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Entertainment Weekly
It's a stylish scramble of evocative footage, groovy music, and crazy-candid reminiscences from key players still proud to score.
Portland Oregonian
Funky, scrappy, dishy, screwy story of that star-studded, gilded squad.
New York Daily News
Once in a Lifetime performs a belated autopsy on the Cosmos and the North American Soccer League and basically concludes that they died of impatience.
What fun this documentary is.
Chicago Tribune
You don't need to be a soccer fan to, like Cosmos fans, fall for this captivating tale, told in "Rashomon"-like style.
New York Post
Once in a Lifetime, which is being released at the peak of World Cup fever, is the sort of sports documentary that will appeal even to nonfans. It's a quintessential only-in-New York story.
Crowder and Dower's film is a refreshing reminder that without Ross and the Erteguns, pundits would have had to coin an entirely different term to describe "soccer moms," since without the Cosmos' brief and shining moment in the sun, suburban soccer leagues would be as rare as collegiate boccie tournaments.
The Hollywood Reporter
This tale of the team that for a brief period in the 1970s promised to popularize soccer in the U.S. has it all: heroes, villains, sex and, oh yes, some sports as well.
Once in a Lifetime's only major failing is the fact that the iconic Pelé is seen only in period footage.
The movie is only so-so, borrowing a little from the VH-1 school of popumentary but lacking the snazzy production values.

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