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A Brilliant satire.
YitzB21 November 2005
Christ in the City is a "hilarious response to the Passion" written and directed by newcomer Yitz Brilliant.

Jesus - an ordinary Jew who did a few miracles (but who didn't in those days?), returns to Earth to see the latest movie-of-his-life, thrilled that people are finally recognizing his teachings.

But when he arrives to see the film, he's shocked to discover that instead of focusing on his life and teachings, people are focusing on his death and suffering... things he's rather forget.

Exiting the theater, he realizes that he's arrived right before "shabbos" and is so flustered by "The Passion" that he misses the last ride back to Heaven, leading to a quest for a synagogue before sundown.

But his efforts are disrupted by Father Sebastian, a curmudgeonly priest, who demands that Jesus reveal his Second Coming... whether he wants to or not.

With great cameos by comic Friars Club vets Freddie Roman and Dick Capri.
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