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15 Jan. 2007
Will You Please Stop Messing About?
Charlie and Lola have chores to do before they can watch TV, but is time running out?
26 Feb. 2007
I Will Not Ever Never Forget You Nibbles
Lola is upset when Charlie's pet mouse Nibbles dies, but then they get a new mouse.
26 Nov. 2007
I Really Absolutely Must Have Glasses
When Lola learns that she's going to be visiting the optician to have her eyes checked, she doesn't want to go. She's already checked her own eyes and they're fine at everything from reading, to seeing shapes and colors. Then, Lola and Lotta realize that their friend Mini Reader wears glasses and learn all about them from her.
27 Nov. 2007
Thunder Completely Does Not Scare Me
Lola claims she's not afraid of thunder, but she keeps jumping and screaming every time she hears a thunderclap. Charlie knows that she's scared and tries to show her that thunderstorms are nothing to be afraid of. He views the storm together with her, an intense storm that later changes to hail. He also teaches her all about the weather, pretending to be a television weather reporter.
28 Nov. 2007
I Slightly Want to Go Home
Lola is excited at the prospect of a sleepover at her friend Lotta's. It's Lola's first time having a sleepover and Lotta has prepared many fun activities, including a "midnight feast." Lola has a good time at first, until it begins to seem that things are too different from her bedtime routine at home. She thinks that maybe she would rather go home.
29 Nov. 2007
I am Extremely Absolutely Boiling
During a very hot day, Charlie and Lola try their best to find ways to beat the heat. Things go from hot to boiling, however, when Lola gets into a feud with Arnold Wolf after he causes her to drop her ice cream. Lola is sure that she will never forgive Arnold, whereas Charlie hopes the fighting will end sooner rather than later.
30 Nov. 2007
I Can Train Your Dog
When Lola and Charlie arrive at Marv's for a trip to the park, they find they can't go because Marv's Mom has lost her handbag, which has the keys for the house. Meanwhile, Marv's dog Sizzles is behaving naughtily. Marv is sure that Sizzles is untrainable and incorrigible, but Lola isn't so sure. Marv lets her and Charlie take him home, and they devise a training program with an inspired idea.
3 Dec. 2007
Do Not Ever Never Let Go
Lola is completely satisfied with her tricycle and doesn't want to give it up -- until she sees that Lotta is now riding a bike she got from her cousin. Now, Lola wants to ride a bike too. She learns quickly and has fun, until she sees that Lotta has taken off her stabilizers. Lola wants to ride without stabilizers too, but it isn't as easy as she thought.
4 Dec. 2007
Our Shop Sells Completely Everything
Lola and Lotta are having a lot of fun playing shop. Much of their shop is just pretend, but they have some real things for sale as well. What they don't have is a real customer, that is, until Morten Lowe comes along. Morten is a tough customer, but they have just the item for him. Thing is, it isn't actually their item to sell, and now they're in a bind with Charlie.
5 Dec. 2007
I Am Inventing a Usefullish Invention
Charlie and Marv are studying inventions, as they have to create an invention for a school project. Lola is interested in the idea, and decides that she too wants to be an inventor. The boys indicate that she should go for it, but are really too absorbed in their own project to notice her much. As the two struggle to come up with an idea for their project, Lola sets to work.
6 Dec. 2007
But We Always Do It Like This
Charlie and Lola are excited about their annual trip to granny and grandpa's, particularly when it comes to building a giant sandcastle on the beach. While at the beach, they meet a new girl who's rather shy, but seems to want to help with their sandcastle. Charlie tries to be friendly, but Lola isn't so sure, given that the girl keeps taking her spade and accidentally knocks over the sandcastle.
7 Dec. 2007
I Can't Stop Hiccupping!
Lola and Lotta are practicing a song for a spring play. They find themselves amused by the song, but their constant laughter gives Lola the hiccups. Lola tries various things to keep them away, but when they keep coming back she worries that they may mess up the singing during the play.
10 Dec. 2007
I Am Completely Hearing and Also Listening
Lola says that she is a good listener, but she often gets lost in her own things and does not pay attention to what is being said to her properly. When she and Charlie get a puppet theater from granny and grandpa, Lola does not listen when Charlie reads the instructions and puts it together all wrong.
15 Jan. 2007
I Completely Know About Guinea Pigs
Lola is chosen to look after Bert, the school guinea pig, during the holidays.
15 Jan. 2007
Messing/Guinea Pig
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26 Feb. 2007
Never Ever Never Step on the Cracks
Charlie persuades Lola that superstitions about bad luck aren't really true.
10 Mar. 2007
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22 Apr. 2007
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11 Aug. 2007
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17 Nov. 2007
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22 Dec. 2007
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