Saw III (2006) Poster


Plot Keywords

apprentice doctor
death detective
hospital police
revenge brain tumor
car accident torture
police shootout gun in mouth
single father photograph
scalpel bare chested male
booby trap shootout
criminal mastermind serial killer
witness judge
fight female psychopath
axe locker room
nurse blood
revolver race against time
videotape home invasion
police officer killed female cop
swat team crime scene
entrails timebomb
nonlinear timeline extramarital affair
suffocated with plastic bag bare chested male bondage
pig mask slow motion scene
evil man famous theme
blood splatter iron neck collar
flashback goth
gothic hypothermia
full frontal nudity female full frontal nudity
bare breasts nudity
survival horror violence
lifting someone into the air necklace bomb
female nudity sadism
police detective brutality
exposed brain evil doll
no ending playing god
mind game drill in the head
vomit murderof a nude woman
slaughterhouse power drill
pig slaughter trap
third part syringe
stabbed in the head stabbed in the foot
stabbed in the chest split head
single parent shot in the throat
shot in the leg shot in the chest
severed head sequel to cult favorite
reverse footage psychopath
murder hook
gun frozen body
exploding head drowning
disembowelment decapitation
chainsaw acid
throat slitting suffocation
shotgun shot in the neck
shot in the head shot in the face
shot in the back severed leg
severed foot severed arm
returning character killed off pistol
mutilation loss of wife
loss of child knife
kidnapping infidelity
held at gunpoint head spin
gore gash in the face
female frontal nudity exploding body
dismemberment corpse
child in peril chain
broken neck broken leg
broken arm brain surgery
bomb accidental killing
self mutilation surgery
murderer duo game of death
freeze to death dummy
drunk driving betrayal
sequel surprise ending

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