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Entertainment Weekly
Who Killed the Electric Car? makes you angry, and also sad, to live in a country where innovation could be contrived into an enemy.
The only question his movie doesn't ask is "What do you want your next car to run on?" That's up to you.
The Hollywood Reporter
A potent hybrid of passion and politics fuel this energetic and highly compelling documentary.
A balanced examination of the reasons for the electric car's disappearance, reasons that include corporate collusion and greed, governmental spinelessness and oil company propaganda -- but also consumer indifference and the limitations of the vehicles themselves.
Philadelphia Inquirer
As efficient and zippy as its subject.
New York Daily News
In a sad twist of technological birth and infanticide, General Motors - with assists from the oil industry, the Bush administration, cowardly California energy officials and apathetic consumers - doomed the future car to the literal scrap heap of history.
Miami Herald
Shaped just like the murder-mystery its title promises, the documentary Who Killed the Electric Car? introduces us to the victim, then rounds up the suspects most likely responsible for its demise.
New York Post
Paine doesn't hide his liberal mind-set, but he lets all sides - from GM suits to Ralph Nader - have their say. By the closing credits, there's little doubt who killed the electric car.
By the end of the film, you actually come to mourn the passing of the EV1, a well-intentioned soul that was in the right place at the right time, but was surrounded by the wrong people.
Wall Street Journal
Who Killed the Electric Car?, a fascinating feature-length documentary by Chris Paine, opens with a mock funeral, then follows the structure of a mock trial in which multiple suspects are found guilty.
Impassioned, unwieldy and padded with celebrity interviews.

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