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1st episode

Author: from United States
31 March 2006

Kat was the coolest. Too bad the other rich kids couldn't deal with a rich kid who's not into money. Maybe if the show wasn't so shallow, with a chance for some real dialog, people actually would have learned something. The 'poor' kids might have learned that not all rich kids are shallow, egotistical, arrogant snobs (by giving Kat more chance to talk). The show started by already pitting the poor kids against the rich before they showed up. And where did they pick these rich kids - Losers Row? Billed as an opportunity to teach rich kids how to work - I think it was created by a resentful once-poor kid trying to get back at somebody form his past. Hey - maybe somebody can do a show with Kat & her bros & sis. I just loved her line that it was tiring to hear the rich kids talk about nothing but money. Maybe it bored her so much she intentionally got kicked off. ever think of that?

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excellent show!

Author: dixiegirl1122-1 from United States
8 May 2006

I thought the show was great. However, I feel that all of the poor kids should get something, especially if they lost because their rich partner was the reason for their elimination. I feel Jacob worked so hard, and had he been with say Nick or TR or even Elizabeth they would have done so much better than he and Sammy. I adore Sammy, but as we all saw, she was not up to a lot of the physical tasks. I also think TR and Jim should have a penalty based on Jim carried the stretcher up by himself. If this had been an injured person one person could not have done this. Also, they were told it had to be a team effort, not an individual effort. So Jacob and Sammy should have advanced to the final two. I really liked everyone and I loved the show.

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rich, not if I act like that

Author: hulahoop3 from United States
4 May 2006

Interesting-.. I think a lot of individuals like to see how the rich live but to see how these rich young adults live is disturbing. I am in my 30s and if I saw my little rich child act like that I would die of embarrassment.. This show does show you that there is a huge divide in the classes and what you see this generation of richies acting like. The series is funny any educating and interesting on how much ignorance is in the high society, and how much money rules the world. You also see the rich fall in "lust" or "like" with a poor boys. I can't wait to see how this one turns out. The super rich 20 and 30 somethings have a lot to learn on how the real

and hard working world really works. In the end you do see the two groups well, kinda get along. Just be grateful for what you have and that your parents raised you right.

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frustrating and enlightining

Author: BigD1 from United States
17 April 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'll start off by saying no show has made me want to reach out and beat some on it to a bloody pulp more then this one. In the case of this show there were two. The two guys, T.R. and Hunter, are the embodiment of every sterotype about rich, stuck-up, spoiled brats. At least T.R. has the potintal to change and had the courusy to feel bad when he was handing out food to the homeless, but hunter being the stuck-up brat he is was making a mockery of the good work they all were doing. Despite these two, some of the rich kids actually seem to get the point of the show and are doing all they can to try and win the money for their poorer partners giving the audience at least some proof that not all rich kids are stuck-up and spoiled brats like Hunter

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People are People regardless of their money

Author: DitadeLeon from United States
29 March 2006

I saw a preview of the show "Survival of the Richest" and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! I have already set my TIVO to record the entire season!!!! It is very entertaining and goes to show that people are people regardless of their money. The point of the show is not who wins the $$$ but that people with no money can become friends with people with lots of money. We are all people with feelings, dreams and desire to love.

Rich Kids..... I loved Nick who was really trying hard... I loved Hunter who was so FUNNY..... I loved Sam who looks like a doll....

Poor Kids I loved Marcus who was very FUNNY.... I loved Esmerelda the Latina!!....

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Good Show

Author: Wilhelm93 from Beverly Hills, CA, United States
31 March 2006

Well,I Know everybody in the world will hate me for this,but I have to admit it's a good show cause it shows how the rich people really are not your typically superficial drama king or queen..Even though they're also like that,they do want to prove the world they can live without daddy's money.. And I myself as a ''rich kid'' or whatever you want to call it think it's good for people to learn that we as wealthy people might not always hate the poor people but they hate us because they suddenly just expect that we're the worst kind of people,which makes us start to annoy them and stuff.So why don't you give this show a chance and watch it.

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