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As with the previous two films, only the actors who appeared in the final scene were given the complete script.
Surprisingly, the film's most graphic scene - Jigsaw's wide-awake brain surgery scene - remained completely uncut by the MPAA. The filmmakers argued that it was no different from the kind of thing people could catch on any medical documentary on TV.
The pig carcasses were made out of foam, rubber and latex though the pig props were filled with real live disinfected maggots. Tobin Bell said that this was his favorite trap in the entire series.
The nude actress being frozen to death - Debra McCabe - is wearing a mirkin (a wig for her pubic area) to preserve some degree of modesty. Ironically, this scene is very misleading as the set itself was extremely hot and the actress's breath had to be added in digitally.
Screenwriter Leigh Whannell was physically sick from watching some of the scenes that were shot.
Like its predecessor, Saw III (2006) was shot entirely within one large warehouse complex in Toronto.
The script was being constantly added to during production. Leigh Whannell remained on set throughout filming so he could keep working on it. One climactic scene between Shawnee Smith and Bahar Soomekh was scribbled down on napkins only five minutes before it was shot.
Although it appears otherwise, only 4 prosthetic pigs were used in the pig splatter scene.
1000 special posters were made and were sold for $20 each in support of Saw III and the American Red Cross. Tobin Bell donated 2 vials of his own blood to be dumped into the red ink vat. All 1000 posters were then printed with the red ink vat and later sold. However, the first print was put up for auction. It was also signed by the entire cast and crew. All proceeds from both sales went to the American Red Cross.
Producer Oren Koules hates all the gory scenes in the Saw films and refuses to watch them.
Shawnee Smith and Bahar Soomekh are good friends in real life.
Actors Tobin Bell and Shawnee Smith spent several weeks before filming getting to know each other personally so the relationship between their characters would appear believable and real.
According to producer Daniel J. Heffner, the film was sent to the MPAA ratings board 7 times before obtaining the "R" rating, receiving the "NC-17" rating every previous time.
Producer Gregg Hoffman died unexpectedly a few weeks after the release of Saw II (2005).
Lionsgate wanted a vehicle for Bahar Soomekh after she scored a success with Crash (2004). Soomekh wavered over committing to Saw III (2006) as she was not a fan of horror movies. She claimed to have nightmares for the first month that she was on set.
Costas Mandylor's character - Detective Hoffman - is named as a tribute to the first two films' late producer Gregg Hoffman.
Initially writer Leigh Whannell and director Darren Lynn Bousman turned down the opportunity to work on Saw III (2006). It was only during a lunch with original Saw (2004) director James Wan following the death of producer Gregg Hoffman, that they decided that they should make the film, mainly as a dedication to Hoffman.
The budget for the film - $10 million - was well over twice what Saw II (2005) was made for ($4 million).
Internationally, this was the highest grossing Saw movie.
It is a common misconception among fans that this is the first entry in the franchise to contain nudity. However, in the original film, a character named "Mark" is placed in a trap where his body has been covered in a flammable gel. While the scene is artificially sped-up, if you watch closely, he is actually completely nude, thus making this the second entry in the series to contain nudity.
In the few short months in between completing Saw II (2005) and starting Saw III (2006), Shawnee Smith had had a baby. (She was pregnant during the making of the second film.)
The film was so anticipated by the fans, that the teaser trailer that was placed in front of the film The Descent (2005) was bootlegged and published online on the day of release.
Shot over a period of 32 days.
Production began immediately after Saw II (2005)'s successful opening weekend.
The final shooting draft of the script was written in under a week in Toronto, Canada by Leigh Whannell based on an idea by creator and Saw (2004) director James Wan.
40 set-ups in 4 different locations were all achieved on the first day of shooting.
Prop master James R. Murray coated the pigs used in the judge's trap with honey and attempted to stick live maggots on them for close-up shots, as requested by director Darren Lynn Bousman.
On the poster, there are three female murder-doctors. They are unknown Canadian actresses.
Jeff's daughter "Corbett" was named after Leigh Whannell's actress girlfriend, Corbett Tuck.
The DVD and Blu Ray case for Saw III lists Jeff's full name as "Jeff Reinhart." This name was never mentioned in the film, and was actually created by a fan from the House Of Jigsaw message boards who posted the name online. Director Darren Lynn Bousman later said that Jeff's full name is really "Jeff Denlon."
Director Darren Lynn Bousman didn't meet Angus Macfadyen until the day the actor walked onto the set for his first day of shooting.
According to director Darren Lynn Bousman, the fans of the "House of Jigsaw" message board heavily influenced this film. It is also dedicated to the memory of late SAW producer Gregg Hoffman after his sudden passing in December, prior to the release of Saw II (2005).
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Barry Flatman and Shawnee Smith also shared the screen in the 1986 television movie Easy Prey (1986).
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

The producers asked the producers of Scary Movie 4 (2006) if they could use their bathroom set for this movie as it was an exact replica of the sets used in Saw (2004) and Saw II (2005).
at around 1h 14 mins) Amanda (Shawnee Smith) was not originally supposed to grab Lynn (Bahar Soomekh) by the throat and threaten her in the sick room, as can be seen by her surprised facial expressions in the moments after. The line where Lynn says "you fucking freak" was not written in the script. Bahar added it in after Shawnee unexpectedly threw her against the wall.
Donnie Wahlberg went to great lengths to let on that he would not be appearing in the film, even to the extent of issuing a press release. This of course was just a smokescreen to make his appearance in Saw III (2006) all the more surprising.
During the brain surgery scene prop master James R. Murray had to hold Bahar Soomekh's arms still for the close up shots because she was unable to steady herself and keep the tool under control.
Before settling on the final version of the Pig Vat, the creators and writers of Saw III (2006) went through a couple different versions of game. One of them had Judge Halden suspended above a meat grinder. As he was lowered down into it, Jeff would have to dive into a "soup" (probably referring to the ground up pigs that were instead poured onto the Judge) to retrieve the key. It was changed again until it resembled the final version, with the exception that Jeff wouldn't have to burn his son's possessions, but simply step down into the silo to free the judge. Leigh Whannell said on the commentary for Saw III (2006) that one of the reasons for the final change was that merely having Jeff dive into pig guts was more akin to something on Fear Factor (2001), and that by burning his son's possessions, it was more of an emotional conflict for Jeff than a physical one.
This marks the first appearance in the Saw franchise of Costas Mandylor and Betsy Russell. Although they both have minor roles, they would go on to become major characters later in the series.
In addition to the appearance of Donnie Wahlberg, Leigh Whannell's cameo was also kept a secret. Whannell was uncredited and there was not publicity of any kind about his character Adam appearing in the film. The reverse trap of Amanda from the first film was reshot for the flashbacks and no old footage was reused.
Due to safety regulations, the prosthetics people can't entomb a person when taking a body cast. So, in order to create the frozen body of Danica, they made two separate casts of actress Debra McCabe, one of the front half of her body and one of the back half. The result was two separate pieces of the frozen body (one for shooting the front view of the body and one for the back).
Before settling on the final version of the Freezer Room, the creators and writers of Saw III (2006) went through a few different versions of the game, with only minor changes. Originally, the victim was going to be a male police officer, but they decided against it, instead going with the idea of a female witness. Instead of being completely naked, Danica was going to be in a T-shirt and panties, but they figured having her being sprayed would make the shirt stick to her body and become too sexual, so they decided to put her in the freezer naked instead.
According to producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules, they had originally discussed having Kerry placed in a device that would pull her limbs in different directions, but instead thought of the ribcage trap.
Before settling on the final version of the Classroom Trap, the creators and writers of Saw III (2006) went through a couple different versions of the game. One of them had Troy suspended above the floor of the classroom by large meat hooks. They decided against this, as they figured it would be basically impossible to escape, and that it would be more thrilling if he was standing and able to rip the chains out. A second version had the hooks going through his eyelids, his fingernails, and his teeth. This accounts for two of the promotional posters for the film, one showing a mouth missing numerous teeth, and another showing three teeth dangling from wires.
The surprise appearance of Detective Matthews was kept a secret until the premiere. Not only was Donnie Wahlberg absent from every cast list, publicity still or press conference but all his scenes were scripted to appear at the end of the film during Amanda's flashbacks. The first scripted scene was Troy's trap. In the final cut however the bomb countdown is the second scene and the opening sequence is the successful escape of Eric from the bathroom. This at least establishes Eric's appearance in the film and eventually leads to the last scenes which reveal his fate.
at around 31 mins) The name of Jeff's son is only said once throughout the entire film, even though the character's death is important in the movie. It's Dylan.
Before settling on the final version of the Confrontation, the creators and writers of Saw III (2006) shot numerous different versions, all resulting in Jigsaw's death at the hands of Jeff. The differences were the weapons of choice, among them the original circular saw blade that Jeff picked up before finding the high power saw. An alternate ending was also shot, using the concept of Lynn's "bomb" collar, which would detonate and shake the room following Jigsaw's death, knocking Jeff to the floor, unconscious. Upon awakening, Jeff would then find a tape, possibly the one Jigsaw played after his throat was slit in the given ending. In another ending, Jeff would quietly sit down next to his decapitated wife's corpse, hardly realizing she is dead, and then listen to Jigsaw's tape.
Shawnee Smith mentioned in a commentary track on the Director's Cut DVD that she was certain she would receive an MTV "Best Fight" nomination for either her fight with Donnie Wahlberg or Bahar Soomekh, but neither made the nomination list. As it turned out the fight with Soomekh can only be seen in the Director's Cut.
Before settling on the final version of the Rack, the creators and writers of Saw III (2006) went through a couple different versions of game. One of them had Timothy strapped down to a table that would fold on its hinges, bending his body with it and breaking his back. A similar idea had been brought up once before when thinking about Detective Steven Sing's trap. It was remodeled into the shape of a cross, but would still bend along hinges that would break Timothy's body until they decided they wanted the individual limbs being twisted instead.
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Tobin Bell, Shawnee Smith, Dina Meyer, Donnie Wahlberg, and Lyriq Bent all reprise their roles from Saw II (2005).
Body Count: 10. (Including Jeff's son and Adam, whose deaths are shown in flashbacks.)
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Franky G makes a cameo as a dead Xavier, his character from the previous film.
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