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The Da Vinci Code for kids.
thunderztorm26 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
My nephew got this flick on DVD for Christmas, so we ended up watching it a few days later. I was positively surprised.

The story is great, drawing a lot on the popularity of the (in)famous Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Apparently the Knights Templar were in Denmark, on the holiday island of Bornholm - and apparently they hid something there. The unique churches on Bornholm do for this movie what Rosslin etc did for the Da Vinci Code. Most of the premises for the story are based on scientific research and that wonderful "what if?" question.

It is without a doubt a kids movie, with four kids as main characters. But the story can easily be watched, and enjoyed, by adults as well.

7/10 - Great story, nice acting and an extra grade for revitalizing the Danish youth movie "scene". Thanks to Tempelriddernes Skat, we're now getting a few more intelligent Danish kids movies coming out (De Fortabte Sjæles Ø and Tempelriddernes Skat 2).
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Tempelriddernes skat is about four children, which becomes where interesting in an old stories and myth
thomaxz-tc29 January 2006
Tempelriddernes skat is a really good movie, i like i because is tell a good story which has base in myth and facts. Also the actors play well. And all trough it's a adventure it also have a bit of fun.

Tempelriddernes skat is about tree friends, Katrine, Nis and Matias which becomes very interesting in an old stories and myth, when they have conformed some true in the myth, the go home to Nis, and made plans, but Nis little sister hears to much and want's to be in, so they decide that they all will be going out in dangerous adventure to search for a very old treasure which has been described in the myth. Tempelriddernes treasure.
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