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Merry Fred Claus!!!
namashi_15 September 2009
Hilarious, Touching, Entertaining & Sweet sums up as 'Fred Claus'.

David Dobkin deserves kudos for directing a sensitive subject like 'Fred Claus'. The well-known filmmaker is blessed with 2 good writers Dan Fogelman & Jessie Nelson, who've written this Christmas flick. A joyride!

Accoding to me 'Bad Santa' was an excellent attempt, but that was crude and crass. But 'Fred Claus' is the most touching Christmas flick after the Masterpiece 'The Polar Express'. Everything a cine-fan wants to see is served in here, it's a feel-good entertainer that leaves loving your loved ones a bit more.

Santa Claus is not the topic here, it's his brother Fred Claus, who makes this simple story well-told. More than anything, this movie makes you believe in Santa once again, {I was his biggest fan in my childhood}, and after watching it I wish each and every kid in the world awaits for Christmas.

Acting-wise: Vince Vaughn plays Fred Claus beautifully. He's dependable as always. Paul Giamatti, as Santa, is lovable. Kevin Spacey plays the conniving-turned-likable character with ease. Miranda Richardson is first-rate. John Michael Higgins is hilarious as Willy. Kathy Bates, Trevor Peacock, Elizabeth Banks, Bobb'e J. Thompson & Rachel Weisz are effective in small roles.

Final word? MERRY Christmas, Indeed!
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Every Child Deserves a Christmas Gift
Claudio Carvalho24 December 2008
Santa Claus' older brother Fred Claus (Vince Vaughn) was raised in the shadow of his famous brother and has issues with his mother (Kathy Bates). In Chicago, near Christmas, Fred asks for money on the streets trying to raise fifty thousand dollars to open a betting shop. However, many legalized Salvation Army Santa Claus chase him and Fred is arrested and sent to jail. He calls his brother Nick Santa Claus (Paul Giamatti) in the North Pole that accepts to pay his bail of five thousand dollars and proposes to lend the amount Fred needs provided he comes to the North Pole to help him in his factory. Meanwhile the mean efficiency expert Clyde Northcut (Kevin Spacey) arrives in the North Pole with the intention of finding three non-conformities in the audit of the manufacturing process and shut-down the facility. When Fred is assigned to work in the Naughty-Nice Department, the troubles of Nick begin.

I do not recall the last time I have seen such entertaining Christmas movie. "Fred Claus" is funny and has many hilarious moments (my favorite is the siblings-anonymous, with Frank Stallone, Roger Clinton and Stephen Baldwyn among others that resemble Ed Harris, Morgan Freeman and other famous people). The message that there is no naughty child and consequently every child deserves a Christmas gift is great. The cast leaded by Vince Vaughn is fantastic and I really loved this movie. I wish Merry Christmas to all IMDb movie and TV lovers and staff. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Titio Noel" ("Uncle Claus")
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What were you expecting?
Bill Jordan11 November 2007
I gave this movie 10 stars to counter some of the 1-star reviews, but I think it garners a solid 7 nonetheless. I don't know what those who rated it so poorly were expecting, but for me, it was just what I expected - enough chuckles to be entertaining, pretty Christmas scenery, and a touching story. My 17 and 12-year-old sons liked it as well. I thought Vince Vaughn played his typical character, which is always good for a laugh or two, though rarely one you would choke yourself on. I don't think the movie would necessarily go over with the pre-school crowd because it's not "The Santa Claus," but children who are old enough to understand the emotions being portrayed should enjoy it. There are a couple of sexual innuendos that may offend the more conservative viewers, but they likely go over the heads of the youngsters. I'm always amazed at the range of reviews movies get here at IMDb, and they truly show why we'll never all get along. I found this particular film both entertaining and moving, which is all I usually ask, particularly of a Holiday film. While "Fred Claus" doesn't go beyond the call of duty so to speak, it certainly lived up to my expectations.
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Probably in my top 5!
jesleaford9 December 2008
As an avid lover of traditional Christmas movies, I was not expecting a lot out of Fred Claus. However, I bought it because I wanted something new for my 6 year old, and I really like Vince Vaughn. Many people I talked to didn't like Fred Claus because Vince Vaughn is "the same as he is in every movie." I happen to love that. The rest of the cast was A+ and gave perfect performances. I LOVED THIS MOVIE and would recommend it to anyone who loves Christmas! There were so many funny parts as well as heart warming sweet moments that this movie was one that my 6 year old son and I could enjoy together. I'm glad I skipped renting and just bought this movie as it will be one I look forward to every year.
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Very Underrated movie
ishuanand7 August 2008
I have to be honest, when this movie came out I wasn't very keen on seeing this movie, even though it had Vince in the lead whose comedy i really like, it was the whole premise of the movie which was putting me off and reading the reviews did not help either because they were not doing the movie any justice. Now finally after a good 8 or 9 months of the films theatrical release, I happened to get it on DVD and boy was I surprised. This film is not your average Vince Vaughn comedy film with lots of slick lines, it has a very few of those, I think this was marketed a little bit vaguely because it certainly is not a comedy but it is a good drama/family movie with quite a lot of heart and especially if you have a brother, watch this movie it wont change your life or anything but for those 2 hours it will make you feel good about yourself.
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Surprised at some of the other reviews . . .
jwalker0196 December 2008
My partner and I loved this movie. We own a couple hundred Christmas movies and are only able to watch a small subset each year, but I think this will go into our "rotation" as a perennial favorite.

Vince Vaughn is his typical self - caustic but charming. Paul Giamatti is great as a jolly Santa Claus who's got just a little bit too much on his plate this year, what with family and productivity challenges . . .

Kathy Bates and Trevor Peacock make great parents for the Claus siblings, and Kevin Spacey is great is his pivotal role.

The special effects are also excellent: seamless and effective - the North Pole never looked better ;-)

In short, this is a fun and funny Christmas movie. See it!
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The cinematic equivalent of a lump of coal in your Christmas stocking.
petermorganking5 November 2007
Painfully bad Christmas film that has an equally painfully bad performance by Vince Vaughn, who is paying his usual frat boy self but this time for a children's movie but with out the wit or charm that is in his R rated films. Vaughn seems like he's on autopilot though most of the film and he keeps running into walls with his lackluster performance. After 30 minutes into the film, you would be in touch your inner scourge and say "Bahumbag" at how unfunny this film is and after another 30 minutes, you will want to walk out over how unbearable the film has gotten during that point. Out of all the actors involved in this mess, only Paul Giamatti and Rachel Weisz brings some life to there perspective paper thin roles and that's manly because they are both way too good of actors to be in this film. Paul Giamatti brings some depth and warmth to the character of Saint Nick himself but he's forced to Vaughn's level of juvenile behavior when they are doing their sad sibling infighting. You can see in Giamatti face that he's not having fun with his role and it painfully shows in certain parts of the film. Rachel Weisz brings a sense of fun and spirit to her role but she really does not have much of a character to work with and you can see in her face that she's well aware of that, so much so that she seems irritated in certain parts of the film. Fortunately for her, she's not in the film much at all and is able to save some face, unlike Giamatti, who looks like he's about to fire his agent by the end of the movie. The direction also feels uninspiring, like there is no feeling or flow to be had and this is a supposed to be a holiday movie but it ends up feeling like you are just staring at a fancy widow display that is being torn down.

I don't know what went wrong here but with only two actors involved (Giamatti and Weisz) trying their best to at least bring something to the table with a unfunny script they had to work with, spotty direction with no feeling for the subject at hand ( and this is a Christmas movie of all things) and a actor who just does not care about his performance (Vaughn), you have a very unevenly bad film that is very painful to watch.
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Fred Claus (2007) ***
JoeKarlosi12 December 2007
My wife and I took our niece to the theater for this and it was a good time. Vince Vaughn plays the lead role of Fred, the grouchy and disgruntled brother of the real Santa Claus (Paul Giamatti). When things get tough one year up at the North Pole where Santa lives, he sends for his estranged brother to visit him and help out. It seems a nasty efficiency man (Kevin Spacey) is about to shut Santa's massive toy making operation down permanently if certain standards are not maintained, and this low-life is doing everything he can to make sure things never straighten out.

I usually don't like Kevin Spacey, but he was perfect for this part and I enjoyed the whole cast too, in fact. It's getting to the point where I'd go to see any movie with Paul Giamatti in it, and though you'd think he's not physically right for the role of Santa Claus, he makes it work. I found this funny and festive, with something to say about what hurt feelings and mistreatment can do to turn good people bad (ie; make nice people "naughty"). I especially got a kick out of a scene featuring a "Syblings Anonymous" type of meeting for disgruntled brothers, where some famous faces made cameos. There's good music featured throughout as well, and not all of it necessarily being Christmas tunes. *** out of ****
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Nice Film
cindysbox24 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Essentially, a nice film. No violence of any significance, sexual references will go over small children's heads. The movie explores sibling rivalry in an interesting, pleasant way: the "sibling anonymous" scene was quite amusing (I think a relative of the Smothers Brothers and Morgan Freeman was in that scene. The comments from Roger Clinton ring true to life.) This is a movie that one can explore with kids when they are a bit older and in a mood to discuss sibling rivalry. It also has a lovely use of Chicago, and I loved the assaults from unexpected quarters.

Interestingly, I think this movie appeals more to adults than very small children. My kids did get a little restless; my wife and I loved it.
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It is what it is
Willemite25 November 2007
Every Christmas eve I make my kids endure yet another showing of It's A Wonderful Life. I also thoroughly enjoyed Bad Santa. So sue me. I admit it. I like cheesy, schmaltzy movies. I like excellent, intelligent ones too, but as with so many things, variety is a good thing. What would the Christmas season be without the annual cinematic ka-ching ka-ching of Santa in all his guises, from Edmund Gwenn to Billy Bob Thornton? Fred Claus will make no one forget Bedford Falls, but I do not believe a Christmas film should have to reach iconic stature to succeed. "Fred" is a perfectly OK holiday movie, with enough humor for the adults and sufficient charm for the kids. My wife and I laughed a lot, even if most of the humor was obvious and Vince was just being Vince. Paul Giamatti was a top-notch Santa, which helped a lot. Not a great flick, and unlikely to become must-viewing for anyone's annual Christmas traditions. But my wife and daughter and I enjoyed it for what it was, holiday schmaltz with a small dash of spice. There's nothing wrong with that.
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