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Miami Herald
A film that's funny and entertaining for kids and adults.
Crashes the slapstick of "Home Alone" into the youthful angst of "The Breakfast Club."
There isn't an original moment in the mix, but it's not as crass or vulgar as much of what passes for "family friendly" entertainment, and it keeps the precocious pop-culture references to a blessed minimum.
Entertainment Weekly
Feig does wring out a few fleeting fun/heartfelt moments from the minors, and the movie's Christmas treacle is smoother than "Santa Clause 3's." But anyone old enough to go see this without a parent or guardian will have seen it all before.
Philadelphia Inquirer
A noisy, not particularly charming collection of skits and skirmishes.
The Hollywood Reporter
A little charm and inventiveness would have gone a long way to tone down some of the picture's more obnoxious impulses.
New York Daily News
A Christmas headache looking for an audience.
Chicago Tribune
If the writers had the guts (and the jokes) to fashion a bittersweet comedy with a fully earned happy ending, Unaccompanied Minors probably wouldn't have been made. As is, it's a prefab slapstick-'n'-pathos stew that doesn't taste like anything.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Why bother suffering through 90 minutes of bad company for a few moments of holiday cheer? Especially when you can still stay home alone and watch "A Charlie Brown Christmas" somewhere on TV.
A half-baked script by Jacob Meszaros and Mya Stark admittedly gives Feig little to work with. But his young cast is capable of a lot more than is required of them in this so-called comedy.
New York Post
89 minutes go by like 89 hours. Not just 89 regular hours either: 89 hours of being stuck in an airport. During a blizzard. While Lewis Black sleeps drooling on your shoulder.

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