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Will probably pass muster with very young viewers, but their parents may grit their teeth at its saccharine quality.
Brisk and sweet, even if the script veers toward fussy and lame.
Fly Me to the Moon is a crummy movie for kids, yet it still holds out the prospect of past wonders and future marvels. It's one small step for a housefly, one giant leap for 3-D.
The animation IS great and absolutely so fantastic you'll want to reach out and touch the creatures - or swat them off your uncomfortable 3-D glasses.
The script appears to have been designed, created and produced entirely in 1-D: a mishmash of kidcentric antics, follow-your-dream cliches, and innocuously icky humor.
The Hollywood Reporter
An awkward mix of proficient 3-D animation, detailed technical recreation and strained storytelling that stalls on takeoff.
Miami Herald
What saves Fly Me to the Moon from being a total wash is the actual mission itself.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
All of this is interesting, but not all that entertaining.
A tribute to a giant leap for mankind feels like a clumsy shuffle backward for animation.
Chicago Tribune
The vocal characterizations aren't the problem here; the script and the animation are the problems, and in feature animation, you can't arrange more significant problems than those.
Forgive us for being demanding, but shouldn't an animated kids movie like this one be, at the very least, fun? Cute? Watchable?

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