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Reviews & Ratings for
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Reviews from users who voted this title less than 4.5.
Reviews from users who voted this title less than 4.5.
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5 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

An insult to the master

Author: distortedturtle666 from United Kingdom
15 February 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After watching this film I felt compelled to write a short review so that other zombie-film fans wouldn't have to sit through it. To connect it in any way to Romero's 1985 masterpiece is heresy and as far as I could see, the only connection was a zombie called Bud who retained some human-like behaviour. The effects were not that bad and there were some good set pieces but they couldn't distract from the overall mess of clichés that the film was. With most of the action happening at night there was very little of the original's feeling of apocalyptic disaster and the total lack of anyone to care about just added to the frustration of sitting through a film that isn't fit to bear even a nod to Romero's work, let alone claim to be a remake. The only thing worse than sitting through this film would be to be told that someone credited you in it as an influence.

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7 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

Disgraceful Mess

Author: Martin_Niese from Chicago
3 July 2008

The best excuse people can come up with for this trash, is that critics just don't like it because they can't stand someone trying to replace Romero's previous work. The remake of "Dawn of the Dead" was actually very well received overall by Romero fans. As a staunch Romero fan, I can say I liked the "Dawn" remake. Many of us did. But what Steve Miner did with the "Day" remake was just bad film making. Miner is so much better than this, he blew a sure thing with the remake recipe, and trashed "Day". Yes, I'm mad Miner remade a Romero film but the real issue is that it's simply bad film making. Do you punks get it?

This movie is an insult to Romero and to intelligent horror fans. The highest overall rating this deserved was possibly two stars. There were no redeeming qualities what-so-over. I've lost what little respect I had for Rhames for his participation in this film. Cannon's performance fortifies societal stereotypes of African American men; what an insult his character was! Suvari's performance was disgusting. Every one of her lines was delivered in the same flat, oh I'm such a beautiful tough chick with brains, delivery. She's an idiot, I'm not impressed. And I don't think she's hot! She's a fool.

I wonder what Romero thinks of this garbage? I know what I think. It was horrible from beginning to end. A brain numbing experience that had me continually checking my watch. How did they even get the green light for this project? I consider it a Cardinal Sin that Miner took the "Day of the Dead" production name and attached it to this monstrosity! Miner owes Romero an apology. He owes the world of film making an apology. He owes horror fans an apology. The real shame here is that much more talented production professionals and actors would have been happy to remake this film, at least good enough to have it shown in theaters, not straight to DVD. Probably the biggest disappointment of the year for me.

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8 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

Not even for the zombie completist

Author: rhob1960 from United States
13 May 2008

Well, I finally got to see this. And I wish there weren't a self imposed rule against expletives, or I'd write a message filled with them and my anger at this piece of crap still wouldn't be sated. Not even close to being a remake of a much better film, it is a raping of much better films title. How they got two decent actors (Mena Suvari, who I guess has no career any longer and Ving Rhames, who sleep walks through his ten minute cameo) is beyond me. A stupid-fest from beginning to end, I can't think of one positive thing to say about this garbage simply because even it's short running time felt like five hours. I won't point out all the mistakes, someone did that in an earlier message, I will say that if I were George Romero, I'd want to hit someone for the credit: BASED ON DAY OF THE DEAD BY GEORGE ROMERO. I'd like to meet the idiot who read this terrible script and said, "Yeah! This sounds GREAT!" I will point out some of the stupider things that were slightly missed in earlier critiques. 1 - We never find out why the hell Mena's gun isn't loaded. "It's complicated." Oh, unlike the script which was just STUPID? 2 - The bit with the spear. Nick Cannon killed like ten creatures (I refuse to call them zombies) with a saw medic taped to a crutch! 3 - Why, why, why in all zombie movies (but a Romero one) is there one idiot who says, "No, they may not turn." We've seen an ENTIRE town turned in like 8 minutes and this guy won't turn? PUH-LEEZE pass the barf bag. 4 - Bud, BUD the vegetarian Zombie? Oh I think I'm gonna heave... 5 - Zombies running around shooting guns? Sorry, but zombies are either morons (like most) or can think (return of the living dead), which leads to: 6 - No consistency among the zombies. Either they are fast or they aren't. Either they think or they don't. Either they suck (like here) or they are great. 7 - The lead zombie... they tried to have a reason for them. But viruses don't just mutate over night. And Pat Kilbane... guess his career after Mad TV is really over.

Sigh... that's enough I guess. Just a crapfest (and boring at that) from beginning to end. A bad, bad, bad movie. And on a final note, I will NEVER forgive the far superior 28 series for introducing the idea of fast zombies. To paraphrase Indiana Jones, "I hate fast zombies, Jock. HATE EM!" And to paraphrase Doctor Zachary Smith, after sitting though this trash, "Oh the pain... the pain!"

AVOID AT ALL COSTS! Not even recommended for the Zombie completist.

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2 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Day of the Stupid Crap Movie

Author: unknown07 from United States
27 February 2010

Day of the Dead (the original) is a good movie. Day of the Dead (the remake) is a piece of unwatchable trash which has nothing to do with the original. It's more cheaply made than a super 8 movie shot by a monkey.

How can everything in a single movie suck so bad? The story, the effects, and especially the actors (if they are actors, that is.) The zombies, for some reason, develop super-powers allowing them to walk on ceilings and run at amazing speeds. How stupid. Even more ridiculous was the short blond's idea to keep the zombie soldier with her...why? WHY?? Because she likes him? Because he follows orders? What? I guess this was the attempt to re-use the Bub character from the original. But that character had a purpose to exist. This movie doesn't!

What was the point of calling this movie Day of the Dead? Obviously, as with Diary of the Dead (which is worse than this one), George Romero is making a final effort to cash-out his name and zombie franchise for a few extra bucks. There's nothing wrong with that, but when fans of his old movies get screwed out of their time and money because of this lame trash, that's ripping people off.

This movie is a fraud. Do not watch.

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2 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

remake of George Romeros classic 1985 could it really be that bad, yes it is even the zombies can't act

Author: aaronnz from New Zealand
8 April 2009

I don't even want to waste time writing a review for this play, or home made movie maybe?

But due to rules on IMDb I suppose I better waste some space on here

like the saying goes, 'If it ain't broken don't fix it'.

Steve Miner is a good director, remember the Friday the 13th films just some of his classic works. this remake of the great 1985 George Romero classic, in my opinion has raped the title to the point of no recovery. Shocked that even the zombies can't act, and who the hell was the casting director.

Oh please Hollywood or whoever it is that has gone trigger happy on remakes, just put down your nostalgia gun and come up with something original, gee's next thing they will be remaking Jaws, oh what's that I heard you say, they already have started on that project no, no save me I am drowning in crap movies.

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2 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Oh... wow...

Author: Jorma Teräs from Finland
29 April 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Wall climbing, bullet dodging ninja zombies that blow up if they catch fire and a friendly vegetarian zombie... Wow, that's all I can say. Wow. I cannot believe how this movie is named Day of The Dead since it has _NOTHING_ to do with the original, why not name it "Night of the ninja zombies" because that's exactly what it was, ninja zombies killing everyone in a town at night. I'm not really sure if anyone of the crew had ever seen the original before deciding about remaking it.

And what about the hopeless attempt to add Bub to the movie, a friendly vegetarian zombie... Wow, I didn't see that one coming. The acting was pretty much awful and the dialogue wasn't any better.. And why was Ving Rhames in this one since he was in a different role in the remake of Dawn?.. Oh wait a minute, of course, this piece of **** has nothing to do with the trilogy except for the name.

The only point goes to the zombie make-up and the gore, both of which were acceptable at times.

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2 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Awful Flick

Author: clair-colleen from United States
24 April 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I rented this movie because it 'took place' in Leadville, CO. I mean, who wouldn't want zombies in Leadville, if you've ever been there, you understand where I'm coming from. The creaters of this movie have made it painfully obvious that they have never been anywhere near Leadville Colorado. Apparently timber line holds no meaning for them. Last time I was there, it didn't take half an hour to get across town. The dialogue was also pretty cheesy. I was pretty fond of Bud's character. I mean who wouldn't be fond of a lovable vegetarian zombie. All in all though, the characters lacked depth, I wouldn't have felt bad if they'd all died. In fact, that would have been pretty pleasing. All in all though, I wasn't impressed, I'd rather watch resident evil any day. :-)

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2 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Zombies are not supposed to be fast.

Author: mdgeist3 from United States
20 April 2008

I agree with George A. Romero with the concept of fast Zombies are stupid. Zombies should rely on stealth over speed, since a decomposing corpse's legs would fall apart if they ran as fast as the zombies in this movie. I also found the crawling on the ceiling a bit much. If you think about, if you came back from the dead wouldn't you be a little stiff? You would think they would have a little rigor mortis setting in. I'm a bit of a Romero purist on this issue. I found the writing for this movie horrible and hardly very interesting at all. I also hated the remake of the "Dawn of the Dead". However, I enjoyed "28 Days later" and "28 weeks later" since they were not really Zombies. Because of this I will let them slide. I actually enjoyed those movies.

Was the above review useful to you?

2 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Dumb! Stupid!

Author: John Brooks from United States
19 April 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I turned it off right after Ving's character died at the 30 minute mark. I was disgusted with the horrible choreography, special effects, acting and story. The zombie actors were horrible. These days they are always trying to come up with new ideas to make zombies more horrifying. Running zombies work. Puking zombies work. Zombies that hide bodies in their closets? Dumb! Zombies that hide among dead bodies? Stupid! Zombies that jump 20 feet in the air or crawl on the ceiling like Spider-Man? C'mon, need I say more? I feel sorry for anyone who watches this piece of crap. I was so hoping that this would be another great remake of a Romero flick. I only wish that I could vote 0 out of 10 stars for this.

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2 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

A shame to the zombie genre

Author: jumbojoe125 from United States
16 April 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a crime against zombie/monster/horror cinema. The inventor of the genre's name is being defamed, it is mentioned on the DVD case, a name you can trust for a good zombie movie. I can understand a monster/zombie movie with a bad scripting, bad effects, and bad acting because I am watching it to see zombies rip the flesh off young girls or pick at the entrails of townspeople. I did not rent it to see the "vegetarian zombie" This is not a boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, bay get bit by a zombie and becomes one but does not eat her story! To have zombies that do not eat people is like having Oreos with cream filling. Does George Romero know what you are doing because I am telling on you!!!! .....and in Colorado of all places.... sheesh.

And need I mention that 3/4's of the movie actually takes place not in the day as the title hints, but the night. I am becoming overly picky but you are distorting the visionary genius of a great man!!!! Have you no shame?!?!?!?!

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