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Great information and shots of the stars were great, but......
joynrichl1 March 2008
The co-hosts (esses)were great as well, but the interjected comments from whom ever they were was horrible. Surely this program appealed to more than the adult audience. But the comments were not fitting for children. I was appalled! How could you take such a cute informative program and turn it to smut for children to view? These people need to have their mouths washed out with lye soap! And then to choose the Simpsons as #1...... I wouldn't allow my children to watch them. Bart does nothing but teach children to back talk their parents and get away with it and the entire family is crude, rude and completely unacceptable! TV/MOVIES DO NOT NEED RUDENESS,BAD LANGUAGE,SEX AND NUDITY TO BE GOOD. IN FACT ALL THAT JUST MAKES THEM BAD.
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50 Cutest child stars did not need help
dmikitta-125 December 2006
The shows constant flow of poor taste attempts at humor by the adults stars trying to be funny filled way too much time. Some of them were poor actors, possibly why they can not do comedic comments well. The show would have been better with 75 stars in same time slot. Are we looking for ways to expand on the cuteness of the kids by trying to mature them too soon? Being the natural selves is why we loved the back when they were on the air. The updates on where they are now was helpful but again the flow was towards the risqué. Some of the kids were natural charmers, other needed drugs to succeed. The show did reflect a change in society.
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Kmilota6616 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I bet that nobody would have voted the Simpson kids as number one for cutest child stars, that was just plain awful. I didn't even see some of the most cute children on that program. What happened to Mark Lester? AKA- Oliver Twist from the 1968 film Oliver! If you have seen Oliver!, you would agree that Mark Lester belongs in the top ten, if not number one, even though his movies weren't too popular, he was great in them. I believe this program was made only for American actors.

Sara Gilbert was hardly cute, she was funny, but her character in Roseanne was just completely snobbish.

I also don't see what is cute about the cast of Saved by the Bell, a bunch of high schoolers.

Too many awards were given to groups, and this was hardly worth seeing.

There were a lot more than 50 people given awards for the 50 cutest child stars. The E! opinion of the best stars aren't even real stars.
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