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Drained is some kind of weird masterpiece!
Anideos23 January 2007
I just saw this in Salt Lake City at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival and was both shocked, amazed, delighted and disgusted by it. It is some kind of weird masterpiece. It's based on a book and the filmmakers at the Q & A said it was very faithfully adapted.

Though the story focuses on the obsessions of its pawn shop owning protagonist, namely a pretty girl's ass, a smelly backed-up bathroom drain, and a glass eye, it still manages to be full of intelligent, thought-provoking ideas and themes.

I really loved this film because it is so unbelievably original and fresh, both in its content and with its form. The viewer never knows where it's going to go as it twists and turns through its strange little storyline.
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A great movie, great cast and great everything
I just saw the movie few days ago on the Festival De Guadalajara. I saw it and it got me going. The acting is fabulous,every actor takes his part to a great level. And the first sequence is a delight for the eyes, and also the main actor. The irreverence of the movie, from the funny to the disgusting (And all in between) remind us that aesthetic doesn't necessarily means beautiful. With this wicked game of the aesthetic on art department, acting, screenplay and photo, you can't do anything but fall in love, and identify with the main character. I must say that I haven't read the book, but the writer must to be very pleased if he act on the movie (Find him out!) I just hope that it finds a good distributor, because I wanna have it on my collection, and I hope you too.
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a metaphor for Brazil
lucad_9913 September 2007
I felt odd about the movie. I know deep down I both hated it and loved it and I certainly can't stop thinking about it. It really is a sarcastic masterpiece, but very hard to watch. I didn't find it particularly funny in the spots where the audience laughed the most, and often felt horrified. I haven't read the book, which I'm sure is fantastic. Being lucky enough to have lived in Brazil for 7 years in the past, (e sim, eu falo Portuguese), I felt more and more the satiric edge of the main character as a metaphor for the worst things about Brazil lovingly portrayed by a master-- the obsession with the bunda over the female (that scene where he doesn't recognise he is not speaking to his favorite waitress till she turns around was incredible); the buying of worthless, often superstitious items over things really of value (100 rieis for a Stradavarius!?); the man constantly saying, "that smell is not from me, it's the drain;" (that line is especially deep and frightening and I understood it well); him giving all that money for the gun in a scene that looks like robbery; the fake father (leg and eye);his horrible treatment of the weak and helpless and poor; the growing obsession with the smell of his own excrement. I know the movie is a masterpiece-- the trouble is its view of the world through that glass eye is one I, too, would prefer to leave in the next room, perhaps.
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Cinema and its art to "let be involved"...
pf_o_tosco25 May 2007
Most of the times, when we see a movie, we do not see it, we not feel it like a vivid fact, but we see it as a thing that is "out of us", apart of what we experiment each second of our lives.

Cinema is life, vivid experience, you and it, dialog, and not a standard of stimuli that we feel the necessity of fitting and of comparing, it is there to be lived!

Yesterday I began to realize better that, while watching "O cheiro do ralo" of Heitor Dhalia. The movie is brilliant, and the character of Selton Mello even more. Cynical, arrogant, shy and lonely. Lost in the middle of so many objects, which serves to try to provide this 'lack', the lack of something, of feeling, with the other, of contact..."I do not like you and I never liked nobody". The obsession, the money, the ' assumption controls of everything and of all '. Before so many losses he buys, it is the only weapon that he has.

It makes us think about all the nuances that wrap the human life, in all the bizarres thoughts that " we want not to have thought ", or for shame, for fear or for disapproval. It makes us understand that the life is desire, want of living, of feeling, of " being there ".

"O cheiro do ralo" manages with expertise to expose the strange and bizarre daily life of a character that is there on the screen, which is very different from us, but on the same time he manages to say very much of ourselves.

To laugh .... to think ... to get emotional ...to get bothersome ... for me this is life!
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A great Brazilian movie
marcelosilva7913 April 2008
Usually, when it comes to Brazilian films, it is common the themes which lies about the rich culture that shape this country or, as has happened recently, addressing the issue of urban violence. Therefore, these issues are also on the films that most Brazilians are recognized internationally. "Drained" is a different case, because it shows a Brazilian film that is not necessarily on a Brazilian theme. It tells a story about the complexity of human relations in their most obscure side, making a portrait full of dark humor. Talks about the way we transform everything into things with prices to be paid for. Selton Mello is perfect in the film, as well as the ambiance and direction. A surreal story, with great moments of humor, is what awaits the spectator of "Drained".
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Excellent and bizarre Brazilian movie
Marcelo Schenone19 April 2008
This movie is very uncommon for Brazilian productions. It is based on a very interesting plot, regarding a man and his obsessions (the smell of a sewer, the butt of a restaurant waitress), and how he deals with different people who want to sell all kind of crazy things.

Although the movie may seem superficial and shallow at first, it actually has subtle messages portraying a desperate and lonely man, who tries to find relief in the material world, but realizes that the problem is within himself.

Finally, I would recommend this movie to everyone who wants to see another kind of Brazilian films, one which is not pure drama or pure comedy, and which tells a story in a very different way.
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A masterpiece brought to the screen, wonderful movie and brilliant acting
r-s-cordeiro24 March 2007
Just saw the movie here in São Paulo - Brazil.

I gotta say the movie is daring, Selton Melo is brilliant in the role of Lourenço, still different from what I imagined of the character, but keeping the acid and sharp irony we can find in the book.

The book seems to "go faster", smoother, it keeps the pace and your attention in a way the movie fails in some punctual moments.

It's hard to find flaws in this film, it's extremely good, we learn to love, hate and feel disgust for the main character as we see a lot of ourselves in his sick perception of reality and how it changes through time.

It's interesting to notice the presence of the "bitch in pink", the character of the aerobics instructor, from the book "Jesus Kid" also by Lourenço Mutarelli.

I'm still impressed by the movie, it's a must, and I'll get it in DVD when it'll be released, but still ... there is something about the book I couldn't get with the film.

Anyway it deserves my score
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The Essence of the Fragrance "Behind" the Passion
longojr22 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
It is great how the movie and the book analyze the hypocrisy of a beautifully masked society. And just like the main message of the film, it is perfectly "acted" by everyone (actors and "characters").

The movie contains an ambiguous quality that fits like hand gloves what I call "the history of human-bullshit recycling", and with the depiction of the "butt worship" it makes an intentional "not pleasant" wonderful piece of entertainment.

In Brazil, men love a big and round behind (mainly women's!). However, this "passion" hides its own fragrance! And anyone must admit, like any society, despite its attractive, round, pompous, juicy, (maybe) tanned and hot looks, there's always the inner (behind the mask)essence, which is not only ignored (or dumped) but also wrapped and hidden from all senses.

No one loves dirty things, but when given a nice shape and looks we all end up eating and swallowing it, hence McDonald's worldwide success, the never ending corruption in politics, prejudice, the murdering of great pacifists, fake modesty, humanity's attraction to violence, and most of Hollywood remakes!

The search for a meaningful human existence is finally over! It all comes down to worn out dippers!
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A sarcastic metaphor
mario_c15 May 2008
A great film! More than a great movie it's a very good metaphor to the materialistic and "cold" society we have nowadays, never caring about people's feelings, but about money and power through money instead. The film is full of irony and sarcastic humor and criticizes very well those people who think they can buy everything with their money, even other people. Even the title (which literary translated means "The smell of the drain") is sarcastically humorous and a metaphor to characterize such people, without any character, scrupulous, or even feelings!

The acting by Selton Mello, which plays LOURENÇO, the main character, is excellent! The whole plot is around his character but he does it very well, because he can really be an annoying and irritating character (having that personality I did refer before). The work done by Paula Braun is also very good (and, by the way, she's beautiful!), but I must say I didn't like very much to watch her character fall into LOURENÇO's will, I mean, at the end she does exactly what he wants her to do, when before she had shown a strong character refusing his "indecent proposal": receive some money to show her ass! Of course it's a way this movie has to show us that in this "rotten society" money can really buy anything, and even change people's mind; but I didn't appreciate to watch this changing in the "GARÇONETE" character anyway.

The soundtrack is also fine.

It's a very simple movie, but works very well as a metaphor, so I score it 8/10.
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Brazilian feature film with interesting plot
Jessica Carvalho31 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Lourenço buys used goods ( mostly antiquities or unusual things) from people who needs money. In his shop, there is a drain inside the bathroom, that smells terrible and makes the entire shop to smell as well. He becomes embarrassed by it's smell and every time a client enters his officer, he explains that the terrible smell comes from the drain. Eventually, he becomes more and more annoyed,stressed and strange. He ends his relationship with his fiancée and becomes interested in a girl who works in a bar. Well, not exactly the girl, but her....butt! And as more time passes, Lourenço becomes more strange, starting even to control people with his money...

I watched ''Cheiro do Ralo'' in the opening screens here in Brazil( The actor Selton Mello was present and the director as well).This movie has an independent production (it was made with a very low budget) and is based in a book by the same name, that I never read, by the way.

Because of it's name (something like ''The Smell of the Drain''') I thought this movie would be terrible and I even laugh when I heard it. But it actually showed to be very good and unusual, with the character Lourenço becoming more strange,sick and bizarre as the time passes. How to forget the glass eye he buys and uses to 'see'things all the time, for example? Another nice thing to say, is that Selton Mello, the main actor and character , was not payed for this movie. This is one of the coolest things to see in a REAL actor, when he does his job for pleasure and because the project is good.

Ps: Selton Mello is a famous actor here in Brazil.
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Weird and Unpleasant Tale
Claudio Carvalho3 May 2009
Lourenço (Selton Mello) is a dealer that buys belongings of needy people by a lower price to profit reselling them. He is a deranged, cold and selfish man that sees people like objects for sale, exploiting their needs. When he meets the waitress of a cheap diner, he falls in love for her butt and does not know what to do when she shows affection for him. He believes that the smell of the sewer strainer of his bathroom is blurring his mind and is a gateway to hell, but refuses to pay for its repair. When a junkie client abused by the power of his money reacts, the world of the controller Lourenço begins to fall apart.

"O Cheiro do Ralo" is a weird and unpleasant tale of the insanity process of a man completely obsessed by the power of his money. The Kafkaesque story is intriguing but unfortunately goes nowhere and has a pointless end. Selton Mello, as usual, has a magnificent performance but the situations are repetitive and this low-budget Brazilian movie is too long. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "O Cheiro do Ralo" ("The Smell of the Sewer Strainer")
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Reality Deteriorates
JustApt26 December 2010
Reality begins to disintegrate with the infinitesimal event – with the bad smell from drainage or probably with an appearance of some foolish unmotivated desire. And with deteriorating reality personality begins to fall apart faster and faster and the process is irreversible. Drained is an excellent absurdist comedy on degradation and mental decline. Heitor Dhalia also constantly refers to Fyodor Dostoevsky: in Nina there were many allusions to "Crime and Punishment" and here Lourenço may be considered as a reminiscence of Pavel Smerdyakov from "The Brothers Karamazov", whose surname in Russian means something like 'the stinking one' or the son of the 'reeking one', and who in the novel symbolizes the quintessence of meanness and nastiness.
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An ordinary Brazilian man
giovanifm-148-91530223 October 2014
Amazing movie it captures the very deep essence of an ordinary Brazilian man, exaggerating to the limit of what society considers "acceptable" or sociable.

Despising others, playing cynical mind games with his clients, Selton Mello's character oscillates from the abject to more or less acceptable person. He runs a pawn shop, a dirty and smelly place and he wants everyone to know: The bad odour is not coming from him, it is coming from the drain. He is shy, reclusive and obsessed by woman hips, but with special attention to a waitress' from a cheap fast food restaurant. She is his platonic love.

Crude, disgusting, thoughtful, cynical with some dark humor. A hidden gem from Brazilian cinema.
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The movie is as good as the smell that comes out of the drain, pure s...
katuaba3 October 2007
Oftentimes we see movies that try to send a "deep" message. However, many directors, producers (, etc...) have to realize is that it is OK to push the limits; but, cinema requires aesthetics. Not only that, the underpinning idea should have some validity for the audience.

The movie Drained (or The Smell from the Drain, to be more precise) lacks any visual appeal, or any empathy for the underlying motif. So, the question is why bother?

If, your interest in the movie is to get some exposure to the Brazilian culture, forget it. As a Brazilian I felt embarrassed at the end of it. The stereotypical and shallow story telling make this movie a void exercise.

Stelton Mello does a great work as an actor, that is all I could appreciate. That is rarely a good enough reason for making me enjoy a movie.
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Disgusting movie
mcdegg30 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is repulsive in every way.The main character likes the smell of sewers,and this smell influences his actions through the hole movie.I read some of the reviews and i was excited to see this movie,but with 30 Min's into the movie i was wondering if i shouldn't turn it off,and at the end of it,i wish i had. As a Brazilian,I'm a fan of Brazilian cinema,but this movie is a drawback for Brazilian movies. Selton Mello's Character is ridiculously portrayed,and some scenes are extremely gross,and they stay in your head for all the wrong reasons. I'm giving 1 star because this crappy movie made me sick,it made the new Paris Hilton movie looks like an award winning movie.... DON'T watch it!!!
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