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Season 1

27 Sep. 1955
I Never Believed in Miracles
A soldier returning from overseas visits a woman he had been corresponding with and learns that she is a paraplegic.
4 Oct. 1955
Day of the Trial
A cab driver overcomes intimidation by gangsters and the indifference of his neighbors to gather the courage to testify in a trial.
11 Oct. 1955
Showdown at San Pablo
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18 Oct. 1955
Mink Does Something for You
A secretary wearing her employer's mink coat is mistakenly thought to be rich and winds up in hot water when she can't pay the bill at a swanky dinner club.
25 Oct. 1955
A Very Big Man
A man is torn between his passion for boxing and the love a beautiful woman.
1 Nov. 1955
A House Between Flags
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8 Nov. 1955
For the Defense
Edward G. Robinson stars as a former police captain, now an attorney, whose client is a suspected arsonist.
15 Nov. 1955
He Knew All About Women
A frontiersman, looking for a wife, falls in love with a high-spirited woman.
22 Nov. 1955
Empty Arms
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29 Nov. 1955
Silver Saddle
An outlaw, recently released from the penitentiary, discovers his wife has divorced him and married a former member of his gang who is now going straight.
6 Dec. 1955
Known But to God
An accidental accomplice of a bungled hold-up is murdered after confessing to a priest. Although pressed by the police, the priest refuses to reveal the contents of the crook's confession. The real crook isn't so sure that the priest won't crack under pressure and reveal who committed the crimes.
13 Dec. 1955
Diamonds in the Sky
A pilot is disturbed to learn that a beautiful woman he knew as a secret agent during the war is wrapped up with diamond-smugglers.
20 Dec. 1955
The Hoax
A man goes on trial in Amsterdam in 1947 for selling artwork to the Nazis.
27 Dec. 1955
Red Horse Hamber
A cowboy discovers that the rodeo he's entered in is run by a crooked businessman.
3 Jan. 1956
My Name Is Sally Roberts
A doctor decides to leave the hurly-burly of a Chicago practice and set up shop in the country, much to the dismay of his wife.
10 Jan. 1956
Live Bait
A police officer sets a trap to capture his crooked brother, but captures his double-crossing fiancee in the same net.
17 Jan. 1956
Secret of the Bells
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24 Jan. 1956
The Twelve Year Secret
Parents are shocked to learn that the child they've been raising for twelve years is not theirs - their real baby was switched at birth due to a hospital mix-up.
31 Jan. 1956
Bachelor Husband
A husband and wife attempt to hide their marital status since the company where the woman works forbids its female employees to marry.
7 Feb. 1956
Tantrum Size 12
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14 Feb. 1956
They Flee by Night
Broke, on the run and traveling with his pregnant wife who is very ill, Jed Warron drives his battered car to a travel camp near the Mexican border. Knowing he's being pursued by the police, he makes a deal with the camp's owner to loan him $200 against the $1000 reward that's been posted. Jed plans on making a run for it, but a meeting with a crook who offers to repair his car in exchange for criminal services rendered makes him reconsider his options.
21 Feb. 1956
The Foreigner
A young American tourist falls in love with a Greek soldier.
28 Feb. 1956
More Than Kin
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6 Mar. 1956
East of Nowhere
An construction crew boss operating in Arabia agrees to join the company owned by the man who put him out of business.
13 Mar. 1956
The Go-Between
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20 Mar. 1956
Shadow of a Thief
After the death of her father, a lovely woman who manages a large philanthropic foundation fears that she's becoming a kleptomaniac.
2 Apr. 1956
Home Is the Soldier
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3 Apr. 1956
In the early 1900s, an injured man persuades the companion of a rich, elderly woman to allow him to stay at the remote English estate for the night.
10 Apr. 1956
Tomorrow We May Part
A woman dying from a heart condition, falls in love with a womanizing reporter who gives her a reason to live.
17 Apr. 1956
A Letter from the Past
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24 Apr. 1956
No Escape
A pair of gunman break into the house of a young clerk and try to force him to help them rob the bank where he works. When he refuses, they kidnap his wife and force him to cooperate by holding her hostage.
1 May 1956
The Fleeting Years
A family crisis is caused by the marriage of a young couple's widowed parents.
8 May 1956
Stagecoach to Paradise
After killing two men in self-defense, a man flees from the scene of the crime believing he would be falsely convicted.
15 May 1956
Incident in Rio
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22 May 1956
I'll Make the Arrest
A police detective investigating his ex-wife's murder discovers many unsavory things about her past.
29 May 1956
Girl on the Run
A young woman is frightened by midnight callers, hallucination and attempted murder.
5 Jun. 1956
A woman who believes her son is buried in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery petitions her congressman to allow her to rebury the body in his hometown.
12 Jun. 1956
Dark Legacy
A dying crook tells his estranged wife where he hid the loot from his last robbery.
19 Jun. 1956
Girl at Large
A man gives a pretty hitchhiker a lift only to discover she's an escapee from a hospital for the criminally insane.

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