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End of Western Civilization as we know it
ddn3218 April 2007
I had the misfortune of having only one English language channel at my Croatian hotel. It was either another game of rummy with my wife or a reality show I hadn't seen before. Flavor of Love is a cynical, contrived and utterly useless show. Anyone with half a brain (obviously not their target audience) can see that the scenarios are faked, scripted and unreal. One show has a contestant serving Flavor Flav a raw chicken with vegetables stuffed out of its orifices and feigning innocence and ignorance. This show is an insult to Americans and women. I watched this on MTV Europe as were millions of other Europeans. The message we received was that Americans are insincere, vulgar, materialistic and phony among other things. Where is the pride of the contestants ? They made American women look shallow and willing to do anything in the pursuit of celebrity. Seemingly, their ten seconds of fame is worth the indignity of parading around like gold digging sluts.
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A synopsis: 20 strippers and hoes hump the crap out of flav and he chooses one
hockeyguy55_111 August 2006
Flavor of Love is a show starring Public Enemy's most recognizable member, Flavor Flav, as he try's to find a girl that he can settle down with and have a relationship. But it's pretty obvious to anyone who has seen the show, that it is really about 20 women or so, who jump on flav like he's the sexiest thing on earth and make love to him. All the drama on this show is funny, but you have to question if most of the girls are just in it for the attention. If your looking for an award winning show with excellent plot lines and amazing breakthroughs...turn the channel because you aren't going to find that here. If your looking for a show where someone will spit in a girls face, or even take a dump on the floor, this show is for you. Through and through it is still a very entertaining show, and I recommend it to anyone who just wants to see something funny on television.
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The Flavor of Love was really cool!
ultrajoker695 August 2006
The show was funny with a few moments of real excitement, some pretty hot girls, and one of the most original guys I've ever seen on TV. Although the show was about a rapper it didn't go to far with the rap (I mean it didn't try to shove the rap down our throats) Although the show contained an interracial cast it didn't go overboard trying make some statement about race. For me it was comparable to The Osbournes meet the dating game. An aging Rock star thats obviously done his fair share of drugs looking for Mrs. Right or even Mrs. tonight. Surprisingly some of the plot was really eye opening, like who wouldve figured that the day would come when a houseful of somewhat intelligent women couldn't fry a chicken between them. I mean what simple housewife from the Bradys to the 80's couldn't fry chicken? The part that to me that was overlooked but that spoke volumes was when they got set up to baby sit the kids at the park. Besides Hoops every single 1 of them went in those ridiculous high heels (a stripper could barely walk in) with there breast hanging out or pressed up "till they were popping out the tops of they're turtlenecks" and skirts so short or revealing they wouldve made a sailor blush. They were led to believe they were going to meet some of Flavs friends...Hoops went in a nice normal T-shirt, I think she had a skirt on to but out of all the rest it seemed like she was the only one who had just got dressed and got in the car. The rest of them looked and felt very uncomfortable around the kids. I know thats the way a lot of decent women are dressing and have been dressing since the Flappers way back in the roaring 20's and probably even before then but to me its kinda like the joke Dave Chappelle said "you might not be a prostitute but your wearing a prostitutes uniform."

The show was good and did a darn good job of pointing out in a fun way a lot of stuff thats going on that we don't normally talk about or even consciously take notice of. The shows about Flav and how hes looking for someone thatll really love him as he is and that has what hes looking for in a woman. I think that someone is New York; without all the drama (which I do enjoy) its pretty obvious. Although that being said I think Red Oyster or Hoops are both right up there. Though neither show the passion or interest in Flav that New York does. Sometimes watching the show I wonder how different is Flavs situation from Donald Trumps or half of Hollywood's for that matter or even yours or mine? Whos 100% sincere 100% of the time? I think everybody has some angle or reason they show interest in you. If a woman likes a guys car and laughs at his stupid jokes and eventually ends up getting with said guy is that so wrong? If I like a girl strictly because shes a good cook and I never tell her that or your with somebody only because they're a fireman or a doctor or they know a lot about movies or they're a great dancer or they're a great poker player... I don't think its the end of the world. I bet some really good relationships began with a lot less. Anyways if you get a chance watch the show dang it, its pretty good.
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Everyone in this world deserves love...
lambiepie-29 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Let me start off by writing that this show's concept of one of the most not very handsome people who's made some money in hip-hop/rap/social conscious music today and having him look for a love which is based on his good inner soul and not his millions ...is a great idea.

But this show flushes all of that down the toilet.

In a time when reality shows are "the thing" and most everyone is cute and pretty on these dating shows, it is refreshing to see a show where someone who isn't cute or pretty...but has a lot of money is looking for someone to love. This guy isn't looking for someone to love, he's looking for the next trampy, highly obnoxious, limited educated, utterly stereotypical 'street trash' this show can put together on a weekly basis.

Now, some find that entertaining, because its not as lily white and pristine as, let's say, "The Bachelor" or "The Bachlorette" but did they have to go ALL the way to the other side of the spectrum and drag out the alley cats??!? And instead of a rose...give them a big old clock to hang around their neck? (I know it's Flava-Flav's brand but they might as well give them a spinning hubcap!!!!)

Sorry, this show is more than a sin and a shame to me.

Again, I MUST question the powers over at the MTV Networks. Do they deliberately want to show that hip-hop/rap artists are sex-starved, Ebonics speaking, party all day and night, any female will do butt chasers? And African American women as big booty-shaking behind, non-bra'ed big breasted, pot gut, 3 sizes too short dressed, gaped/gold toothed, big hooped earring-ed, loud-arsed lazy, sex-starved, money hungry, two-timing, back-biting shrills? Because that is all I see. I know African American hip-hop music artists that have MBA's (Yes, there are a few) are wanting to throw up looking at this mess. But a well-educated African American hip-hop artist is not what is entertaining to show to the world or to advertisers, is it VH-1?

My goodness, don't ANY of these women have respect for themselves and/or others? I think the network deliberately LOOKS for women who are the loudest, most obnoxious, disgusting, ill-mannered and doesn't give a ditty WHO they sleep with as long as there is money involved. The women casted seemed to have been on a street corner only days before and was lured to this show with a promise of a roof over their head, a pool and a chance to'win' dates on TV, in front of hundreds of thousands of viewers with a 'big' star - Flava-Flav.

FOX Network kinda went the "beauty pageant" way with "Who wants to marry a millionaire" and come to find out the man was worth two nickles. This "Flavor of Love" is all about the money and the idea of women degrading themselves for the opportunity to be with a not so hot looking music star.

The argument will come in that, "these women know what they're getting into". This is true because after watching this, no woman with any self respect would degrade herself this way. Not under the guise of entertainment.

And Flava-Flav? What kind of a man is HE to allow himself to be paraded around like this week after week for entertainment? He too must be out of his mind to think he will actually find "love" among this bunch. Maybe the 'love' of paying doctor bills because just looking at these women through the TV makes me want to get preventative disease shots.

The people involved in this show should all have their heads examined. This is a travesty, it's a horrible view towards hip-hop, towards unsightly men in the music industry who ARE looking for real love, and degrading to women - ALL women.

MTV/VH-1 Networks are beginning to scare me. With entertainment fair like this to push onto a young demographic for alleged chuckles, I can just imagine what their next slate of shows will be like: Lassie finds a new owner via DIO and goes on a 30 city tour...or 6 Ex-Drug addict musicians are put together in a house for 30 days where they are told one kilo of cocaine is hidden and at the end after they all messed over each other to get it, it's actually baby powder...or several single surprisingly still-living 1960's/1970's era rock musicians get to vie for their own mail order bride from overseas...or Bishop Don Juan has a beauty-type contest where the winner will accompany him to the next 'Player's Ball'and get the chance to perform in front of that audience ... entertaining? Heck no! Yes, horrible, but so are these shows.

Sure, for low-brow entertainment and advertising revenue sake, get passé ugly musicians and help them find dates....but there's no need to go to the trash for it. Young minds are looking. MTV influenced a whole generation - now THIS generation you want to make their minds mush. Everything MTV was seemingly against. Now, they are the establishment.

So again I say, Shame on you for a network that used to be ahead of its time.
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Flavor of love: It's all about the ratings!
AineOHara26 October 2006
Flavor of love is a type of show that makes one want to turn away only to peek at what is going on. Flavor of love is shamelessly entertaining and a guilty pleasure.

The premise is similar to the bachelor, though in this case it is in a jerry springer-like laughable atmosphere at full pelt. Where women are throwing punches, insults, tearing out weaves and using awful vocabulary that would make English teachers everywhere cringe.

In the eye of this hurricane is oddball, eccentric, clock wearing fossil "rapper" Flava Flav out to find a 'paramour' to add to the notches on his bed post with a tribe of raunchy, meretricious women from the section-8 housing projects and the holly-wood and vine corner vying for the flava flav's swarthy affection.

Just like with all reality shows (despite Flav's protests) FoL is fabricated and it is just for "T.V".
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I thought the Flavor of Love was a really cool show.
coldcrushd1 August 2006
It was entertaining, hip, funny & at times even exciting. Even while the tempers were flaring it was still a fun show. When some of the girls were disingenuous Flav proved 1 monkey don't stop the show. It was reminiscent of simpler times when everything on TV wasn't so strictly formulated & shows like Love Connection were a hit (& the couples young or old dint always hit it off). Flavor is a Hip-Hop icon, & even if you didn't grow up on his music, hes still 1 of the coolest guys thats ever been on VH1. If you never heard Flav back in 1986 or 87, or you weren't around yet, or (worst case scenario) basically were still listening to Debbie Gibson or New kids On The Block... Listening to his songs now like "911 Is A Joke" "Fight the Power" or "Cold Lampin With Flavor" would barely begin to even give you a little insight into how fresh he was, but you'll never really know or understand how hot or dope lines like "Flavor Flav, the flav of all flavors, onion & garlic, french fried potatos" really were back in the day. (Hoping I can still quote that right without having to Google it or break out the cassette tapes.) At a time when White people or Caucasians,from Friday Night Videos(the big video show on Network TV) to MTV wouldn't even play Rap or Black music. At a time when Michael Jackson had to break all of the Beatles & Elvis old record sales records; to earn the right to be the first Black even allowed on MTV (& MTV/vh1 were cable channels that back then even a lot of the MIDDLE-CLASS Blacks, & Mexicans & Filipinos etc didn't have.) Lyrics actually mattered back then, Hip-Hop was still an art form young Black males exclusively used to communicate exclusively with other Black males around the country. Before Eminem, and 8 Mile, million dollar videos, Cristal, & hip-hop-hos, or whatever derogatory stigmatism they want to attach to Hip-Hop or "CALL" Hip-Hop. Flavor Flav was writing stuff that was blowing our minds, educating & empowering a whole generation. (I can remember the Africa medallions he had everybody rocking; & running to Walden Books or the library after school to actually learn about Black/Pan-African culture. Cause it was cool, & that was HIP-HOP.) From 50 Cents to Nelly to Will Smith to Queen Latifah to Spike Lee anybody that was there would agree Flav was our Bill O Riley, our Red Hot Chili Peppers, our Beatles, our Bono, all rolled into 1.

Just for the record. Back then being a female in Hip-Hop was respectable & the B-Girls/ladys got they're respect, (without shaking what they're Momma gave them or backing anything up, although they did have they're sexier dances they were usually just more feminine versions of the same dances the guys were doing.) From Mc Lyte, to Roxanne Shante, Monie Love, Lady Antoinette, Yo-Yo & IBWC to Conscious Daughters or Isis etc. The girls back then would be pretty or even sexy but they were completely covered up in clothes almost just like dudes, but flyer. & any guy that wanted to be with them was in for a tough time...they were real Hip-Hop & that meant they were smart/quick witted & that if you wanted a chance with them you had to "chase them" or "sweat them" (no matter how rich or how POOR they were) almost how Desi had to respect & romance Lucille Ball; or how the Emily Post book of etiquette wouldve written the rules of courtship. They weren't hoochies groupies or materialistic designer wearing air heads. Times have changed & the teens now & people that don't understand Hip-Hop or that jut got into it the last few 6 or 7 years think that Lil Kim & the like define what a woman in Hip-Hop should be. They don't get that no matter how cool she seems or how big her personality is shes just herself & she doesn't represent what a woman in Hip-HOP is, should be, or has been. (Although I do like Lil Kim, Trina, & the like) I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for my B-Girls, smarter than your average university coed, sharper in her world politics & history than your local anchor woman, yet cooler than your average rapper... I wish that Flav had a B-girl on the show like Erykah Badu or Missy Elliot. Thats who the worlds illest B-Boy really needs.

Now that being said I think some people are taking Reality TV too serious, its just a TV show. & as with anybody else on TV from the witness of a car accident to your local weatherman. Who isn't on TV ultimately to get something out of it? (Even if its just to get they're point across.) People keep naming all of these other places they've seen Flavs contestants on before, but basically who cares? If they tried to get on the WWE who cares,if they were on Next oh well,if they're not virgins lol so what... I wouldn't care if my local weatherman had been on Seinfield or even that the Governor of Minnesota had been on the WWF... Arnold Schwarzenegger the Governor of California was on the Dating Game trying to get famous before he was famous! I mean Flav was right in trying to get rid of the girls who were ONLY on the show to advance they're careers & really weren't interested in him. But just as a fan of the show what difference would any of this make to me? To me that's REAL REALITY TV right there.This whole debacle only made the show that much realer to me. I myself liked Red Oyster & was hoping she would win although I have to admit Pumpkin was probably the hottest.
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This is truly the worst show I have ever seen.
omtara17 April 2006
Flavor Flav is one of the most unattractive men in the universe. To see all those beautiful women fawning over him and pretending to be interested in him made my stomach turn. It might have been interesting if there was any sense that it just might be real, but it is obvious that no woman like that would be interested in him, even if he is rich and talented. Also, if he was really looking for someone to love him, this would be the worst possible way to do it. He may be ugly, but Flav is not stupid, and it was obvious that he didn't take any of it seriously the whole time. The whole thing is idiotic beyond belief, and anyone who watches this for any other reason than to see just how stupid and fake TV can get should be ashamed of themselves.
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The show is fake
angelreine736019 February 2006
On this same website there is a list of the girls that played in this show, if you click on each girls name it shows all the other shows or movies that she has played in. Also there is a Writer for the show, if it was reality then why would they need a writer. I have seen a lot of these girls on previous shows myself. I also think that Flav is broke. He was broke when he done the show with Bridget last year, should we think he all of a sudden got all of his money back. I believe that there are a few girls on the show that are there believing that this is a REAL competition, and at the end when that one clueless girl wins, Flav is going to tell her that he is broke. When Bridget came to the house, she asked all the girls who would live with Flav in a camper. Maybe a camper is all he really has. Maybe this is the twist to this story.
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sifting through the fakes and phonies for a deserving winner?
blacklotus21729 January 2006
I think this show just proves once again, VH1 is destined to do whatever they can to make rap music look bad, especially for white people (who are their main audience). Usually, a show like "the bachelor" which this is, is centered around a guy who is rich, or good-looking, or famous in recent memory. Though I got the utmost respect for Public Enemy, Flavor Flav is none of the above that I can think of, and isn't one of the first guys anyone thinks of for being the guy on this kind of show that a bunch of women want to get with. (^u^)

On the other hand, it looks like all the contestants on the show are either people already in the entertainment industry who are just doing the show for exposure, and all the rest are hookers & strippers.

What I can say so far of what I notice pretty clearly:

-Though Smiley is one of the best-looking women on the show (at least from the waist-up anyway), you already know she isn't serious about even winning this event to really be involved with Flav. Remember the episode when they were all in the car about to go play with the kids in the park? When Flav said he wants 4 more kids before he dies, her face just CHANGED into a state of shock! She did NOT want to be there after he said that, and it was funny as hell! That added with the fact she is a personality on WWE or whatever it is, you already know she wouldn't be trying to really be with Flav even if she won. She's just wasting the show's time by being there. If Flav does all this for this show, he should at least end up with a girl who would actually be his woman and want what he wants.

-Looking at the end of the episode when that one chick made that nasty-ass chicken, I looked at how Flav greeted the women he kept. When he gave Red Oyster her clock, they hugged and he was slappin and grabbin on that booty. Makes me wonder if she's screwing him behind closed doors away from the camera in those private meetings when she's telling him secrets about everyone else on the show - from the way they greeted each other, it looks obviously like that's what's been going on and could be a reason why they seem closer than some of the others. (I still like how she dissed hottie about "don't make it about you bitch" even though it was bold as hell to do that - hahaha!, then again, hottie isn't the type to fight back so i guess..)

-New York is unstable and crazy. she is probably one of the serious people on the show about being with him for real, but too insane to make the investment being with. like is said before, 2 types of people on this show: people in entertainment just trying to get exposure, and hookers & strippers. guess which one she probably is? (haha) she's probably screwing him behind closed doors too which is why she made it so far on the show.

When it's all said and done, it would be cool if Goldie ended up winning the whole thing. She's the only girl that appears to be normal, and not an entertainer or a professional hoe.

(Hoopz is probably the other that is normal like Goldie is, but she really should raise her standards and get off the show, cause I don't believe her wasting herself on Flavor Flav. He's more into the dirty whores, which is why he kept Hottie with the big jugs after she made that nasty chicken but eliminated the other girl who was being for real)
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Addictively trashy
thegreenvortex7 February 2006
This dating show seems to have accepted all the girls that were rejected from The Bachelor for being too trashy or just not that hot. It's amazing to think that they could find 12 women willing to pretend to be romantically interested in Flavor Flav, but here it is. It's a blast to watch because these women are just plain wacko, especially New York and Hottie.

Red Orchid seems to be a plant from the producers. Judging by her MySpace page she's pretty much a professional reality show contestant.

Hoopz is the only girl who seems not to be crazy. But then, what is she doing on this show?

Try to catch the marathon, because once you start watching you'll want to see how it ends.
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Loved The show!!!
danyellesings21 March 2006
This show is based on Flava Flav's search for his true love. He starts with a stable of women, and eliminates a woman weekly to ultimately choose the woman of his dreams. Flav insists that he's looking for a woman that is 'Real' and will love him for him. The women are eliminated for a multitude of reasons ranging from their pasts on other reality shows to them being still in love with an ex. Flav is determined to find the woman of his dreams, and will not be fooled by gold diggers or fakes! The show's theme outside of flav revolves around the women arguing and bickering in the house with one another about which one is honestly best for Flav. All of the girls feel that they are Flav's best choice, but Flav feels otherwise!
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Quite possibly the best reality television show ever made
athene92513 August 2006
This show is "The Bachelor" pimped out with gold teeth, Fifth Wheel losers, strippers, aspiring actors and internet pornography amateurs. This particular Bachelor is an old, washed up, insane individual who likes fried chicken and inventing words that would make an English professor cringe.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the greatest reality television show ever made.

There have been some discrepancies over how genuine this show is, and my answer to that debate is: who cares!? It's amazing. The cast is (as an understatement) colorful and the protagonist offers commentary that cannot be missed. The show seems more geared to having the women spit profanities (amongst other things) and throw punches than to find Flava Flav a soulmate.

If you're an intellectual accidentally stumbling across VH1 at 10 PM on a Sunday evening, you'll enjoy it for irony's sake. If you're like the rest of us, however, large women defecating on floors or dinners consisting of microwave-nuked still-raw chicken will appeal immensely.

Emily's Rating: 10 out of 10. Flava flav!
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He Watch Channel Zero
labmonkey7622 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
"Yo, baby, can't you see that's nonsense you're watching? Look, don't nobody look like that, nobody even look like that! You know what I'm saying? You're watching garbage." --Public Enemy, She Watch Channel Zero

Obviously, when Flav stood under the shadow of Chuck D he knew what made good entertainment. Flavor of Love will entertain, but it isn't good. The best part of the show (when the women physically assault each other) is limited by the fact that Flav boots women who start physical fights. The worst part of the show is the season to season downfall of New York. More to come.

--Season 2 Spoiler--

Okay, I'm a lady and I hate New York just as much as her housemates do, but you have to feel sorry for her too. Between Seasons 1 and 2 she has progressed from being a bitch to being a totally psychotic bitch. She appears to have a new eating disorder as well. She was the correct final choice for Season 1, but she's entirely off her rocker in Season 2. One has to wonder, did she attempt to sue Flav for her therapy bills or something, or is it just scripted to seem this way? Her reappearance, reintroduction into the house, the behavior of her mother, and rumors of the upcoming Flavorette following her second elimination in the final round all suggest that someone made a settlement. This seems especially true when you stop to consider the condition of the girl. She's not okay and this is made clear time and time again. The cameras don't shy away from her insanity though, because it keeps the female audience watching and hating throughout.

At one point, Flav references his stay at Riker's Island, suggesting that one of the family members failed in her background research. Gangster, pimp, for sure. That stay was due to unpaid traffic fines. It's a well known fact that Flav was broke, broke as broke can be. This is why he's down now with reality TV. His solo albums have been turned down three times in a row (perhaps only two via Def Jam, unsure). As a rapper, he's only being treated like a prostitute. But Flav, for God's sake, have the women on that show take a psychological stability test of some sort. You'll save money in the long run.
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my girl hoopz turned out to be just as fake
vennessajones17 September 2006
the show is addictive. but i just want to comment on hoopz. everybody loves hoopz and goldie. i, personally had felt like they were the two that were the realest, coolest and down to earth. i was glad that hoopz got picked. but after the show, hoopz started getting all these offers for music videos and movies, so she suggested that her and flav go their separate ways and just be friends- which defeats the purpose of her being on his show. i thought hoopz was on there for flav, but it turned out that she was on there for exposure. he should have picked new york. i don't like new york, but she is genuine about her feelings for flav...and that's what he needs.
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Flavor Of Love - Season I Going Into Season II
cherishady25 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I have read many of the comments and I have a 50/50 opinion just as well. Yes,I agree the show is not that much of a reality show as most and many of the girls were already into acting. Also, I too tried out at the casting call for Season II and I have no acting experience whatsoever. However, I am a looker, but to no avail I didn't get any callbacks. Go figure!!! I don't agree with many of the comments on, "who would want to be with Flav?" I mean no, his pulchritude is not the best, but it is not of essence either. I mean there is somebody for everybody. I am sure many of us are not all that appealing, but do think there is someone sincere enough to be with us for how we can treat one and make them feel. As for last season's characters, that is exactly what they were characters. I don't believe the hype about the reality. I mean where were the real down to earth girls who never did any sort of acting or modeling? None the less, the show put out what they wanted to deliver and got great rewards in return....One million viewers and then some. All of us, no matter how much we can agree or disagree were stuck to that tube watching weekly! Don't hate, but congratulate.........I am sure you are staying tuned for next season.....
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Hoopz Wins
Sensationalpoet12 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Hmmmm...how do I feel about Hoopz winning? Well, that's good for her. She did get Flavs pick and hand in marriage. Interesting match up I must say. However, and I know a lotttt of people will disagree with me in saying this I wish NY had won. I mean NY and Flav just seemed to connect unlike Hoopz and He. However, the show was edited so perhaps we didn't receive the fullness of their moments together. Being noticed that, I guess that's a good thing for Hoopz so that she gets the privacy of the relationship w/out everyone seeing those extra private moments.I couldn't do the famous relationship thing because it's too open for me...who wants the whole world in their business, that's why I respect relationships like Jay-z and Beyonce and Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake--because they stay out the limelight and have a better success of a relationship. Just a theory people I could be wrong, but that's my view.

Congrats Hoopz or Nikki if you ever read the IMDb Postings. Best of Luck to you NY if you ever read the IMDb Postings. God Bless :0-)
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The single trashiest show on TV, hands down
nyy52620 August 2006
This honestly is the worst show I have ever seen on TV. Ever. And I watch a lot of TV. It basically deals with a bunch of trashy, low class and obscenely crass women competing for the "love" of washed up rapper Flava Flav. I hope most people watch it for its unintentional or even intentional comedic value, but even that is disgusting, as I wish it wouldn't even get those ratings. All the actions and everything else seems to be scripted out an stereotyped. They most likely consciously play into their stereotypes to make the show more interesting. Even the names are trashy. Hoopz? Come on, seriously. This is bad, even for VH1. I challenge anyone to not watch this show, even to laugh at it, so it can get put off the air and Flava Flav will lose his money again and be even more washed up. What a horrible show.
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Does Flavor Flav have HIV?
TheButcher6319 August 2006
I know Hoopz announced she tested positive for HIV, and she said she got it from a rapper but would not say who it was. Also, am I the only one who thinks the reason Flav and Hoopz aren't still together is because she found out he was poor? The mansion obviously isn't his since it never appeared in any reality show he had been in before. Not to mention the fact that he lived in a dive apartment in Brooklyn a year or two ago. I just find it ironic that a member of the most politically charged rap group in history would sell out to the extent he has. He is living in a mansion, in white suburbia, having his life filmed, while in a house with 24 girls, all who are either just looking to further their own pathetic careers, or are with him because they think the lifestyle he leads on the show is the lifestyle he leads when the cameras aren't around.

That being said the show is very entertaining.
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The Reality of Flavor of Love is that it's Fake.
lauralight-114 March 2006
I am not letting any cats out of the bag now that the show is over. I just felt I had to speak my peace on this travesty of a show. First of all I am not one to watch reality shows but my sister and brother in law asked me to turn to Flavor of Love because they found it hilarious. So I decide to give it a try. I couldn't believe women degrading themselves on national TV and really honestly saying they wanted to be with Flavor Flav or any man for that. When I turned and saw a few women that I had seen on other shows I wasn't sure how real this reality was. I know for sure that Smiley was on the WWE tryouts as a 2006 DIVA as Alexis. I also wondered how could Flavor Flav just pull a segment of Blind Date out of the air with Hottie (Shactar) on it. Coincidence, I think not? She is an actress as well. Also when Red Oyster received the phone call from her friend (her friend called her Sharon and her real name is Abigail).First of all how did she know that there was a message awaiting her? Also why would her friend leave such a distressing message and Red Oyster (Abigail)not immediately react? That was too obvious to be real. That was totally staged. Peaches (Kim) is an actress as well. Obviously not that great of an actress because she was gone after 3 episodes. So you had at least 4 actresses on the show. You had a nut case in (New York)Tiffany. The only ones I believe were real are Hoopz (Nikki) and Goldie. Goldie was right when she was in the hotel with Flavor Flav and thought him being on top of her was "Gross"! It's like having a part human, part animal, part mythical creature on top of you. I would be scared that I might catch Mad Cow Disease or an STD. How disgusting!!!! I must admit in spite of all the phoniness, the show did keep me laughing. There was that part of me that wanted Hoopz to win because she is a real woman and New York was brash, brazen, cocky, overconfident and just plain crazy. She was definitely kept around for the drama factor. Hoopz is diverse and she kept herself real through the entire show. The other part of me (the woman) was saying why would anyone as beautiful as Hoopz or any woman in her right mind would want to be with a man that looks like a walking gargoyle, snickering like a Hyena, acting like he's on crack (is he)? touching, rubbing, kissing and feeling on them? On his date with Hoopz and his mother at the soul food restaurant he ordered pork chops, ox tails, macaroni and cheese, collard greens, rice, yams and etc. They show him eating all the time and he's still as skinny as a "bottle of ketchup" New Yorks mother said the funniest and truest line in the whole show when they were at the tennis court. (He's such a BAFFOON). I laughed so hard I almost hurt myself. Hoopz doesn't have to worry about Flavor Flav though because she can whip his behind at any time. She pushed his head down and held him under water in one episode when he was in the pool with her and in the final episode when they were swimming in the ocean in Mexico she suplexed him and body slammed him. She may have to beat up her Mom though since she was hitting on Flavor Flav right in front of her in one episode as well. Her Mom is probably closer to his age than Hoopz is. Hoopz is a 23 year old beautiful down to earth woman and Flavor Flav is a flirty dirty 46 year old whatever he was and a has been. I knew the show was fake because even as crazy as Flavor Flav is he couldn't be crazy enough to be with someone like New York (Tiffany). Although she probably would have been best for him because they are both cracked or possibly on crack based on their actions and attitudes. I hope she was an actress because if she is really that psycho she needs to be institutionalized. But I see her as all bark and no bite. She can curse great but she can't back it up. I'm with Hoopz. If Pumkin would have spit on me they would have picking she and her teeth up. Forget not getting a clock from Flav. Tick Tock I would have knocked off her block then hit her upside her head with the clock. Oh I wax so eloquently. New York (Tiffany) will go down in television history as the crazy psychotic woman, getting spit on (and I mean SPIT ON) by Pumkin, having sex and still getting kick out at the end. How embarrassing. I hope they paid her a lot of money to restore her dignity. The majority of the actresses on the show were terrible with the exception of Smiley(Alexis). She had the drama down pat with the whole Ex-Husband and the tears and the screaming "IF HE ASK ME TO STAY,I WILL, BECAUSE I WANT TO STAY! Give that girl an Emmy! Hoopz if you really are real and you want to be with William Drayton(Flavor Flav) may the good Lord be with you. I just think you are too hot of a MaMa to deal with the Drama, And way to smart, to deal with that OLD FART! Oh yes Hoopz, lose the gold teeth. Your smile is too pretty to be covered in those golden travesties. As Flavor Flav would say. Yo G! For Real, For Real!!!Yea Boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I'm Out! Oh, He's such a BAFFOON. Gotta Go.....I can't stop laughing.
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New Season of Flavor of Love
christinalouiseshort8 August 2006
I could not believe my eyes and ears when the woman used the bathroom on Flav's marble floor. If I were her I would never appear on TV again in my life. She sure does have a lot of nerve if she continues on the show I would be so embarrassed that I would never show my face again. She must didn't have on any drawers? That was the most funniest, disgusting show I have ever seen, except for the time Pumpkin spit on New York. Yes, I thought that NY was a little crazy but one thing about her is she did very much care for Flav. Also, that woman who beat up the white girl she was definitely a piece of work. She was praying to Jesus, but I think she was really a devil worshiper.
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100% garbage
asherjdoak1 November 2006
The first time I saw the promos for this show, I swear I thought I was gonna have a coronary and die on the spot! I could not believe that all these gorgeous women were going crazy over somebody as hideous-looking as Flavor Flav! I mean, the guy has perhaps the ugliest-looking face since Rodney Dangerfield, he talks like his mouth is always filled with marbles, and he still wears that God-awful over-sized clock. If I was a woman (that's a huge "if", by the way), I wouldn't be caught dead on this abomination of a show. This is just one more reason why nobody with an IQ higher than 90 watches VH-1 anymore. Oh, well, there's always "Celebrity Fit Club" and "Breaking Bonaduce".
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tough to call
eeax21 January 2006
They are showing the whole first episode of this on the vh1 TV website Vspot at VH1.com. I liked it because it is like the bachelor but with Flavor Flav. In truth he isn't as nuts as he was probably because he is clean from doing crack. I think his charm will shine thru and that will be the real reward for whatever chick gets with him and also for the viewers. I personally hope he is smart and doesn't just choose some broad who is SOLELY in it for the money. On the other hand its kinda demeaning for the chicks but I guess thats how dating is anyway, there's always a level of either a) giving up your dignity or b) compromising the dignity of whoever your pursuing romantically.
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lady_pirates1010 March 2006
New York just needs to go home. Flav said he wanted someone to have fun with, Well he's not with her. He needs to pick Hopps. Those are the final two. That was so funny when Pumpkin spitted in New Yorks face. He shouldn't have had Goldie go home. I really thought she was going to win after the test she took. Hottie just plain crazy! She should have gone home when he first saw her. Hoops is someone he can have so much fun with, and his mom said she like her a lot. So if he picks New York, he's missing a lot of fun. She's too serious for him. Plus her mom didn't like Flav. So she should just go. I can't wait to see who he picks Sunday. So I hope he makes the right choice.
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