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184 out of 283 people found the following review useful:

Hardcore "Saw" Fans Will Be Pleased

Author: SuperSonicS from Hell
26 October 2006

I managed to get a free screening to see the third installment of the "Saw" series and I walked into the theater with low expectations, mainly because I was positive they couldn't possibly make yet another great Saw film. I was wrong.

Saw III is just as good as the original Saw, and is much more like it. I suggest you watch the previous two films before going to see Saw III, like I did, otherwise it might be quite confusing at times

The gore in Saw III is so strong it will make even the strongest moviegoers cringe, although I thought that not all of it was necessary, and some of it was there just to make the audience shield their eyes. The film had some huge twists, and when I looked on the Saw III message boards I found it amusing how many fake "Spoilers" there were. Don't listen to them, just wait and see the movie. Some of the Traps in the film I thought were very far fetched, and couldn't possibly have been made by two people. Yes, I know its a movie but in the previous films they seemed to be far more realistic, and the traps takes away some of the suspense from the film. Another is I was disappointed with some of the acting, not from any of the main characters (who all delivered fantastic performances) but from those who were only in the movie for a small portion of time, it takes away the realism of the film.

Overall Saw III is a good movie which does not disappoint, and I'm sure fans of the previous two films will be pleased. I hope there isn't a Saw IV, because this film is a good way to end the trilogy.


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230 out of 391 people found the following review useful:

Still going good...

Author: silentcheesedude from Florida, USA
27 October 2006

Surprise! There is a horror series that holds up well, even on the second sequel.

It's difficult to explain the plot in any detail without ruining the storyline, so instead, I give you small chunks. A doctor must keep Jigsaw alive. If he dies, so does she. A grieving father must decided what he will do when confronted with the people that changed his life for the worse. Saying anything else about the story line is just criminal.

Like the 2 movies before it, difficult decisions and some nasty secrets become a part of a much larger plan. It manages to explain events in Saw 1 and 2 that may have been considered plot holes. It spins the whole concept of the Jigsaw character and what he represents, and the message he is trying to say. By carefully placing events from the past in a certain order, and by introducing important sequences of the character's lives, Saw 3 manages to become a pivotal point to the series. It's not perfect, though. Constant flashbacks to memories becomes a bit tiresome. Some of the dialog could be a combination of dry, repetitive, or dumb, or all of the above. And oh yes, there will be the improbable & illogical. Big critics will focus on this, and consider the movie a waste of time.

Of course, you can toss out the psychological-babble, tell the critics to go back to their coke snorting, and just have fun watching the movie as pure horror. Of the three, this is ultimately the most bloodiest. Those of low tolerance of gore, medical procedures and general dismemberment beware: the movie theater I went to here in Winter Springs had one movie-goer faint and fall to the floor. They had to temporarily stop the movie and take her outside, an ambulance came, and took her away. Even with this interruption, the movie kept everyone awake, wanting to see more. By the end of the movie, the audience clapped. We liked what we had seen. "What has the world come to?", you say? Geez. You are in the wrong place. I'm sure there will be some Disney movie to your liking.

The traps were clever, original, and far, far deadlier this time around. To me, it beats out any psycho with a knife/ax/chainsaw crap movie that has been pumped out too many times. It's a shame that Saw producer Gregg Hoffman passed away before this movie was produced.

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143 out of 224 people found the following review useful:

The Incomparable Trilogy

Author: JamesCanz from United States
27 October 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I would like to start by saying that I am a huge Saw fan, and came into this movie with more hype and enthusiasm than any other movie in my life. Possibly I set the bar too high, leaving it hard for this third installment to complete a legendary trilogy in the horror genre. First of all, I loved the scenario. Very similar to Saw II, Saw III had multiple "games" being carried on at once. Amanda kidnapping Dr. Lynn in order to keep Jigsaw alive, so that he could put Jeff through a series of vicious and gut wrenching events. Events that Jeff alone chooses the outcomes of.

Sequel to sequel, these movies have progressed dramatically. Two ways would be the creativity, and the gore. "We don't pull any punches this year. We start it with a kick in the balls, and end it with a kick in the balls." -Darren Bousman. Traps, weapons, and devices now include chains, bombs, acid, skin rippers, ice, pig guts, guns, and a very creative and sickly disturbing trap called the rack. It is similar to the previous sequel Saw II, but Saw III has even more scenes that will make you cringe or moan in disgust.

Unlike the subpar acting of Saw, this time around it was phenomenal. When more characters were explained, you got a good feel for the decisions they made, and why the story ended up the way it did. Tobin Bell did yet another extraordinary job with his role as Jigsaw, possibly making Jigsaw one of the most deranged and creative villains ever to step foot in a horror movie. Not only were there many fresh faces in Saw III, but some characters made a return. I wouldn't want to spoil it for you, but like Darren said, it kicks you in the balls, I would say pretty hard.

Overall, this movie was great, but for some reason it didn't completely blow me away like Saw and Saw II did. Many stones were left unturned, which always means that there could be yet another sequel, and the ending happened too suddenly. Will there be a Saw IV? Maybe, maybe not. But for now, go see Saw III, possibly the final chapter to one of the greatest horror trilogies ever made.

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309 out of 568 people found the following review useful:

Beats the previous ones

Author: ( from India
26 October 2006

Well, after watching Saw 1 i was really looking forward to Saw 2, which as far as i am concerned wasn't as good as Saw 1 and my hopes for Saw 3 went down, but last night i got a free pass from my friend for an advance private screening of Saw 3.

I can promise you one thing this movie is just like Saw 1 and has everything and loads more of gore than Saw 1 & 2.

The acting particularly is good, but its the story and the plot that is extremely well written and of course the Twists again like the first 2 are huge and much much much much more enthralling and shocking! This movie is a reminder of Saw 1 and really sets the tone for more Saw movies to come i would be heartbroken if this Saw series ends here because its getting interesting with each part.

Thumbs up to Saw 3, a must see, go and watch it and experience the shocks! 8/10

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99 out of 165 people found the following review useful:

Wow! Did we all watch the same movie?

Author: shinn1 from United States
29 October 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Come on, people!! I'm not sure what to think about all of the rave reviews on this site for this complete waste of time & money. There were SO MANY flaws in this movie that were not only fatal, but also the minor ones kept adding up to create a general sense of disbelief about everything. This movie was a direct assault to viewers, almost like a slap in the face, as if to say: "We know our movie doesn't make any sense, but could you open your mouth a little wider so we can cram this turd of a movie further down your throat?"

Granted, people going to see a horror movie aren't expecting high art, but we at least expect some semblance of professionalism on the people making the film, to make us think they actually thought about what was going to show up on the screen. Saw III is so sloppy & ridiculous that I felt I had to vindicate the other posts on this site that reamed this movie. To wit, I have made a somewhat comprehensive list of all of the things that went into this movie that made me wish I could personally rip the writer's computer off their desk & smash it to tiny bits.

1)If Jigsaw is so sick, how the heck was he ever able to accomplish the things he does? You'd think UPS would be suspicious of all of the items he procures..."Sir, I have your delivery of 50 mannequins & 200 voice recorders. I couldn't fit the 300 rotten pig carcasses into the van, though." 2)The whole understudy thing with the junkie girl was particularly lame & wholly unbelievable. 3)The last line from the Dr. - "I want a divorce." How can the writer expect us not to feel cheated? 4)Jigsaw never would have let the end happen the way it did...he wasn't in control at all! 5)Sure, Jigsaw has all kinds of torture devices, but no Progesterone on hand? You'd think that would be pretty high on his list of things to do. 6)The whole brain was actually the only part of the movie I laughed at. 7)Pointless flashbacks that didn't lend anything to the film. Was this just filler to distract us from what a bad movie this was? 8)Tieing up loose ends. Hey, if the audience wanted closure from a horror movie series, then they would make cliff notes for them. That's not why we watch horror!! Horror movies are best when they are mysterious & we're left in the dark. 9)There are no "what would you do?" situations the viewer can reflect on in this movie, which is what made the other 2 good. 10)Is it just me, or does anyone else feel insulted to think Jigsaw knows all & sees all (except when it helps the plot - i.e. the junkie murdering the victims anyways...)? 11)Three words: liquefied pig juice? (...and just how did the judge not puke his lungs out until after they left that room...)?

Too many more to mention...please do yourself a favor and save your hard-earned money & avoid this film. Maybe it'll send a message to the producers that their audience isn't so simple-minded and they'll stop making this caliber of a movie. Then again, maybe not. Can you say "open wide?" There just may be another turd to shove down your throats come Halloween next year.

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58 out of 85 people found the following review useful:

Why Saw III failed to satisfy...

Author: TheXeroXone from elsewhere
29 October 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In the first two Saw films there was something there that made the movie not just about the gore or the brutality that put it head and shoulders above all the other slasher films, there was intelligence and hope. The victims of Jigsaw were almost always given a modicum of hope that they could survive what they were given and come out breathing if they acted intelligently enough. Furthermore, the ending of each film was always brutal and yet hopeful at the same time. In the first Saw unanswered questions concerning Dr Gordon and Adam gave us hope. In the second Saw, the outcomes of the lives of Daniel, Detective Matthews, Amanda and Kerry may have been brutalized (emotionally or physically), but there was still hope.

Saw III was not a depiction of a lack of hope, but rather a thorough extraction of it. None of the victims in Saw III had hope or the ability to get themselves out of the traps they were in except through the actions of others. It became more about the traps than it became about the lessons these individuals had to learn. And in the end all that's left is gore, misery and an innocent life taken needlessly.

The plot of Saw III was Machiavellian in its design to be sure, but ultimately it proceeded through the movie like a sledgehammer instead of a jigsaw.

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46 out of 62 people found the following review useful:

Nothing more than a gorenography

Author: therealjoeh from United Kingdom
6 November 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Just came back from seeing this film and I really need to stress at how crap a film it was. I had read the reviews of it being better than saw 2 and more like saw 1 (which was good!) but they were talking rubbish. This film relies purely on gore and the ability to make you cringe. The plot was stupid and too far fetched which only idiots who enjoy this brain numbing turdness would accept. I didn't even know who the lead character was...there was none I'm sure. The narrative was poor and the acting was naff.

I felt really uncomfortable watching this film and when i came out i was terribly uneasy. There is no resolution, it has possibly got one of the worst endings to a film ever which really p***ed me off most, i felt totally unsatisfied. Don't see this film, its pathetic.

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110 out of 191 people found the following review useful:

This movie will please hardcore Saw fans

Author: greeniegirl03 from United States
28 October 2006

This movie, as always with the previous Saw installments, has once again proved to be worthwhile. The set-ups were great, the torture devices and scenes were unimaginable with NO limits whatsoever, and the ingenious traps Jigsaw puts on all of his victims were unbelievable. Saw 3 will keep you wondering what will be the outcome of the end. No doubt did this movie impress me and hopefully Saw fans as well. Now, as a warning, this movie did have some EXTREMELY sickening scenes with constant groans from audience in theater, but will nonetheless please its viewers. I highly recommend fans, and anyone who loves a good gross-out horror movie buff to see this latest Saw installment.

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75 out of 122 people found the following review useful:

Severely Disappointed

Author: Luke - from Sydney, Australia
2 November 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was a fan of the first Saw - I found the very tightly knitted mix of horror, suspense and twists, and the unpredictability of a relatively new concept really intriguing.

Having missed Saw II, I watched Saw III hoping that the initial formula had somehow been extended and maintained.... I was most certainly disappointed.

The first few "challenges" were nothing more than a gore-fest. The thrill and suspense of the challenges faced in the original Saw replaced with ideas designed to do nothing more than test how well you could hold onto your last meal. There was no rhyme, no reason, and paper-thin plots. Although, I do admit that the plots may have been thicker if I had seen Saw II. But any episode in a good series should be able to stand on it's own without _needing_ the prior episodes to work.

After enduring the first 20 minutes of blood and guts the storyline of the movie started to develop, but it was hard to actually connect with it as there was the constant fear that the next second another disembowelment or similar would jar you out of the storyline again.

I think that the only real review and punishment for this film would probably be to lock the director/producer/writer into a chair and give them a choice of watching the film continuously or hacking their own legs off. I think they'd lose their legs, if they have any taste.

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90 out of 160 people found the following review useful:

Third Installment Of Extra-Spicy Violence

Author: andrewpifer from United States
28 October 2006

Well, i didn't walk into this theater expecting the greatest horror movie of all time, and i wasn't shocked. I was happy though with the experience and found myself shielding my eyes, trying to keep up with what is at first a very disjointed plot, and eventually trying not to see the predictable outcomes of this film. Loved the gore, loved the traps (although they were a bit much in this version, and unfortunately there weren't many actual traps, just some excess eye candy lying about the workshops and scenes of instruments of terror.) Honestly, i saw more gruesome items of destruction in the trailer for hostel 2, but whatever. The movie was well worth my eight bucks, and i will likely rent it when it comes out to watch it again. Loved the whole trilogy, and as for this movie. i think it can't stand alone. If you liked the first two, you'll love this one, just don;t expect too much. The plot was just right, once it got going, and the gore was intense, too much even for this hardcore horror lover, but hey- you get what you pay for.

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