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Usual Scnenario and Usual Faces
bulent kalay11 November 2005
I would like to ask that is there a requirement to play Mehmet Ali Erbil in every comedy movie? It is a such of horror movie to see him in every movie. We are getting bored too much.

The scenario is ordinary. The good guys go into prison unluckily. When they are outside, they decide to be socialized. On the other hand, there is a boy who is very ill. He needs medical treatment in America. But, it costs too much. Indispensable condition occur. Our heroes try to rob a bank in order to find money. The movie has an average scenario.

The players are quite successful. On the whole, Maskeli Besler Intikam Pesinde is a lovely soft comedy movie.
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get ready
Sipahi5 December 2005
This film is just fantastiC: the scenario isn't so original. The actors aren't new: We know them all but STILL: it is one of a kind, just the way how they move, react, get crazy in some scenes is fantastic. I found this movie as cool as G.O.R.A. so I don't have to say much more. One thing that so cool is is that they get so (un)lucky after each try to steal money. It's a very cheap film, but also a very good movie: These are the movies we need, not all the new-kind movies where we only see computer-effects and a little bit of real actor-prestation. Because I start to get bored of them. Turkish movies are so COOL. And I find it very unpassed to stay that you start to get bored of M. Ali Erbil.
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great !
olivium7724 March 2006
One of the best Turkish comedy movies ever watched. Especially the music and songs (one by Haluk Levent) took me back to Turkey. Cem Ozer, Hluk Levent and Turkish songs added great value. Great accomplishment. same story but a different quality. The shooting of the movie is original too. In terms of Mehmet Ali Erbil case I believe it added value to the movie since he was seen only for a minute or so. COnsidering the cab driver played for just couple of minutes these kind important people playing in the movie makes the cast stronger. Recently I watched another movie by Mehmet Ali Erbil and Ozcan Deniz I hated it but this one was perfect
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