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Jessica Alba, upon receiving criticism about her performance in this film, said that the director, Tim Story, told her "It looks too real. It looks too painful. Can you be prettier when you cry? Cry pretty, Jessica ... Don't do that thing with your face. Just make it flat. We can CGI the tears in".
Jessica Alba wore a blonde wig because her hair had suffered from all the bleaching in the previous Fantastic Four (2005) film.
For Michael Chiklis's performance as the Thing, a new set of prosthetics were developed. These prosthetics were easier for Chiklis to wear, as they provided better ventilation and could be easily removed, in comparison to the previous film's prosthetics which required six hours to apply, were uncomfortable and could not be easily removed.
The forest scenes were shot in the same forest as was used in the first three "X-Men" movies.
Originally, Nick Fury was going to be in this film, but he was written out of the script and replaced with General Hager. Fury would eventually appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe opposite Chris Evans who played Steve Rogers/Captain America.
The studio hated Doctor Doom's make-up so he remains hidden under a cowl in most of his early scenes.
A supporting character, Captain Frankie Raye, was in the comics, a love interest of Johnny Storm who later succeeded the Silver Surfer as Galactus' new herald, Nova.
The Silver Surfer was created by Doug Jones wearing a prosthetic suit developed by Spectral Motion, and a new VFX program from Weta Digital which augmented the Surfer's reflective surface.
Originally Laurence Fishburne was keen to provide the voice for Galactus. He happily switched to the role of the Silver Surfer when it was decided to make Galactus mute.
As a way of the promoting the film, 20th Century Fox brokered a deal with the Franklin Mint to produce 40,000 US quarters with the Silver Surfer on the reverse. The US Mint vetoed this promotion.
Efforts were made to keep the Fantasticar under wraps and out of all the promotional material so that it would be a pleasant surprise for fans.
Reed's speech to General Hager about being a "good little nerd" is taken nearly verbatim from Ultimate Extinction #2 where he was speaking to Nick Fury.
The Surfer speaks of "the one I love." This refers to Shalla-Bal, who (in the comics) was Norrin Radd's girlfriend before he became the Silver Surfer.
Plans for a third installment, as well as a Silver Surfer solo film, were discarded after this film flopped at the box office.
In the comics, Doctor Doom constantly wears his trademark suit of armor since an accident in his laboratory. There is a tradition of never showing his face under the mask (by having some object come into the panel to obscure his front whenever he takes it off) with the understanding that there is nothing beneath but scar tissue.
Was given a PG rating by the MPAA, the first Marvel film since Howard the Duck (1986) to earn this rating.
Grossed $58 million on its opening weekend, $2 million more than its predecessor's opening.
When Johnny falls into the sand in the Middle East and rolls over to his back, in close up shots you can see the "4" logo in the sand next to his head.
Chris Evans would go on to play another Marvel comic book hero, Steve Rogers/Captain America, in the "Marvel Cinematic Universe." Coincidentally, Michael B. Jordan played Johnny Storm/The Human Torch in the "Fantastic Four" reboot and later be cast as Erik Killmonger in "Black Panther", another film also set in the "Marvel Cinematic Universe".
Susan worries about having a son with all the public scrutiny. In the comics, Richard and Susan Storm have a son named Franklin Benjamin Richards, who has telepathic powers.
Andre Braugher turned down a supporting role in ER (1994) to take a part in this film.
There is a dialogue in the movie when Reed says that he is engaged to the hottest woman on the planet (pointing to Susan Storm). This was a reference to the fact that Jessica Alba had been declared the sexiest female alive just months before the release of this film.
Djimon Hounsou, Gary Sinise and Timothy Olyphant all auditioned for the voice of Silver Surfer.
For this outing, some slight revisions were made to the make-up of The Thing, giving him a larger brow and broader shoulders. This brought the design more in line with the then-recent comic book revision.
For most of the production, the filmmakers were not sure whether the Silver Surfer was going to have a voice or not.
This was Laurence Fishburne's first comic-book film. He would later star as Perry White in the DC Cinematic Universe starting with Man of Steel (2013).
Susan Storm's wedding dress is a custom made design by the German luxury fashion brand Escada.
Release prints were delivered to theaters with the fake title "Broom Field".
Johnny asks Frankie if she's ever done any modelling. Actress Beau Garrett has in fact, done modeling for Guess jeans and Revlon cosmetics.
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WILHELM SCREAM: When the Army and the Fantastic Four first have an up close encounter with the Silver Surfer.
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The only Stan Lee cameo in a Marvel film in which Lee's name is spoken aloud.
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Stan Lee: as a guest who is refused entry to the Fantastic wedding. This is taken from an issue of the 1960s "Fantastic Four" comic, where at Reed Richards and Susan Storm's wedding, Stan Lee and series artist Jack Kirby are turned away from the wedding, in a blatant breaking of the fourth wall, which was very rare in the mainstream Marvel Comics universe.


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

In the film, the Silver Surfer gets his powers from his board, which was not the case in the comics. In the comics, the Surfer is able to fly on his own and use his full gamut of powers without the aid of his surfboard. The board's purpose is that it significantly decreases the energy required for flight.
In the original script, it was Reed's idea to have Johnny assume all the team's powers to fight Dr. Doom, and Johnny had to be talked into it. Tim Story later made it Johnny's idea, to make the scene Johnny's big moment and give Chris Evans a chance to really shine.
There's another hidden '4' when Johnny borrows the powers of all 3 of his teammates - look carefully at the rock lines on Ben Grimm's arm when they glow.
According to Don Payne, the film was influenced by the Fantastic Four comic "The Galactus Trilogy" (Galactus and the Surfer approach Earth), "Fantastic 4" issues #57-60" (Dr Doom steals the Surfer's powers), and the "Ultimate Marvel" comic "Ultimate Extinction" (the name of Gah Lak Tus is used).
For when Johnny and Ben switch powers and then switch back, Tim Story had debated whether it would be cruel to have Ben regain his human form only to lose it again just moments later.
Tim Story refuses to put giant robots in his movies. In this film, Galactus, normally portrayed in the comics as something resembling a giant robot, is shown as a gaseous cloud. However, both the shadow on Saturn as he passes by it and the fiery mass within the cloud, resemble his signature helmet.
While the movie version of the Silver Surfer can raise the dead, as he does for Susan Storm, the comic book version does not have this power.
Tim Story wanted the Four's iconic laying-on of hands to serve a practical purpose in the film, not to be just a go-team gesture. Hence its use when Johnny assumes all of the team's powers in order to fight Dr. Doom and the Surfer's board.
The Human Torch gains all of the Fantastic Four's powers in the final battle against Doom. This is a direct reference Fantastic Four villain Kl'rt aka Super Skrull who possesses a conbination of all of the Fantastic Four's powers.
The blades of the helicopter that nearly destroys Sue and Reed's wedding were created with CGI.
After the release of this film, a third Fantastic Four movie as well as a Silver Surfer spinoff were in the pipeline, but both fell through due to the film's low box office returns. The franchise was later rebooted with Fant4stic, which bombed at the box-office and was lambasted by critics, unlike its predecessors.
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