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1 May 2006
It Is Absolutely and Completely Not Messy
Lola won't tidy up the bedroom, and however hard he tries, Charlie can't persuade her to.
6 May 2006
I Am Extremely Magic
Charlie has learnt how to do magic tricks, and now Lola wants to learn how too.
22 May 2006
This Is Actually My Party
It's Charlie's birthday party, and some monsters take a fancy to Lola's fairycakes.
6 May 2006
How Many More Minutes?
Charlie and Lola embark on an epic pirate adventure in the Dentist's waiting room.
22 May 2006
I Am Collecting a Collection
Charlie's dinosaur collection is missing a Gigantisauras, but Lola might have it in hers.
22 Jun. 2006
Lucky, Lucky Me
Lola feels really lucky when her Grandparents give her and Charlie money for the cinema.
3 Jul. 2006
I Really Wonder What Plant I'm Growing
Charlie is growing a tomato plant, and mum gives Lola a seed so she can grow something.
28 Aug. 2006
Charlie Is Broken!
Charlie and Lola's circus show is spoiled after Charlie breaks his arm playing football.
28 Aug. 2006
I Will Be Especially, Very Careful
Lola and Lotta borrow each other's things for fun, but then Lola loses Lotta's coat.
4 Sep. 2006
Yes I Am, No You're Not
Charlie and Lola are going to see a Chinese puppet show, but they keep squabbling.
4 Sep. 2006
I Am Really, Really, Really Concentrating
Lola finds the egg and spoon race to be a big challenge on her first school sports day.
9 Oct. 2006
Please May I Have Some of Yours?
Lola spends all her pocket money, so she can't afford to buy a toy at the zoo.
9 Oct. 2006
Can You Maybe Turn the Light On?
Charlie tries to help Lola get over her fear of darkness.
10 Nov. 2006
What If I Get Lost in the Middle of Nowhere?
A surprise school trip to a maze is underway, and Lola worries that she might get lost.
10 Nov. 2006
Welcome to Lolaland
Charlie and Marv are doing their Spanish homework, and Lola suddenly wants to go to Spain.
3 Jul. 2006
My Best Best Bestest Friend
Charlie helps Lola when she worries that her best friend Lotta doesn't like her anymore.

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