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3 Jan. 2008
But I Don't Really Like This Present
Lotta is returning from a summer trip and she and Lola have bough each other gifts, as they always do after one of these trips. Lotta really likes the colorful friendship bracelet that Lola got for her, but Lola is less enamored with the garishly colorful hat that Lotta gives her. It's big, wildly colored, and itchy.
16 Jan. 2008
I Can Dance Like a Dancer
Lola is excited about the idea of dancing, but has never really participated in any organized dancing herself. When Lotta invites her along to a ballet class, she happily accepts the invitation. Lola explores a number of different styles of dance.
29 Mar. 2008
Help! I Really Mean It!
The Sonners are looking after Granny and Grandpas' cat, Caspar. Lola absolutely adores Caspar, and Lotta also finds that she quite likes him. Lola and Lotta also discover something that they like -- a new game that they've made up in which they call Charlie and Marv for help, even when they don't really need it. They soon find, however, that their game has a certain side effect.
11 Apr. 2008
I Would Like to Actually Keep It
While out and about outside, Charlie and Lola come across a stuffed rabbit toy that has been lost. At Lola's urging, Charlie agrees that they should take the toy home to care for it until they can locate its owner. Together, they begin making efforts to contact the owner, such as posting signs. Lola, however, finds herself becoming attached to the toy and wishing that she could keep it.
19 Apr. 2008
It's Raining, It's Boring
Charlie and Lola are having a day-trip to Marv's, but Lola is sure that it will be spoiled when it starts raining. She wanted to play in the park with Marv's dog, Sizzles, but it now seems that they're stuck inside playing rainy-day games. When Marv finds a box marked with promises of curing boredom with fun games, it looks like their luck may have changed.
25 Apr. 2008
I Am Goody the Good
Lola is enamored with a new book series featuring a heroic little girl called Goody the Good. She decides to emulate Goody's behavior and helps Charlie with a number of things. Though at first Lola is truly helpful, Charlie begins to find that sometimes he's less than impressed with Goody's attempts to help.
17 May 2008
It Is Very Special and Extremely Ancient
Lola is excited when Charlie gets a fossil from their dad to add to his collection. Charlie agrees to let her take it to school and when Lotta sees it, she suggests that the two of them search for fossils together. The two start searching, without much success, but their prospects are brightened when they learn that their parents are taking them on a beach trip to search for fossils.
9 May 2008
What Can I Wear for Halloween?
Charlie, Lola, and Marv have been growing a pumpkin all year for the Halloween party but Lola cannot decide what costume to wear. When Morten shatters the pumpkin, the party seems to be ruined.
16 May 2008
But Marv Is Absolutely Charlie's Best Friend
When Lola and Lotta overhear Charlie and Marv imitating pirate talk from the show Captain Squidbones, they're worried that the two aren't friends anymore. Marv calls Charlie "jellyguts" and Charlie tells Marv he doesn't want to see his face in the house ever again. The two are only playing, but Lola doesn't realize this and thinks they've fallen out with each other.
26 Jul. 2008
I Am Making a Craze
"Hulie-hooping" is the newest craze at Charlie and Lolas' school. Everyone is so caught up in learning the newest tricks that Lola wonders why nobody wants to do anything else at all. After learning a bit about crazes from Charlie, she decides to try to start one of her own.
26 Jul. 2008
But Where Completely Are We?
Charlie and Lola decide to do some outdoor camping. Using their imagination, they explore the Amazon rainforest, but the adventure soon becomes just a bit too realistic for Lola. Charlie wishes for them both to act like real explorers, but Lola isn't so sure that she likes exploring. It's up to Charlie to come up with an imaginative idea to save their adventure.
23 Aug. 2008
I Wish I Could Do That and Also That Too
When Lola invites Mini Reader over to play, the two have such a great time that Lola agrees to come over to Mini Reader's house on Friday to play with beads. Lola is excited about the visit, but then receives an invitation from Marv to a space party. After hearing about all the great things happening at the space party, Lola really wants to go, but doesn't want to break her promise.
30 Aug. 2008
I Am Going to Save a Panda
When Charlie and Lolas' school has its annual "Save an Animal" day, they decide to raise money to save a panda. They learn that the panda is an endangered animal that is losing its natural food source, bamboo. They decide to put on a day of special feats and raise money by signing up sponsors.
27 Jun. 2008
I've Got Nobody to Play With
When Lola gets a new felt play-set, she says at first that she can play with it all on her own. She soon finds that she'd like somebody to play with, but Charlie is spending the day with Marv. Her friends all seem busy, so Lola begins to worry, until she remembers an idea suggested by Charlie.
9 Feb. 2008
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29 Mar. 2008
Dancing/Cry Wolf
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21 Jun. 2008
Sleepover/Hot Day
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26 Jul. 2008
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7 Sep. 2008
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