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Miami Herald
A late-summer delight, a sleek, handsomely made bauble buoyed by a cast much stronger than the flimsy material deserves.
Berman and Pulcini, who turned Harvey Pekar's graphic memoir into the visually inventive, Oscar-nominated "American Splendor," dress this film as an anthropological field diary and add several fabulous touches.
The movie itself is sort of bland and obvious and comfortable.
Weak dramatically, and that limits its overall effectiveness.
The very rich are different from you and me. And much worse. That's basically the message of the disappointingly banal Nanny Diaries, a film that is even more lightweight and clichéd than the fluff that was the best-selling book.
Satire should be knife-sharp and whip-smart, and The Nanny Diaries never is.
Despite some clever early fantasy scenes, Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini's adaptation of best seller The Nanny Diaries won't make Bridget Jones give up her writing.
The Hollywood Reporter
The comedy has several inspired moments and a genuine flair for the satiric, but overall the film leaves you cold.
For a light comedy, The Nanny Diaries turns out to have an off-putting theme. It glorifies the romance of slumming.
So tightly constructed of clichés, stereotypes and chick-lit tropes that it's inert; no fresh air can blow in.
There's something painful about watching Scarlett Johansson, who looks as if she never had an indecisive moment in her life, struggle to seem ineffectual.

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