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Nice feel-good movie
imdb15 April 2007
I just watched this movie and I really don't understand why people think this is a horrible movie. It's a good movie, I really enjoyed it! Sure, there isn't some complex plot with several twists; it's just a relaxed ride, a feel good movie. It's un-complex. As un-complex as children ARE. You remember how good live was when you were young? No worries (well, for most people that's true anyway ;). The things the kids in this movie do are things that you CAN only do when you are still young: the adults are going to forgive you. They are doing things that no adult could ever get away with, but that is exactly why it made me feel good: you just know that there won't be consequences; it's just pure adventure and fun.

I see a lot of B-movies lately; were the acting is REALLY REALLY bad. The kind of movies that I turn off half way, disgusted that I wasted my time with it. Imho, THAT are the kind of movies that should fill up the bottom 250 on IMDb. The acting in this movie however, is good! The kids put down some professional acting (not perfect, but in most cases that is totally to blame on the director-- the movie doesn't need it either, this isn't a "The Good Son (1993)") and the adults act as adults typically act in kids movies, nothing that annoyed me.

I think that any adult can enjoy this movie, if they keep an open mind, like children and still are enough of a kid in their heart to remember how (good) it was in their childhood.

Don't expect anything deep - just sit back and allow yourself to enjoy a while without worries.
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Seemed a little childish...
Jane_Deaux6 December 2006
You should know that I had decided I'd rather watch "Minors" than "Santa Clause 3" or "Deck the Halls," so going into the movie I was probably more lenient with it than I might have otherwise been...

But anyway, I saw this and I thought it was okay. It reminded me a little of Home Alone with more kids and antics. I thought the four main kids--the ones stuck in the airport--had good chemistry and went well together. The adults (Black, Valderrama), while they've done okay in other movies/shows, seemed to be "acting down." In fact, the whole movie kind of seemed that way.

These kids must be 13 or 14 but they're acting more like eight or nine. I'm sure it was as the director wanted but even the adults were talking slow and using lots of animated hand gestures. At the very beginning of the movie, one girl sits on a young, hip Santa's lap and tells him he "hot" and then the rest of the movie has the exaggerated and childish feeling of an episode of Blue's Clues. But, since I was ready to watch and enjoy this movie, I laughed at all the falling down, food-throwing, name-calling activity.

I noticed a theme. I think this theme or message is what some parents will like about the movie and what some might decide to steer clear of: children of divorce do well on their own, perhaps even better than kids whose parents are still married. My parents divorced when I was 14 and I don't really feel like it had a huge impact on my life but today's kids are... different. Maybe "divorce kids" will enjoy this divorce kid fantasy more than everyone else. Parents will approve of it because, even with the happy ending, the divorced parents in the film were still divorced in the end.
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Hey, hey, this isn't a bad movie at all
FrostyHornyPie21 December 2006
Well, I do give it a medium rating...not bad and not good, but if adults park their brains outside the theater before going in, they'll find it fun. Sure, you have to overlook the way the kids are smarter than the adults and the fact that firstly the security guards aren't bright enough to be working airport security and even so aren't villains but just guys trying to do their jobs. Anyway, the acting is good and the script isn't bad if you don't think too hard about it. The movie is after all targeted for a junior high level audience, but the filmmakers are skillful enough to make it enjoyable for older viewers. Sure it's a reworking and multiplication of the Home Alone theme and Christmas setting. As other reviewers mentioned, there are echos also of The Breakfast Club and The Terminal. However, it's fluffy, harmless fun and there are worse movies out there right now. BTW, how did this get down to #2 on the worst list when Deck The Halls which isn't half as good is out there?
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The Best Christmas Movie Since Home Alone.
Inspiration-BG24 December 2006
When I was first considering seeing this film was when I saw that Lewis Black was in a leading role. How ever I was skeptical about how this film would play out, and if It would be like another ones like "Christmas with the Kranks." I was surprised at how funny this actually was, It had the perfect combination of adult humor and child humor which made it enjoyable for me. To those who feel that this film sucks, don't watch it to seriously. Its just supposed to be fun, so enjoy it. I'd recommend this film to almost any one, although it looks stupid its a fun and enjoyable watch. All in all I give Unaccompanied Minors a 4/5 or a 8/10 for IMDb's Sake. This is worth checking out.
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Silly Christmas diversion
Gregory Eichelberger5 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Hey, I've seen this film before – it's called "The Breakfast Club." No, wait, that film was actually clever and funny. This rehash of every kid-left-alone movie has incredibly cute children, but very little laughs - and even with a schmaltzy ending - very little heart.

Five kids from different parts of the country, normal kid Spencer (Dyllan Christopher), weakling Charlie (Tyler James'Williams), fat boy Timothy (Brett Kelly), spoiled princess Grace (Gina Mantenga) and tomboy Grace (Quinn Shephard), find themselves together at a Chicago airport.

Put together in a dungeon-like basement for kids traveling without parents, they soon escape and make an effort to find Spencer's little sister, Katherine (Dominique Saldana).

This takes place as grumpy security manager (comedian Lewis Black) and his three idiot guards (former Kids in the Hall players Kevin McDonald, Bruce McCulloch and Mark McKinney) pursue the indifferent and resourceful moppets.

At least Black, whose acerbic tirades on "The Daily Show" can be hilarious; and his well-received books and stand-up specials draw much attention, is funnier here than he was in "Man of the Year." All the while, we are treated to unfunny sequences featuring Spencer and Katherine's moronic, tree-hugging dad, whose vegetable oil-burning vehicle explodes while he is driving to pick them up. Luckily, a chainsaw-toting redneck cretin provides the guy with a new Hummer for the rest of the trip.

Still, this devolves into another "the kids are really smart while the adults are idiots who end up completely defeated and befuddled in the end" kind of movies. That was all right in "Home Alone" but it doesn't really work when you care nothing about any of these young characters.

A sappy conclusion, featuring a reformed Black and the arrival of a deadbeat father, along with everyone getting a new girl/boyfriend (except the fat kid, because we know fat people in Hollywood films do not deserve any sort of happiness), adds to the overall stupidity.

Saw several critics on the Internet Movie Data Base that actually gave 10 stars to this picture. Maybe "Unaccompanied Minors" is just as good as "From Here To Eternity," "On the Waterfront," "The Godfather," "The Grapes of Wrath," "Lawrence of Arabia," "West Side Story" and "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" to these people, but I'm afraid I'll just have to drop the bar a star or two.
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Not a bad movie at all!
Gary Dudenko12 August 2007
I saw this movie, and I really liked it a lot. It wasn't only funny, but it was entertaining. Maybe for like 40 year-olds it may seem like a waste of time, but kids under the age of 12 will probably love this movie. I'm not really a family movie fan, (some of my favorite movies are Rob Zombie's "The Devil's Rejects", Cannibal Holocaust, Alpha Dog, Sin City...etc.) but this movie I liked so much that right after watching it, I saw it again. That's how much I liked it. It made me look at airports in a whole different way! It's a great movie to watch with the family, or with some friends, but it may not seen so great if you watch it alone, it is about Christmas, and no one should be alone on Christmas. I liked it not for the hilarious comedy, but for the storyline, it was great overall, any way you look at it.

I strongly recommend people see it, especially on Christmas.
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great movie
expe6717 December 2011
i just saw this movie.and as Christmas is one week ahead ,this movie made me glad and had all the good feelings together with clever stylish adventure and kids being intelligent.made me want to be in their group.no one is really bad in this movie,it did not have any "bad" characters or scenes unlike some other family movies.it was a very warm and entertaining movie.the acting was pretty good.the rhythm was proper ,not very fast ,but neither boring,keeping you happy and curious.it makes you see an airport through a child's eyes.i did not see much difference between this movie and the mega-classic home alone,except the star quality of macaulay culkin.but guess what.these kids are very likable without really trying to be,which is a great approach.all together i recommend this movie especially during the Christmas period for everyone young or old who can still feel like a little kid trying to have fun.
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Fun Family Film
Christmas-Reviewer13 September 2017

In this holiday comedy, five kids have just been snowed in at a Midwest airport on Christmas Eve -- and there isn't a parent in sight! Now, Unaccompanied Minors Spencer (Dyllan Christopher), rich- girl Grace (Gina Mantegna), tomboy Donna (Quinn Shephard), geek boy Charlie (Tyler James Williams) and bashful Beef (Brett Kelly) must try to outwit a disgruntled airport official (Lewis Black--"The Daily Show") in a last-ditch effort to reunite with their families. With the help of a reluctant flight attendant (Wilmer Valderrama-- "That '70s Show"), these kids are out to prove that holidays are not about where you are, but who you're with.

Now this film runs 90 minutes and its never boring. Very far fetched at times but it also has some very funny scenes. Not a great movie but not a bad movie.

If your looking something with a 1970's "Disney" vibe then watch this.
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Bad script + bad acting= One Bad Film!
golfnut80113 December 2006
I was excited to see this film, seeing it was filmed in Utah. To me watching for places I was familiar with was more interesting than the film itself. The only laugh from me was the Kids In the Hall Cameo playing musical chairs…that sadly was my only laugh. Oh and there was one fairly funny site gag. The kids that were in front of me was so bored they left early in the film.

Saying that, this film is super bad, awful and very disappointing. This film is a huge waste of some really funny actors. The script is horrible; the kids are annoying and really not believable. Lewis Black is one of the funniest people alive and does not have a single funny moment in the film. Simply put, see something else.
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My kids liked it
mysterylover359130 December 2006
I gave this movie a 5, which is a compromise. There were a few smiles in it, but mostly not such a great plot - but my kids, 11 and 14, enjoyed it, the 11 year old the most. If I were making the decision for myself alone, I wouldn't watch it until it came on TV, but it was worth it for a couple hours of enjoyment for the kids. The acting by the child actors was surprisingly good; it was the story that was not well-developed. I guess I should have realized that it wasn't that great when I discovered that it was located in the smallest theater in the multiplex! Overall, I'm sorry I spent over $17.00 to get us all in, but somewhat mollified by the fact that my daughter laughed out loud, repeatedly.
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