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Season 2

20 May 2006
A New Challenge
A new IGPX season is about to start. The previous season's experience has matured Takeshi greatly, and he even seems secure and sure. On the other hand, Liz feels the pressure of being called a member of "the mightier Team Satomi." The two are approached by Zanak and Judy from Team White Snow, the new team just promoted from the IG-2. But Team Satomi's opponent for the first match is Team Edgeraid, and seems to have a new strategy to compete with the champions. And will Liz do, given that she was scared of the race due to the pressure?
27 May 2006
Feeling Lost
Team Satomi is helpless against Team Edgeraid's new trick. While Takeshi was struggling, his machine suffers unbelievable trouble. Masa and Andrei are watching unable to intervene. What can save Team Satomi from this crisis? Why are Team Satomi's machines affected by so many troubles? Now the three pilots facing their own problems start to wander around. Overwhelming apprehension begins to bear down on the strong-willed Liz.
3 Jun. 2006
Vulnerable Mind
Takeshi smiles and says, "there is nothing wrong." But Liz doesn't believe him. Amy also feels something "different" in Liz. Then the young midfielder of Team Satomi is approached by Judy and Max from Team White Snow. And she hears an unbelievable story from Judy. Meanwhile, Takeshi is beginning to get frustrated because the race did not go as intended. In order to get the team back together, Andrei creates a new training method. But Zanak chuckles audaciously. What's his strategy? Can Team Satomi defeat IG-1's newcomer, Team White Snow?
10 Jun. 2006
White Snow
The battle tactic of Team White Snow is so innovative that it would rewrite the history of IGPX. Team Satomi is baffled. Takeshi is frustrated, because nothing seems to work. Liz is worried about Takeshi, but her words express only harsh criticism toward her teammate. And the two harming each other is producing the worst team chemistry... To make the situation even more serious, Team Satomi starts to consider dropping out of the next race due to serious damage to the machines. Then Himawari's words bring an unexpected stir in the team...
17 Jun. 2006
Puzzle Rings
The battle between the teams Velshtein and Satomi begins. In the midst of a harsh combat, Takeshi's machine is badly damaged. Can Masa fix the problem within the time limit? Takeshi and Liz are astounded by the countermeasure Andrei came up with. Cunningham easily dodges Takeshi's frantic strike. "I thought you could do better!" are Team Velshtein's leader's severe words. Andrei takes on a depressed Takeshi for a kendo match. What will Takeshi come up with? Can he continue participating in the IGPX?
24 Jun. 2006
Takeshi, Go Forward
Takeshi enjoys dating with Fantine, but his odd behavior and hypertension makes the girl uncomfortable. Takeshi just smiles back and says, "It's all right." Fantine can't ask further questions. In the meantime, at Team Satomi's team meeting, Satomi announces a tough decision. "Takeshi will not participate in the next race against Skylark." Is Takeshi really going to be cut out from the race? Then, on the crucial day, Fantine tells Takeshi astonishing words as she passes him...
1 Jul. 2006
Now that Amy knows when she will be discharged from the hospital, she desperately works hard on her rehab. The team members are worried she is pushing herself too much and they come up with an idea. Amy gets on a simulation machine for the first time since her recovery. "If you can't win the simulation race, I can't let you pilot in the next race." Amy is provoked by Andrei's tough decision, but when the simulation race starts, she is too busy defending and can't get around to attacking. Will Amy be able to make a comeback to the race?
22 Jul. 2006
"If we can't win the championship this season, we won't need you on our team." Yamma, frustrated by this harsh comment from the owner of Team Sledgemama, was now even more ready to strike down Team Satomi: "I'll shut your mouth with a victory!" On the course, at an early stage, Team Satomi gradually picks up pace and captures Yamma's machine, and it looks as if Team Satomi is heading for a victory. Then suddenly there is a piercing outcry from Yamma at his restless teammates, "Just follow me, no questions asked!" What is Yamma coming up with?
29 Jul. 2006
Function, Not Fashion
All of a sudden, Liz accepts a modeling job. She is usually a discreet girl, and Takeshi and Amy are just puzzled: what happened to their teammate? At that moment, Himawari shocks the clan, "I saw Liz with two pilots from Skylark!" Before anyone could figure out why, the annual IGPX Festival commences. But there's something wrong with Takeshi's machine! Can Takeshi reach the goal safely? What is Liz's intention with her modeling stint?
5 Aug. 2006
The playoff has started. It was to be Sledgemama and White Snow's deadly battle. Zanak shows off his gasping continuous strikes. Yamma intercepts. Who is going to be the winner? Teams Satomi and Velshtein also take on each other to advance to the playoff. Watching Takeshi and Cunnigham's match, Velshtein's manager Sir Hamgra remembers his bygone days with Rocket George.
12 Aug. 2006
Winner's Circle
Team Satomi's Takeshi and Team Velshtein's Cunningham display the toughest battle people have ever seen in the history of the Immortal Grand Prix. At the end of this season, Liz and Amy too have improved mentally and physically, as well as technically, but they are intercepted by Jan and Dew, firmly determined to defeat Team Satomi and reaffirm Velshtein's pride. As two young genius pilots race for the glorious goal, up in the observation towers Andrei and Sir Hamgra see their pasts in this formidable race. Which team will advance to the Championship match?
19 Aug. 2006
Hostile Contradiction
The day before the final match. White Snow's forward, Zanak has a dreadful strategy. How is Takeshi going to stand up against the clever trap that awaits him? As the race commences, Masa suddenly recalls, "I thought I'd seen White Snow's Max somewhere. Now I remember!" At last Snow White drops its disguise. And in the midst of the battle, Luca informs Takeshi via Amy of an outlandish plan...
26 Aug. 2006
The End and the Beginning
Team White Snow's groundbreaking strategy brought a new page to the IGPX history. Team Satomi courageously continues to strike back, but is no match for Team White Snow. There is no data to rely on. There seem to be no means to win the match. What's Andrei's strategy? And as the team begins to unite, Takeshi attempts to try an astonishing move! Is Satomi heading for victory? Finally, the true champion's name will be engraved in the history of IGPX!

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