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6 Apr. 2006
Watanuki, who has been haunted by dark spirits his entire life, meets Yuko, a mystical woman of insight and luxury, quick to help those in a bind... For a fee!
13 Apr. 2006
The reality of the deal between Yuko and Watanuki is settling in, the young man slaving over a hot stove in exchange for freedom from his haunting visions. Nobody said it was going to be easy!
20 Apr. 2006
The tasks given Watanuki are being pulled from an ever expanding queue, and this night brings something rather more intense than refilling a sake glass.
27 Apr. 2006
Yuko senses the yearning in Watanuki's heart, her servant smitten with a young girl from school. Now the witch will test the bounds of his love, seeking an audience with a fortune teller.
4 May 2006
Word-Chain Game
Following his nose, Watanuki meets some magical furry friends of Yuko's, their culinary offerings legendary. While the food is good, their lessons and insight are invaluable...
11 May 2006
One of Yuko's friends from the net pops up, the woman so hooked on the virtual world as to neglect the realm of flesh and blood. And Yuko will test the web addict's will with the simplest advice of all.
18 May 2006
It's the rainy season and she who controls the precipitation is looking for Watanuki. An Ame-warashi, a creature with a higher existence than a demon, tasks the haunted helper with a mission...
25 May 2006
Yuko is cleaning out her vaults. And the strange monkey paw which a young graduate student finds among Yuko's dusty archives will strangle logic with its ancient grasp.
1 Jun. 2006
The summer days are sweltering, and soul mates are seeking happiness under the blistering sun. One young woman lives among many suitors, with each man none the wiser.
8 Jun. 2006
The beating of summer days continue and Yuko and her entourage seek relief in the not so subtle chill of ghost stories.
15 Jun. 2006
When a mysterious girl at the park expresses her affections in front of Watanuki and Domeki, one of the guys will be left speechless... And lifeless!
22 Jun. 2006
Summer Shadow
Yuko takes her crew to a lovely beach house for a respite from the heat, and while Watanuki dreams of seeing Himawari in her bathing suit, something creepy is scratching at his slumber.
29 Jun. 2006
Watanuki encounters a withdrawn girl, talented in the arts, but with increasing frequency she is laying aside her pencil to ball up her fist.
6 Jul. 2006
So strange to be a twin; surface similarities hide separate souls and separate hopes. The connection between hearts is buoyed on waves and Watanuki sees firsthand the swells and crashing between two sisters...
13 Jul. 2006
Twin sisters struggle to stand out, and the blood they share will continue to flow freely unless they can tame their twisted talk.
10 Aug. 2006
The snow is deep and the still white winter has settled over Yuko's curious shop of desires and dreams. Within a box from the witch's archives, every hope and wish waits to spring forth.
31 Aug. 2006
A snapshot can be considered truth; a moment captured, unchanged by the impression of an artist. In Watanuki's world, however, even the plain facts are given to interpretation by the spirits.
7 Sep. 2006
Watanuki is on a rare paid vacation while Yuko is away on business. He will have plenty of time to get to the bottom of any tale that he chooses.
14 Sep. 2006
Watanuki may be surrounded by the unseen, but to look into soft eyes after years of loneliness may be his greatest wish of all. He spends time with a forlorn woman with whom he shares a certain misery.
21 Sep. 2006
Who among the sorest souls would not trade pain for pain if a light could finally exist at the end of the loneliest tunnel? Watanuki may have spent the recent past inviting the afflicted into his world, but now his own agony must be dealt with.
28 Sep. 2006
Watanuki's is a tale of survival, of independence with no other option. The earliest memories of an odd young boy are peppered with visions of the unthinkable, a lonesome lad never alone when apart.

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