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287 out of 464 people found the following review useful:

An exercise in thrash movie-making - best video game adaptation ever

Author: SicariusIV from Canada
22 July 2007

I saw the world premiere at the Fantasia Festival in Montreal. Seriously, this movie blows away anything ever done by Boll.

It's the most violent, disgusting, offensive, thrash movie I've ever seen. I give the movie 9 stars because it was exactly what Boll was intending, and it's a complete success. Go home Takashi Miike! To sum up, it's probably the best video game to movie adaptation ever made. It perfectly captured the spirit of the video game, and then added more, always more, to create such excess that you can't help but laugh during the whole thing.

People criticizing the movie because it's violent, disgusting and offensive shouldn't comment on it - they obviously missed the point.

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158 out of 226 people found the following review useful:

Funny as hell

Author: GMONKEY!!! from Canada
30 May 2008

I don't understand the bad reviews of this film. People complaining about how its not true to the games have obviously never played Postal 2. This movie is probably closest video game adaptation that I have seen. It is completely true to the theme of the game.

I watched this film at the premier and actually had a chat with Uwe Boll before the film started. He came out right before the film and made a 10-15 speech that consisted mostly of him tirading about how Bush is an idiot and even more about how he hate all the reviewers that give him bad reviews. I think he must have self esteem issues to come off like that against the reviewers.

Anyways, this movie is very funny, if you're into this sort of movie. Obviously if you hate Uwe Boll or are totally politically correct or are easily offended, then don't watch this movie. For people like me that like dead baby jokes and are pretty much desensitized to everything, this is a gold mine of comedy.

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104 out of 134 people found the following review useful:

You may not Believe it, but I REALLY liked it.

Author: U8RU486 from ILLINOIS USA
29 August 2008

Disclaimer: Let me start by saying that I was neither drunk nor high when I watched this movie. I watched it stone cold sober, alone, in my living room.

Amazingly I just gave an Uwe Boll film 8 stars, I know, I can't believe it myself. If I were twelve years old and still read MAD Magazine I'd probably have given it ten stars.

There are plenty of "zany" pop culture riffing movies out there, (Meet the Spartans, Super Hero Movie, Date Movie, etc.) but the difference here is Postal works. I laughed throughout the entire movie, with the exception of about seven jokes which didn't make sense or just didn't work. But it doesn't matter that these seven jokes failed because the movie is an endless stream of jokes, sight gags, bikini clad cult members, machine gun battles, and bad taste in the vein of John Waters/Troma Films earliest efforts.

It's too bad Uwe Boll got himself involved in a petty internet pi**ing contest over this film. I think had he just been modest, kept his mouth shut, and let the film speak for itself it may have been a minor success. The old Hollywood saying about there being "no such thing as bad publicity" doesn't work for you when all you get is BAD PUBLICITY.

That said, the only real problems with the film are the low budget production values and a few of the minor performances, but even those problems just add to the humor of this film.

The plot actually made sense.

The actors played it straight without being too zany too often.

And the jokes, although in bad taste and definitely not for everybody, were never so mean spirited that I was turned off by them.

I think Uwe Boll knew what he was doing with this picture. The satire and parodies worked well, and there were even a few jokes that made me want to cheer. I know, crazy huh?

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150 out of 240 people found the following review useful:

Does Boll pull it off? No. Did I laugh? Yes.

Author: DAFTCOHO from United States
23 September 2007

This is Uwe Boll's best film to date. That being said, it's still crap. Abundant plot holes, crudely forced shock tactics, a shallow attempt at satire, and the worst director in the entire world are just the tip of the iceberg on why this movie blows. I hate Boll's work. I hate his belligerence. He should not be allowed near a camera.

The ultimate question, however, is did I laugh? Yes. In spite of everything , I laughed. This movie is Uwe Boll's "F*^# you!" statement to the world. He's going to continue making movies whether we like it or not, and he's actually a lot better at crude humor than any sort of horror, adaptation or whatever random dung heap genre he sticks his nose into. He even makes fun of himself in this movie during a cameo between him and the actual creator of the postal franchise. For some weird reason, I respect that.

Zack Ward was fantastic, and really should be getting better work. This may be a rare time when an actors participation in a Boll film didn't herald their imminent career death. He proved himself to be an adequate action actor, and I'm hoping this gets him some publicity. The same cannot be said for Verne Troyer or Dave Foley, who are circling the drain. (I still laughed though.)

Is it worth the price of admission? Nope, but it's so much closer than any of Boll's films have ever been. Boll may be a deluded, stubborn and angry man,(at the Q&A he explained to us in a very serious tone, how postal was a gutsy, intelligent satire) and his work may be awful, but Boll genuinely loves films and wants to make them. He wants to get better and who knows? Maybe one day Boll will produce something worthwhile. Tasteless director John Waters invented Hairspray, which was thought to be impossible. Maybe Boll will one day harness his ambition towards film-making in a productive way. Or not. Who cares?

You shouldn't see postal if you have an option, but if you don't, you might giggle a few times, in spite of yourself. However, if you're a moron, you'll love it!


P.S: Boll has always clashed with wheelchair-bound "AintItCool" news leader, Harry Knowles. They don't get along at all. Why do I reference this? There is a mentally challenged character in the movie who begs for money from the seat of a motorized wheelchair. Can you guess his first name?

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68 out of 100 people found the following review useful:

mostly 10's and 1's

Author: Greg Conquest from Japan
26 August 2008

I'm apparently an oddball for giving this movie an "8". Most votes are for a "10" or a "1". Actually, the average score and the mean score reveal VERY little about the quality of this movie. It has video game style gore *of children*, so many people probably walk out/turn it off then and give it a "1" on IMDb just for those scenes. It is shocking.

OTOH, once you get over the shock, it is a hilarious movie. It does have a quirky style. It also has many crystal clear moments of lucidity, followed by utter absurdity the likes which have never been seen before.

I don't know much about Uwe Boll, but I do think I could actually get into film making because of the freshness of the scenes and plots.

So, offbeat funny but with ever-present political and satirical undertones. If this attracts you, you're perhaps another "10". If getting your brains blown out doesn't sound like a good way to clear your head, then you'd probably give it a "1".

Easy recommendation for most people.

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117 out of 202 people found the following review useful:

Uwe Boll returns to his roots

Author: roger-212 from United States
10 August 2007

If we forget for a minute that this film was directed by Uwe Boll, the discussion of this film would be very different. It's hard not to remember other video games he's responsible for bringing to the screen ("Alone in the Dark," "Bloodrayne") that really really sucked.

Boll has said he looked inward to write about his own frustration with the world for this. And it's very different. It doesn't compare to his other films at all - is closer to "Kentucky Fried Movie" than to "Alien Vs. Predator." It's a comedy, presumably his first intentional one since his debut film 15 years ago, and it goes to a place he hasn't shown us before.

It's based on the spirit of the game "Postal" already politically incorrect, cartoony, out of control, and not really serious (not even as "Vice City"). In a post 9/11 world, how do you make a film about an urban terrorist who's just "p--ssed off" without addressing terrorism, racism, and everything else that are hot buttons in the world...that create the madness that might make someone go...well, you know.

Boll has channeled the politically incorrect attitude and turned it on its ear. He doesn't mind making everyone look the fool, do things they shouldn't for the wrong reasons, kill the wrong people, overreact, act out clichés, etc. Everything and everyone is fair game in this film, and we must remember that - it's a FILM. It's fake, folks. Everyone in it takes themselves too seriously and thinks killing someone solves their problems. They're crazy, wrong, and in this film, they're laughable. Having fun yet? This is really a kitchen-sink movie. Every possible joke, high and low, sexual or sociological, is jammed in, with varying degrees of success. A lot of it's quite funny, some is stupid and offensive (but weirdly, in a good-natured way. It's not mean-spirited at all.) Ultimately it's a lot of fun. I agree that's it's too long towards the end, if only because Boll didn't have the resources to make the final shootout as epic as it should have been, and it begins to feel cramped.

The portrayal of Osama bin Laden (by "soup Nazi" Larry Thomas) is inspired. Zack Ward and Dave Foley are both great and very comfortable in their roles. Uwe himself has a great no-punches-pulled cameo along with the original maker of the game "Postal" at one point.

I wonder if this will ever translate to a wide release or if it will remain something we see on DVD (unrated, we can only hope) and laugh over. It is up to us to support any film that gets to the uncomfortable part of our world.

And amazingly, Uwe Boll wrote and directed it. Good job. Not the best film in the world, but one to remember. I don't think Paul W.S. Anderson or Eli Roth (to pick other famous "hacks") could possibly have pulled something this off. Boll is off the worst-director-ever list after this.

Let's hope after "Bloodrayne 2" he does something else more personal.

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37 out of 52 people found the following review useful:

Postal: Boll's "Best" Movie

Author: Bocklocke from United States
28 August 2008

Now we all know Uwe Boll's track record when it comes to movies, but even more so when it's applied to video games. However, in the case of Postal I have to say I was rather surprised because the movie possessed this subtle flair of the game. While watching it I felt it was trying its hardest to be as true to the game as it could. It has sick and pointlessly funny humor both political and sexual, and it has a ridiculous plot that feels like something right out of the game. Perhaps the one thing Boll does well in Postal is the bumbling collection of Muslim terrorists who are apathetic about the whole "Jihad" thing and they are quite funny to watch as they goof around. I guess what makes Postal the movie special is the collection of little silly Easter egg-esquire instances that will just make you chuckle. Like the Postal game, the movie deserves its due because it is a novelty among movies. Regardless, it's Boll's "best" work.

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76 out of 133 people found the following review useful:

Knowingly dumb fun

Author: silvertig from Canada
7 October 2007

After I saw Postal, I got a chance to see Uwe Boll himself in a Q&A session. He's actually pretty amusing in real life and I think he channeled that when writing Postal. This was the first movie of his I've ever seen and...

I actually had a lot of fun. Take a few friends with you when you go, and you'll probably leave in a good mood too. It's not without some flaws, it does stutter here and there and Mr Boll takes a few great jokes and doesn't quite build up and then punchline them properly, but there's enough hits here to make up for it. The cast is excellent (Dave Foley and Zach Ward steal the show but there are some great cameos). The VERY last shot of the movie is strangely beautiful. You'll have to see it to see what I mean.

In the end there's something very good-natured about how this movie with decapitations and explosions and suicide bombers and gunfights tries to make you laugh. It was happy to roll around in its own silliness and for that, I loved it.

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34 out of 52 people found the following review useful:

A Bollian journey into Tromaville Territory

Author: matthew macgyver from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
27 August 2008

Uwe Boll's best Movie. Better than "You Don't Mess with the Zohan". Neither of those statements are saying particularly much, but to say the least, this movie is actually worth watching. Postal is essentially an absurdist farce comprised of characters designed to be caricatures of the worst parts of humanity. Assuming this was not some cosmic coincidence whereby Uwe Boll managed to write and direct a movie that actually entertains it's alleged target audience, I feel confident in saying that this movie actually hits it's mark. Knowing the spirit and tone of the source material, this is actually a pretty decent video game adaptation. The movie is essentially a Bollian journey into Tromaville territory: from the crass socio-political commentary, through the excessive violence, coarse language, gratuitous full frontal Dave Foley nudity, right down to the self deprecating director cameo. It's intentionally offensive to everyone. Despite itself, on some level this movie works. It's weird that I seem to only have good things to say about this movie, seeing as it is not a good movie... but, dare I say, it's not bad either. 5/10

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38 out of 64 people found the following review useful:

Uwe Bolls Me Over

Author: Jonny_Numb from Hellfudge, Pennsylvania
1 September 2008

While Uwe Boll has garnered a reputation as one of the worst directors of all time, I can only surmise that those particular critics either have a very limited awareness of cinema (and clearly have not seen any films by Ulli Lommel...or Eli Roth), or are so embittered by their profession that they cannot see the insane, driven vision beneath the surface of the German mastermind's work. Those who have followed his career with masochistic pleasure have concluded that his current works have shown a legitimate upgrade in quality, and "Postal" is one of his most impressive films; while yet another loose take on a video game, Boll's proficiency with narrative structure (he co-wrote the script with Bryan C. Knight) has gotten better, as has his scene composition (few out-of-nowhere edits away from the action); and placed on the grounds of an absurd satire (a genre that many filmmakers bungle), Boll shows unfettered confidence and drive, even if the end result comes up short. Ditching the nauseating sitcom-structure that has turned Judd Apatow's films into crudely saccharine cinematic gold-mines, Boll goes for the subversive, anti-commercial jugular with "Postal"--he seems on a mission to top one offensive gag with one even more offensive, and the film (true to its title) is an onslaught of un-PC humor from start to finish. While I will say I laughed often at "Postal" and its politics (which echo the anti-consumerist diatribes that made "Fight Club" a cult classic), the comic timing is probably only spot-on about half the time; the remainder of the film's humor flows out of the absurdity of its premise: Dude (Zack Ward, the red-haired bully from "A Christmas Story") is an unemployed, lower-class guy having a bad day--in a pinch for cash, he and Uncle Dave (Dave Foley) concoct a plan to steal a shipment of Krotchy dolls from a Nazi-themed amusement park (run by Boll himself in a hilarious cameo); meanwhile, Osama bin Laden and the Taliban (camped out in the back of a convenience store, natch) are also converging on the coveted toy. Yet the plot is really just an excuse for Boll to let loose with a skewering of stereotypes, history, and blue-collar madness: while "Postal" could have merely been tasteless and humorless, its own sensitivity toward mankind's collectively repressed id shows a greater existential curiosity toward our "post-9/11" society than any Oscar-nominated tearjerker to come down the pike.

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