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New York Post
Wind Chill is very much Blunt's show - there are no other major characters save Holmes - and she even gets to climb a telephone pole in her Prada heels. Brava!
The Hollywood Reporter
For all its flaws, is an often spooky and imaginative ghost story that contains a genuine creepiness.
A moody, spooky tale, rendered with laudable economy.
Los Angeles Times
This isn't merely a horror film about things going bump in the night, but a study of the effects of desolation on our sense of personal consciousness.
This intermittently effective thriller serves as a rickety vehicle for its two perfectly cast leads, working better as a slow-thawing two-hander than as a chilly ghost story.
Despite its failings, Wind Chill represents a road rarely taken by 21st-century American horror films: Original (in the non-remake sense of the term), subtle and restrained.
L.A. Weekly
Jacobs and his writers are notably more interested in creepy atmosphere -- and in contemplating the order of the universe -- than in jump-in-your-seat jolts. But well before day breaks, it's the movie’s plot (which would have made for an outstanding Outer Limits episode) that has come to seem stuck in an endless loop.

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