What Just Happened (2008) Poster

Plot Keywords

hollywood cannes
beard agent
actor subjective camera
film within a film satire
writer movie studio
filmmaker watching a movie
screenwriter failure
photo shoot private jet
booing shot to death
subtitled scene rain
shaving one's beard cigar smoking
cigarette smoking hit with a shovel
hit in the crotch casket
eulogy pedicure
manicure revolving door
licking feather
reference to the lone ranger assistant
topless female nudity photograph
dying hair butt slap
eye patch repeated line
restaurant movie star
trailer sock
soundtrack male crying
falling down a hill office
bare chested male variety magazine
tantrum laptop computer
meeting reference to mickey mouse
looking at self in mirror overweight
blood spatter blood on camera lens
shot in the head killing an animal
shot in the chest character says i love you
chase movie screening
orange county california voice over narration
los angeles california woman in mens' room
wake vanity fair magazine
suicide sound stage
snorting cocaine red bull
rabbi preview
marriage counseling marital infidelity
film studio film executive
film editing counselor
answering machine alcoholic
airport black comedy
narrated by character movie premiere
bad review three word title
movie theater movie business
long take fast motion scene
fantasy sequence ex husband ex wife relationship
killing a dog cannes film festival
anger alarm clock
box office flop yarmulke
unfaithful husband spoof
jew jewish
hollywood california funeral
film producer filmmaking
film industry film director
female executive father daughter relationship
drug use cell phone
based on memoir actor playing himself
absent father question in title
movie producer based on book
title spoken by character

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