting sub-plots - but so has *every* Bollywood movie I've seen so far. I see there's a lot of negative reviews here from Indian film fans and people with more experience of and discerning taste in Indian cinema than I have - so maybe it's that everything "Bollywood" is so exotic to me that I find even weak examples exciting, in much the same way that casual viewers of American action movies wouldn't recognize that anything starring Sylvester Stallone or Chuck Norris were steaming piles of Right-Wing racist BS.

The special effects were surprisingly well-done, and I'm guessing much more expensive than is usual for Bollywood - even if the view of the year 2050 is laughably clichéd. Baweja's dancing skills aren't as good as I'm used to seeing in similar films, and his moves suggest a martial artist rather than a dancer. Sure, I could have done w/out the two "cute robots", or the dropped subplot of Karan's distant corporate boss father - I had kind of hoped the film would expand on that, actually, and suggest that Karan's initially reckless behavior was his way of coping with grief over his mother's death, while remaining aloof and focused on work was his father's.

Oh, and WTF was the villainous Dr. Hoshi there, other than to add some action scenes - and who *was* he, anyway? An alternate embittered version of Karan who never persuaded his uncle to go into the future, given over to the Dark Side? Karan's otherwise-absent father - which, since he sort of resembled a Darth Vader knockoff, might have actually been funny? The hate-filled ghost of Sana, who never forgave Karan for not going back in time and stopping her death? Or is he just another of those random-to-outsiders Bollywood story elements that make sense to regular viewers?

Anyway, I and my friends and family, none of us serious scholars of Bollywood or even long-time fans, liked this movie a lot. If you're like us, you might too.
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Love Story 2050 is a brilliant movie
fabastaki16 July 2008
I never believe in critics or believe what I read about any movies unless I go and see it myself but I don't deny this fact that the critics have a great influence on the audience, if someone is eager to see a movie and plans to watch it and someone else says: No.. don't waste your money on this crap, they immediately believe what they hear or what they read on websites or newspapers ( one can stop 100 of audiences to watch a movie and that's not fair 'cause everyone evaluate any movie differently. U say u give it on star but I say it deserves 7). Reviewers, critics won't only stop the audience from watching a good one, but encourage them to see some other movies which r really worthless and crap!

I decided to watch Love Story 2050 although I read on a website a bad review about the movie. I was really surprised after watching it that the director of this movie paid efforts, worked very hard to develop the Indian cinema to the best and created something different. Harman Baweja was given a difficult role to play and he did his best, he just needs more experience. The movie was very interesting, a big production, first half is how the couple meet and fall in love and the 2nd half is about a future conception, robots, other stuff and it gave me a feeling that I entered the future with new inventions, technologies, etc.) The director should have named the movie Love Story 3008 as Mumbai and the world won't develop so rapidly in a short period of time which is 42 years only. I watched it twice in cinema and still want to watch it. So my question is: What lacks this movie?! The direction was perfect and he tried to take Bollywood to a higher level and create a new cinema, a big production, a good performance by the cast, entertaining scenes and interesting songs, so what else the audience want from a movie?! Yes.. there is a scene which irritates, the boxing scene in the 2nd half while Priyanka & Harman playing a game, but it's a one minute scene which doesn't ruin the whole, and every movie we watch we find some scenes which we don't like or accept. Some super hit, blockbuster movies had also many flaws. I think people r so unfair to write bad reviews about someone's work, someone's efforts specially before the release date, a director who spent months or years to satisfy the audience and present a good work, other people come and ruin it very easily within a second! with just one sentence which is: Don't watch this movie.. it's a crap!!
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The Director of this Film thought to make it as hit as Kaho Na Pyaar Hai
liyakhatalikhan14 July 2008
The Director of this Film thought to make it as hit as Kaho Na Pyaar Hai

First of all the movie was too lengthy. There is noting but special effects. Harman Baweja tried his best to look like Hrithik Roshan and dance like him and i guess he did a pretty good job doing that. But his acting was not so good. I agree that it his is first movie.. but he was not quite up to the mark.

There are unnecessary characters in the film which makes no sense why the director used them e.g like two children, karan's dad and robots.

The director did a great job showing Mumbai in 2050. but overall the film is flop.

Dare to watch it.. if u got a lot of free time... and got bored of other movies..
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Put all the great Hollywood sci-fi movies together. And this is what you get!
Angelus212 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
First I didn't give this any stars because giving it 1 will be giving it too much credit. First of all the trailers try to fool the audience but even the trailer is crap...the actor Harman is a copy of Hrithik, it seems he is trying to latch onto Roshan's fame. And this is coming from a Anti-Hrithick fan....

The acting is terrible and the music is just as terrible, this film has put together all the films like A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Back to the Future, Fifth Element, I Robot.

I don't see why this film was given a London premiere...crap.

Keep away.
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Fifth Element meets Star Wars = Bollywood Disaster...
Vik Legend7 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Another typical bollywood movie which was overly hyped and filled with tacky scenes and scenarios. The movie starts of pretty bad and the plot has no coherent flow.

A story which is entangled between two lovers that is eventually broken due to a sudden demise. Then once again the main character has this gut feeling that his Winkidings has been reborn(reincarnated) in the future and he has to bring her back. There's a mad scientist who helps the poor fellow travel in a time machine. Here begins a new era of tackiness. 'Xbox 360 in the year 2050'. Seemed the director wasn't paying attention to smoothing out the finer details.

This is where Fifth Element meets Starwars with flying cars, tacky light sabers, and a villain who shows to be imitating Darth Vader but doesn't even come close.

This one has no substance, emotion or any new direction to keep a viewer captured and prove a success. The movie fails miserably and should be avoided.
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Too much hype...too little fizz
harshvardhan_hv6 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Love story 2050 was supposed to be a love story, the movie surely lacked a story. The first half had nothing new, the same old boy meet girl story and the second half was dominated by advertisements. Harman, priyanka and boman irani did act well but are definitely not able to cover up for a bad script. The kids looked totally confused and out of place. A few scence just seemed to be forced into the movie and made no sense. What was good about the movie is the special effects, picturisation and the locations. A few scence were good for instance the hologram stuff, robot making paan and boman irani in his museum. Pluses- location, special effects, music, acting. Minus- story. Overall a watch and forget movie.
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So stupid it actually bends the space time around it
lucidlad27 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
To think had they used the money to make this movie to open a factory in a poor village and provide jobs how it could have helped so many people. It is just so bad on so many levels.

1) Every character is incredibly annoying or outright useless. It is a bad sign if you start wishing for the main character to die a violent death 5 mins into the movie. The rest of the cast is equally infuriating...from the annoying teddy bear robot to the ugly whiny kids.

2) In 42 years India has progressed that much? If this movie was called Love story 3050 I would have forgiven the future scenery but this is suppose to take place in a country where cows are still used as main methods of transport by a lot of people and buses get packed to a point of tipping over circa 2008. In 42 years the world has mastered hovercrafts, hologram technology, materialization etc etc? Looked more like New Jersey 2050 than Mumbai.

3) The plot makes no sense what so ever. The main plot, the sub plots are all entirely ridiculous. This movie can used as an example to teach in film schools why professional writers are still an important part of the movie making process.

4) If you're going to make a sci-fi movie it is not a good idea to take 1hr and 30 mins to get to the sc-fi part. The first half of the movie is bogged down with utterly useless courtship scenes. Like many others, I actually started to check if I was watching the right movie.

5) The Hero of this movie can't act. I've seen box of rocks with more range than this guy. He is the poor man's version of Hrithik Roshan. Why won't the new Bollywood understand that having muscles does not equal talent.

6)Priyanka Chopra is very hot. Nothing else to add to that...she is smoking hot.

7) I am convinced Gulshan Grover if defaulting on his mortgage payments and therefore is accepting any role which will pay to keep him from losing his home.

8) I want my money back.
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Bad movie bad writing
ragpap9325 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I don't mind a time travel or futuristic theme but wtf? First half was slow but I understand it was to show off the actors abs and character development. Sana dies so building this character up was a waste but wait the hero's uncle built a time machine. Yay so the hero goes back in time to save her before she dies right?. Wrong. He goes to the future because he has a feeling. The feeling is called stupidity. Clearly the death of his lover drove him insane. insanely stupid that is. There is this lookalike called Zeisha. This Zeisha is an over the top character. can't blame Priyanka for this. The writing was just that bad. An Artificially stupid bull s**t teddy bear. What is the plan Karan? Convince her that she belongs to you and take her home. She should say no and kick him to the curb or even better and execute him because in the future his stupidity would be deemed obsolete. Wtf also she has a feeling too. Those two a*holes deserve each other. So they go back in time because she does not belong in the future anyway. They shall live stupidly ever after. Dear Karan The following comments are just for you, You f**ing dumb**s.

1.Zeisha is not Sana you S.O.B., 2. She looks like her cause she is her direct descendant not possible even then but more likely than her being a duplicate. 3. But in your time Zeisha was not even born yet so this is some super pedophilia.

Acting and everything aside I'm sorry but I just couldn't get past the stupid logic or lack thereof in this movie.
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Guaranteed to test your patience
springsunnywinter3 July 2008
It has been about 18 months since Priyanka Chopra's next movie after Salaam-e-Ishq and it's good to see her again because I was really missing her. She has everything a Bollywood actress should have & I really like her. But her comeback is a disappointment.

Science fiction in Bollywood was unthinkable until the ground breaking film Koi Mil Gaya (2003) came along. But I never thought that there will ever be a Bollywood movie set in the future like The Fifth Element staring Bruce Willis & Milla Jovovich. Love Story 2050 is the first commercial Bollywood film to be set in the distant future. The movie with a big budget of 60 crore skips between the present time and the future. Only the second half is loaded with lots of special effects including flying cars, holograms and robots although India will not look like that in 42 years.

The movie is 3 hours long and the story is simple that could of easily of been made in 1 hour 30 minutes. The first 1.5 hour was completely useless and they finally time travelled when a Hollywood movie would've ended. Harman Baweja's acting was OK but he danced really well for his first film. In the second half the SFX of the future was really good and amazing for a Bollywood movie which is why I'm giving it a five out of ten otherwise I did not like Love Story 2050 at all. The pacing is really bad in the first half and also got slow in the second half eventually it became an ultimate patience tester. The first Bollywood film to be set in the future is the next step but the filmmakers pulled their other foot away first which caused them to fall.

It could have been better in so many ways and I don't think that the Bawejas have seen the movie before they released it. The music belongs to the past; most of the songs do not jar and lacks instant recall after the first hearing. The only good song is Sach Kehna. There has been a long list of flops & rubbish films in 2008 and Love Story 2050 has made that list even longer.
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