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Samuel L. Jackson likely to co-star with Brie Larson in Captain Marvel

Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been entirely absent of Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury thus far, but it looks like the latter of half of Marvel’s upcoming slate of films will feature the eye-patch-wearing former S.H.I.E.L.D. director more prominently, especially if a new report is to be trusted.

While Jackson has already signed on to make his McU return with next year’s superhero extravaganza Avengers: Infinity War and will likely pop up in the untitled Avengers film set to follow it, months ago the actor teased that Fury might have a role in Marvel’s first solo female-led film, Captain Marvel. Now, Christopher Marc of Omega Underground has revealed on Twitter that Jackson wasn’t lying, as it looks like he will be co-starring alongside Brie Larson’s titular superhero in the 2019 film.

Marc did clarify that the casting news isn’t official,
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Dane Cook Takes Lead Voice Role In Disney’s Planes

Disney announced today that comedian Dane Cook will voice the lead character Dusty, ‘a plane with high hopes,’ in their animated Cars spin-off Planes. Jon Cryer (Two and a Half Men) originally had the lead voice role in the developing stages, but is reportedly replaced by Cook (Good Luck Chuck). Cook is best known for his distinctive style of edgy comedy with a casual attitude, but previously also did voice work in Farce of the Penguins, Mr. 3000, and an episode of the TV series, Duck Dodgers. Head honcho John Lasseter joined the new animated film as a producer. Directed by Disneytoon Studios vet Klay...
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Dane Cook to Provide the Lead Voice in Disney’s Cars Spin-Off, Planes

Disney has announced that Dane Cook will voice the lead character "Dusty" in the upcoming Cars spin-off, Planes. Dusty dreams of being a racer, but because he's not built for it, he turns to a seasoned naval aviator to help him take on the defending champ of the racing circuit. Cook previously did voice work in Farce of the Penguins, Mr. 3000, and an episode of the TV series, Duck Dodgers. Cook had a pretty crummy run of feature films in the mid-2000s, but he did a treat turn in the little-seen Detention ("I make 40 'G's' a year plus dental. You may not have a Skittle."), and he probably endeared himself to some folks for his guest spot on Louie. Hit the jump to check out the press release. Planes opens in 3D on August 9th. Here's the press release: Dane Cook Tapped To Voice Dusty In “Disney’S Planes
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Showtime Developing Comedy from Sarah Silverman, 'Arrested Development' Writer (Exclusive)

Showtime Developing Comedy from Sarah Silverman, 'Arrested Development' Writer (Exclusive)
Showtime is developing Slamdance Film Festival winner Punching the Clown for the small screen. The comedy from writer-director Gregori Viens had focused on comic singer-songwriter Henry Phillips, whose dumb-luck rise to Hollywood fame and fortune quickly goes bust. In the TV iteration, Phillips will be living with his struggling-actor brother and dealing with various romantic entanglements. Photos: The Hollywood Reporter Celebrates 'The Mindy Project' Viens, Phillips and Arrested Development's Chuck Martin will serve as writers and executive producers on the project, with comedian Sarah Silverman and David Permut (Face/Off, Farce of the Penguins) attached as EPs.

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Exclusive: Meerkat Manor Coming to The Big Screen! As a Cartoon? | Hakuna Whatdafucka?

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An unnamed source -- I know people, motherfuckers -- has said that Warner Brothers and Weed Road Pictures is planning on adapting the British nature documentary "Meerkat Manor" to the big screen under the production helmage of my new archnemesis, Akiva Goldsman.

However, they're planning on turning it into an animated feature. The logline: "A Pixar version of West Side Story meets The Sopranos."

So apparently, it's going to be four hours long, with awesome stuff happening the first hour, nothing of real note for the last three, and the finale is going to piss people off. Oh, and a meerkat's gonna get poisoned. And then, there's gonna be lots of meerkats dancing to the sultry tones of Ke$ha.

"Meerkat Manor" is basically footage of meerkats with overdubbing by actors. So this sounds like it's going to be one giant version of that Farce of the Penguins piece of
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"March Of The Penguins" DVD Set Includes New Documentary

The "March of the Penguins" Limited Edition gift set is currently available on DVD.

The 2005 documentary by French filmmaker Luc Jacquet comes in a specially contained package from Warner Home Video. Besides the Oscar-winning documentary, the set includes the new, accompanying feature "On the Wings of a Penguin," in addition to a plush penguin and collectible postcards featuring the flightless Antarctic birds.

The film captures the life cycle of a group of emperor penguins as they mate, give birth and start their lives together. With narration by renowned actor Morgan Freeman, "March of the Penguins" keeps audiences on their toes by showing both the light-hearted and dangerous moments in the lives of penguins, as they struggle to keep their eggs warm and brave the predatory waters in the search for food.

The response to the movie led to it grossing more than million in theaters, making it the second most financially successful documentary ever made,
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