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Good for kids, not bad for adults
Robert Walker-Smith2 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Oddly enough, though I haven't yet seen the original Scary Godmother movie (Spooktacular), I've seen this one _twice_.

Basic premise - the plucky little girl heroine Hannah became friends with the Halloween creatures of the Fright Side last Halloween, and is now looking forward to a wonderful holiday this year. Unfortunately, her mean older cousin Jimmy got terribly scared (unexpected side effect of a mean Halloween joke he played on Hannah last year) and is terrified of it this year. So he plots to keep Chri- er, Halloween from coming! But how?

The interplay between the actions of Jimmy (threatening Halloween) and Hannah (saving it) and the consequences of those actions on the Fright Side makes up the bulk of the movie. Eventually there is a happy ending. Not an earthshaking piece of cinema, but great for kids on H- can't type it again. Next year, I'll have to get the first movie, and have a double feature for the kids and their friends.

My favorite line - when Scary Godmother realizes that something is threatening H-, she cries out, "Somethings's bad! Black socks with sandals bad!"
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Absolutely Amazing
Brad Creeson30 October 2012
I reviewed the first Scary Godmother film on here, and it was easily the best movie I've ever seen in my life. I saw the second one today, and I can't even tell you how amazing I found it. It was great to see my favorite characters mature in personality. Writing was excellent, acting was amazing, animation was wonderful. Nothing bad to say about this movie. Except - Jimmy's voice is higher in this movie than the last one! Did they hire a new actor? I wonder why the old actor wouldn't agree to do the second movie! The first one was amazing! Anyway, 10/10 stars again. Definitely tied for first place (along with the first movie) on my list for best movies I've ever seen. Definitely worth watching any time you can!
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A sequel not worth watching
filmreviews@web.de5 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
"Scary Godmother: The Revenge of Jimmy" is a 45-minute cartoon from 10 years ago. Let me first say that I have not seen the prequel to this "Scary Godmother" movie here, so I cannot talk about character development compared to the first movie. What I can, however, talk about is the animation in this little film here. It is really weak for a 21st century movie and a film with such disappointing visuals needs a great story to make up for it. "The Revenge of Jimmy" does not have it either. The title tells us about the revenge of one character (voiced by the very young Alexander Ludwig by the way), but this film is going nowhere. There are so many irritating jumps in terms of the story and the plot that it's just a confusing watch. Also the scary godmother, who looking at the title seems to be a major plot point, is not elaborated well on at all. As a whole, this was a disappointing film with horrendously bad character animation. It's also never particularly funny. Not recommended. Not even for Halloween.
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