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Manages to be worse than Frosty Returns

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
10 June 2011

The original Frosty the Snowman special is a classic, Frosty's Winter Wonderland was not as good but still delightful, while Frosty Returns was excrement. Watching Legend of Frosty the Snowman was like having my intelligence insulted again, except much worse. If you thought Frosty Returns was a mockery to the original, this thing in my opinions literally urinates over it. The animation consists of poorly drawn characters, flat colours and backgrounds that don't look completely finished, while the music is mind-numbingly bad with dull melodies, so dull in fact it makes you want to throw your Christmas dinner up. The voice talents consists of talented actors, who are wasted by their dialogue and characters, Frosty has absolutely no personality and Bill Fagerbakke's voice work is monotone and sounds as though he's bored. Speaking of the dialogue and characters, they are enough to ruin this on their own. The writing is unfunny and forced, and every single one of the characters are forgettable and annoying. The story is what really sinks Legend of Frosty the Snowman, it is thin, drawn-out and predictable, filled with disconnected scenes, and there are a few contradictions regarding the magician, his son and Karen. The pace feels stretched and considering how thin the story is the special feels too long. Overall, dreadful and an utter disgrace. 1/10 Bethany Cox

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I agree with other reviewers: one of the worst Christmas specials made

Author: Machiavelli84 from United States
11 December 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In the town of Evergreen, Mayor Tinkerton, who has a gold statue of himself in front of city hall and thinks he controls the sun, enforces tight rules and regulations upon his town, with everything from the street being clean to all children walking with their backs straight. (Pretty sure that's not how most American towns operate, but we'll roll with it). Enter this picture the disembodied magical hat of Frosty, which begins to go around town stalking certain kids. He waits until they're alone, then leads them away from their parents and compels them to break rules with the promise of having fun together.

Did that last part sound a little creepy? Yeah...

Parents, unable to notice Frosty (even though he's BLATANTLY RUNNING AROUND THE CITY IN BROAD DAYLIGHT), are curious why their children now disobey them, sneaking out at night, and spending time with this Frosty fellow. While Charlie Tinkerton investigates the story of Frosty, the kids begin to love Frosty so much that they are practically worshiping him, getting mad at one another when Frosty shows special attention.

Did that last part also sound a little creepy? I seriously thought they were going to head down a "Children of the Corn" route. I was half expecting the kids to start talking about "He Who Walks Between the Snow Banks".

Things worsen when Principal Pankley (whom the mayor disturbingly refers to as "Hanky Panky") melts Frosty by dropping him in ice water (not making this up), then proceeds to suspend habeas corpus and install himself as a tyrannical parent state over the children (again, I'm NOT making this up!). It's up to the kids to resolve things in the predictable conclusion.

A lot of holiday specials nowadays have the feeling of being rushed in order to cash in on the holiday season, and this is no exception. As hinted at from my plot description, the storyline is extremely convoluted, introducing elements that are either never fully explained, or never resolved. For example, the magical comic Charlie comes across is never fully explained; you never know how it came into existence, why it exists, or why it acts the way it does. It solely exists as a plot convenience to explain things to the viewer.

Another big problem lies in the inconsistencies in the story, as well as plot holes that you could drive a semi through. Frosty's Hat is perfectly capable of breaking out of the chained box, but for some reason he just now decides to break out? Why? Never explained. Furthermore, they establish that Frosty's power rests in his hat, not in his body, and yet after Frosty "melts", nothing remains but his hat, as if he's been defeated. There's also a scene where Frosty's hat leads Charlie into the library...while, at the same time, Frosty appears to two boys at the school. Huh? Is Frosty omnipresent? Are we supposed to assume Frosty is some kind of winter demiurge?

There are other problems. For example, Frosty and a kid go to a lake of thin ice, and Pankly removes the sign which says "DANGER: THIN ICE"...though he does it AFTER they've already been skating on the ice. What, they didn't notice it? Then the kid asks Frosty to do a figure eight, in order for the ice to crack under him. You know how this works? Because instead of doing a figure eight, Frosty just goes into the middle of the lake and spins around like a top. What? And apparently, Frosty has control over the elements of snow, winter, and ice, but ice water melts him. Makes sense, sure. Then later on, even though Mr. Pankly KNOWS Frosty is gone, the kids made a Frosty similitude that just looks like a tall pile of snow, and Pankly thinks it's Frosty come back. Again, what? Then when Charlie finds the comic in the library, he reads the title as "The Secret and Neverending Adventures of Frosty the Snowman"...even though the comic on the screen simply says "Frosty the Snowman". Did no one in the animation department notice that?

Perhaps one of the strangest parts of this special is how it supports breaking the rules. Now, I get the whole "let kids just be kids" shtick a lot of these specials try to get across, but they go well beyond in this. In one scene, Frosty vandalizes someone's car and gets a girl involved, and it's treated as a GOOD thing. What's more, one of the charges lodged against Frosty is that the kids are being disobedient to their parents - and again, this is treated as a GOOD thing. I have children, and I fully support them expressing themselves, having imagination, etc...but sorry, I'm still their father. I still have authority over them until they're adults.

Yet another major problem (I could probably write a book) is the length of the special. It's literally just over an hour, but the story feels like something that could have been resolved in thirty minutes. A lot of it is just corny visual gags or fluff that does nothing to the story. It doesn't offer any laughs. It doesn't offer anything groundbreaking to the plot. It's just there.

Let me make it clear that I realize this is meant for little kids. Sometimes you have to give leeway in regards to suspension of disbelief. However, I think children deserve at least a decent story, and shouldn't be treated like idiots. I also think they deserve a better Christmas moral than "car vandalism is cool so long as you're stickin' it to the man". As a parent, I ask other parents to just avoid this, and not subject your kids to this. Not only will your mind hurt, but they won't get anything from this. If you want a Frosty cartoon, stick with the two Rankin/Bass specials. I'm not going to say they're perfect, but they still hold up.

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Embarrassingly bad -- Read a good book with your kids instead

Author: sputnik1 from United States
15 December 2005

December holiday specials, like the original Frosty, ought to be richly-produced with quality music and a wholesome, yet lighthearted storyline. They should have a touch of the mystical magic of the holidays. Basically, they should look, sound, and feel...well, "special" and they should have a decent and appropriate December holiday subtext.

So when I saw Legend of Frosty the Snowman in the TV listings, I got my kids (6 and 8) pumped up for it by telling them the story of the original Frosty and passionately relating how much I enjoyed it as a kid. As my wife and kids cozied up on the couch to watch the movie the expectations were high, but 10 minutes into it my kids were yawning and my wife and I were giving each other "the look" and rolling our eyes. After 35 minutes my kids were actually asking to go to bed -- I guess they were fed up with the insensitive language and pointless, disconnected segments. I was actually embarrassed about their (and my) disappointment with this movie.

Unfortunately, Legend of Frosty the Snowman is more like a bad episode of Fairly Odd Parents crossed with a worse-than-normal episode of Sponge Bob than a classic holiday movie. Don't get me wrong...those shows are fine and I like them as much as the next guy, but when I watch Fairly Odd Parents or Sponge Bob, my low expectations (for mediocre, off-color, zero subtext, mind numbing episodes) are always satisfied.

We picked out some good books and spent the rest of the evening reading together. A much better choice than the embarrassingly bad Legend of Frosty the Snowman.

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One of the Worst Christmas Specials Ever Made

Author: gavin6942 from United States
3 December 2014

Frosty the Snowman goes where he is needed most, and the town of Evergreen sure needs a visit. Mr. Tinkerton, the mayor (Tim Kenny), runs a tight ship, and there is no room for talk of magic or any other such nonsense.

What brought my attention to this film was the casting of Burt Reynolds. Now, I figure if the film has a big enough budget to have a known entity narrate (and sing), it can't be too bad. But I would be wrong. Reynolds was alright, but his presence did not make up for this disgrace.

Most of the characters are annoying, the special runs too long, the plot seems to flatly contradict earlier Frosty stories (all of which are better). Even the jokes, which could be funny, are delivered in such a way they just fall flat. How did this happen? Something went horribly wrong and this never should have made it to completion.

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Utter rubbish

Author: leducjjr
12 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This show is an example of how sequels ought not be done.

Basic plot line and assumptions: Parents and adults are uptight idiots. Kids in the viewing audience can't pay attention long enough to string two thoughts together. 1950s attitudes about cleanliness and social norms are only silly things to be mocked. Having sat through this with my 4-yr old grandson, I can say that's all I got out of this.

I echo the other reviewers' statements about disjointed scenes, especially at the "commercial break" cuts. The warm old-timey music and Burt Reynold's resonant voice were the only things that brought my attention back to the screen from time to time. Everything else was just annoying or tuned out.

This did keep a 4-year-old's attention so maybe this is who it's aimed at. Not a classic by any means.

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Author: K C from United States
25 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

All I can really say is that this must be an insult to those who grew up watching Christmas specials like Frosty the Snowman, and a big insult to children. They would be better off watching the original movies of Frosty from the 80s. Those were cute and Frosty actually showed concern that a child could get sick from being cold, and taking care that she would be safe and warm at least. Not this Frosty...

The main idea in this movie is to conform and be perfect like EVERYONE... @_@ Or, you can wear a cone of shame in front of your peers (because that always is the best and only option for redirecting a young child, ostracize him or her in front of peers...) Enter Frosty the escaped convict... Derp. So basically with THIS Frosty, it's okay for a young child to go out in the dark and grab on to some odd flying hat, hanging on for dear life about 20 feet in the air and freezing, it's supposed to be OKAY to throw wet snowballs at people, even without someone else's say so, when that can actually injure or heck, even cause an ear infection (personal experience, not fun!) All this time, his mom had assumed he was in bed even though he had to do piles of dishes in the kitchen while she nags him the whole time. There is no logic, just a gaping plot hole and then all she does is faint, and his dad is just busy reading the paper, wow, that kid must be invisible except when needed for chores!

He gets called in front by name next school day (no such thing as getting sick or hypothermia, right...) and gets a dunce cap in front of peers, simply to be made an example of not conforming to the crowd. This movie is just wrong on so many levels and that was just the first 15 or so minutes of it... I just could not finish the rest of it. It could have been so much better but this... NOPE! I'm very surprised that the same director did this movie, it just wasn't the best. I love Bass's work, like the Hobbit and LOTR but NOT THIS!

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Makes "Frosty Returns" look like a classic!

Author: makuribu from Canada
15 December 2009

The John Goodman program was pretty awful, but this thing just plain stinks. The one and only thing in this mess that made me smile was recognizing the voice of Patrick Starfish as Frosty. The story is hopeless, written by somebody who has garbled memories of childhood rebelliousness but has never gained any adult sense of perspective in the intervening years. Paranoia rules the dark world that these characters inhabit. Everybody is unpleasant, and for no reason. The plot is predictable but the show lurches from one inexplicable, unconnected scene to another in such a pointless way there is no fun in watching it. The worst thing is nobody in the production crew seems to have ever seen snow!

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A Waste of Time

Author: B.g. Thomas
12 December 2016

This is quite simply one of the worst animated movies I have ever seen. It was just plain stupid. The animation was more or less awful. The voices poor. The script was quite simply abysmal. The timing of every "joke" was off. So many of them just went flat. The father character was bizarre. The principle looked like and came across like a child molester. And Frosty acted as if he were brain damaged in some pre-movie accident.

Awful. Just awful. The only good thing was its relationship with the classic Christmas special. I hope you read this before watching the movie. Don't waste your time!

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This is bad

Author: Christmas-Reviewer from United States
19 September 2016

Though technically a sequel to the classic 1969 Rankin/Bass Frosty the Snowman, The Legend of Frosty the Snowman holds only loose continuity with it. The characters in flashbacks resemble those of the original film but have different names and roles. The young Mayor Tinkerton strongly resembles one of the unnamed children from the first film, and his father also shares the design of Professor Hinkle. Hocus Pocus has a cameo during the bob-sled scene. On the cover of the comic used in the film are two other children that also resemble the original film's cast. Frosty's back story is strongly altered, but still features him coming to life due to the hat's magic.

If you love the original classic then you will hate this. The charm and innocence of that feature is lost here. There isn't any likable or Relatable children in this.

The animation also comes across as cheap and tacky.

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Another poor garbage frosty the snowman film

Author: kill-the-boxtrolls from United States
11 June 2009

I disliked Frosty returns and this one. Both of the films are absurd with poorly written characters and bad voices. The voices could have been done but Frosty returns was worst than this because of the unalike snowman they drew. Frosty's winterwonder land was great and so was the original heartwarming Drama. The only good thing about this film was Frosty the snowman was alike of the classic 60s and a funny line like when they were talking about things that are not real and then Frosty walks by the window humming, whistling whatever he was doing but everything else was badly written and badly animated and I barely got the plot. I saw the DVD cover at the library about 2 or 3 years ago and the art looked crappy so I didn't pick it up until this year because the pictures on the back looked a little touching but I played this film. It was a hassle poorly art characters just like the DVD and it was just terrible about what's going on. I watched this at night and found it dull that I fell asleep on the whole thing (Wait I always do that when I watch something while I go to sleep) But this movie was overall boring

Overall rating: Grade -C

This is like another holiday special bad rip-off in the frosty returns and this one. This one is the badly 4th sequel like Home alone 4 well i thought that movie was OK but home alone 3 was great. But it's like a bad home alone 3 and 4 people hate like this. My sister didn't watch it that much because when she came into my room to watch 2 minutes and a half of it, she walked away like "I hate the animation!" I agree to her just like the 3rd one Frosty returns. Plain awful!

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