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Depends On What You Think A Curse Is

Author: Theo Robertson from Isle Of Bute, Scotland
24 November 2005

THE CURSE OF THE OMEN is not without interest . It revolves around the supposed curse of Richard Donner's 1976 movie THE OMEN . Bad things happened before during and after the production . However many of the bad things that happened can surely be put down to coincidence and many of these terrible things have a tenuous connection with the movie

For example we're told how stuntman Terry Walsh was standing in for Gregory Peck in the graveyard scene where the character Robert Thorn is attacked by a pack of rottweilers . Apparently they injured Walsh quite badly when they bit through his protective clothing . But as any stuntman will tell you the most dangerous stunts always revolve around animals because they have a mind of their own and their behaviour is impossible to predict . I should also point out that I'm a DOCTOR WHO fan and Walsh appeared in a great number of walk on parts in the BBC show and I've read several interviews on his career and seeing THE CURSE OF THE OMEN was the first time I'd heard about this incident . Perhaps the incident with the devil dogs has been exaggerated ? The documentary also mentioned another stuntman who worked on THE OMEN and was later seriously injured while filming A BRIDGE TOO FAR in Holland . Easily explained when you realise that stunt men do a dangerous job . I'm sure that everyone who worked on THE OMEN injured themselves some time or another

The vagueness as to what this " curse " might be is also brought into question when Richard Donner explains the hotel he was staying in London was bombed by the IRA and that no matter what the weather was like he would always check under his car to make sure terrorists hadn't left a nasty surprise for him . This is common sense since the IRA were engaged in a sustained bombing campaign of London in 1974-75 , but it should be pointed out that if THE OMEN was filmed in 1973 or 1977 or had been filmed in another city the production team wouldn't have been subjected to terrorist bombings . Whose fault was it the hotel got bombed ? Is it the fault of a movie or the fault of a terrorist cell ?

There is another incident that would have been laughably tenuous it if wasn't so tragic . Remember that scene in the movie where a character's head is sliced off by a truck with sheets of glass ? Well the effects artist behind that sequence John Richardson was driving in Holland when he was involved in a car crash and his travelling companion was " cut almost in half and died instantly " the insinuation being that it was like the scene from the film and most chilling of all it happened near to the town of Ommen ( sic ) ! Again it happened during the production of A BRIDGE TOO FAR . Perhaps that film is jinxed ? Strangely enough I was surprised that no one mentioned the decapitation scene was set in Megiddo in Israel a place that saw a bus bombing that murdered 17 people in June 2002 with heads and limbs scattered all over a road . Do you understand what I'm talking about when I mention shoehorning ? Coincidentally the word Armageddon is derived from the place name Megiddo . Again I'm surprised this wasn't mentioned

To be fair Richard Donner himself dismisses these and other incidents as merely coincidence and categorically states that he doesn't believe in curses and regardless of whether they believe in curses or not fans of the film will find this interesting since it goes into depth about the anecdotes behind the making of the film including one about the famous scene with the goldfish. It's certainly a thought provoking documentary and would make a great companion piece to the movie

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The Curse of 'The Omen'

Author: Jackson Booth-Millard from United Kingdom
7 June 2006

Because of the release of the remake of the classic 1976 horror film, on the 6th June 2006 (06.06.06), and a 30th anniversary of the old one, they showed this documentary. It was basically explaining many terrifying coincidences during the making of and release of The Omen. For example, the scene where Damien and his Mom are attacked by monkeys in the car, the zoo keeper that looked after the monkeys was killed. Also, a stuntman who doubled for Lee Remick suffered a terrible fate when he felt a push jumping off a building and missing a large inflatable bag, and no-one pushed him! But the creepiest coincidence of all was the guy who designed David Warner's beheading scene, he and his wife has a crash. His wife was torn apart by glass, and he escaped only with injuries, and the scary part was that there was a sign showing the town Ommen being 66,6 miles away! Spooky. With contributions by people who worked on it, such as director Richard Donner, and narrated by Jack Fortune. Good!

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Personal Experience w/ the Omen 1976 Public Derived DVD

Author: magnetonemicrophones from United States
13 October 2013

Hi,...just a warning..this movie is 'known' to 'externalize'- the contents of its script-outwardly..Yes? True. I am an Design Engineer /w/12 CD's out w/ the Surface industry and I am credible. If you bring this DVD-especially a Publicly shared copy into your home,..serious things can occur. They will start slow- like your DVD "Second Counter"- starting to go in Reverse as the Special Features ' interviews move forward(caught 3 shots of that..). Lights will blink ..overhead motion lights. 24 hours later and showing my Mum the photos of the Movie going in two directions- after my eyes where brought there(to the counter on the DVD player,..) I left dinner in January to return to my Studio adjacent the house via the garage.. There was a Black Rottweiler sitting -waiting for me- barking ,..yet not violent, and my Mum emptied the trash and walked right past it..ignoring it totally. I however did not. I have never brought that thing back to the house. BIGGER- MORE LASTING impossibilities- occurred with "The Rite" /w tony Hopkins and "The Possession "- about the Dibbuk extraction -by Rabbi. Dangerous. Sta away! The Vatican or the Rabbinical Authority does not authorize the Recordings of extractions etc from homes- for JUST THIS REASON. I gave into curiosity and my whole Family and beautiful Cat,a Bahbuke was endangered for almost TWO years. ...Just now getting to bed before SUN -UP@!!

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