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While it won't rival the Harry Potter movies as a cultural milestone, the luminous, irresistible Stardust is no less industrious at scavenging myths and legends and making something altogether new from the familiar pickings.
It's the closest the movies have come in a while to the nudgy, knowing fairy-tale enchantment of "The Princess Bride."
Unlike "Pirates," Stardust is anything but a wretched mess. It's a charming and smartly plotted fantasy.
Stardust lights up the screen with a splendid tale of heroism and romance.
Miami Herald
Perhaps the most surprising thing about Stardust is that its most winning element is neither its delightful story nor its special effects but its sly sense of humor.
There's less whimsy to be found here than in "The Princess Bride," but the film is likely to appeal to the same group of older children and adults that appreciated Rob Reiner's classic.
Stardust is an eye-poppingly elaborate fantasy that's shot through with action-movie adrenaline and attitude.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
For audiences tired of summer sequels that grind through the familiar motions, Stardust provides a dizzying antidote.
Immensely winning and visually arresting adaptation of Gaiman's 1998 fantasy.
The Hollywood Reporter
Diverting and pleasurable to watch, Stardust, a tongue-in-cheek sword-and-sorcerers romp bolstered by a top-flight cast, is most adroit when it plays the fantasy straight rather than sending up the genre.
Brings too much of EVERYTHING to the table: It's the cinema equivalent of a long, winding, run-on sentence.

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