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Star-studded enjoyable Jackie Chan movie with an excellent combination of action and comedy, and adorable baby!
kappachino3 November 2006
All I can say is, this is definitely a Jackie Chan movie and fans will definitely not be disappointed at all. Even with his advancing age and toning down of action scenes, Jackie still has it in him and never fails to entertain. For those fans wondering about action scenes, sure Jackie isn't what he used to be back in the heyday of 80's Hong Kong cinema, but his top notch action choreography is still inventive and fun to watch, and there are many fun set pieces. The comedy is also very well done and there are many endearing scenes with the real star of the show, baby Matthew Medvedev, who will melt any viewer's heart. Jackie and his co-stars' characters are very sympathetic and the acting for the most part is spot on. Benny Chan does an excellent job directing his stars and shows that he is not only able to direct a serious action crime drama like Chan's previous New Police Story but is also adept at the family action comedy as well. There are many cameos from well known HK stars, so be sure to watch out for them. Chan fans will appreciate a special extended cameo. Overall an enjoyable quality Chan family movie.
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The original Jackie Chan is back!!!
thebanquet8 October 2006
I first saw Jackie Chan in the Hollywood film'Rush Hour2'which was pretty interesting.But my uncle,who is a movie critic,told me that a true Jackie Chan fan must see the hit film 'Drunken Master'. Over the years I saw many Jackie Chan films,both Hollywood,Chinese,and even a Korean movie but none could compare itself to the legendary 'Drunken Master'series. To be honest, I was very disappointed by Jackie's recent Hollywood films,including 'The Medallion'and 'Around the World in 80days'.None of his Hollywood films could compete with 'Drunken Master'. 'Rob B Hood'opened in theaters in my native land Korea the same day as in Hong Kong. Because it was edited into 110minutes from the original 134minute version,there were many scenes that just non understandable,but on the whole,if you watch this film,Jackie Chan is back to his original Chinese roots. The jokes and action are like the ones in 'Drunken Master'. Of course,recently Jackie Chan made a statement that he wouldn't act any more action films, but I hope to see him in many more films like Rob B Hood. Cheers to the one man in Asia whom even Hollywood superstars look up to.
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A Nutshell Review: Rob-B-Hood
DICK STEEL27 September 2006
Jackie Chan is undoubtedly one of the few Asian stars whose name alone can open a movie, probably worldwide now. With his latest offering for the Chinese National Day holiday in Rob- B-Hood, he has again done back to basics, together with one of his collaborators of late Benny Chan (New Police Story, Who Am I), with his mantra of "no sex no violence", but just pure action.

In his recent movies, while staying true to his brand of action together with his band of merry men from the Jackie Chan Stunt Team, there is no denial of his attempt to infuse a little more drama into his role so as to showcase his acting chops. While his acting in slow moments might not appeal to fans of his action, it looks like dramatic moments are here to stay. However, if you'd notice there's a progression in his willingness to move away from one- man-army type of roles, to sharing the limelight with his fellow co-stars.

Here, his screen time is almost equally shared with co-lead Louis Koo, with the both of them playing unsavoury characters - thieves with vices, with Chan as Thongs, a hardcore gambler with family issues, and Koo as Octopus, a married womanizer and fast car lover. They turn to their current profession of thievery to sustain their lifestyle, and the brains behind the duo's brawn is Landlord, played by veteran Michael Hui, a man whose wife is devastated by the loss of their only child.

See the plenty of moments for some serious drama yet? It is perhaps these moments where an exploration into the character's background slowed down the pace of what could've been a rip-roaring ride from start to end. Clocking in at 135 minutes, the movie felt that it could've been shortened as certain scenes were just too trying. The action scenes too were few and far between, though each scene is still carefully choreographed and felt that it lasted longer than the usual.

The comedic element came in full swing with the introduction of the baby, which probably is the movie's trump card in luring the crowds (my friend and I didn't think he was that adorable actually). It's nothing new as the antics of soiled diapers, refusal to stop crying, and various moments of what baby would do, have already been touched upon in movies like 3 Men and a Baby, or even Raising Arizona. However, having one actor play daddy, and the other play mommy, does call for some genuine laughs sometimes.

Louis Koo has been playing the bad guy role to aplomb with his Election movies, and here, it's a nice change to see him tackle both comedy and action. I truly welcomed Michael Hui's return to the big screen, as one of my favourite comedies as a kid, was his Chicken and Duck Talk. Here though, there aren't many moments where he exhibited his classic bossy demeanour full of wit and sarcasm, probably hampered by the script.

The supporting casts consists of actors past and present in roles that either brought back some good memories, or are milked just for laughs. Yuen Biao was the other supporting role that compelled me to watch this movie, as he seemed to have faded from starring in movies for some time now. He doesn't have much to do here, save for some limited screen action. Actresses like Charlene Choi, Teresa Carpio and Gao Yuanyuan add balance to the testosterone on screen, but probably the best cameo appearance belongs to the duo of Nicholas Tse and Daniel Wu (totally different from what you see now in The Banquet)!

As always, stay at your seats while the end credits roll, for the usual out-takes included. My only gripe would still be to have this shown in Cantonese, somehow the dubbing of the out- takes sounded really too artificial.
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One big job... One small problem!
Paul Magne Haakonsen2 April 2012
"Robin-B-Hood" is one of the better recent Jackie Chan movies I have seen. Why? Well, obviously because of the trademark Jackie Chan action sequences, but also because of the story in the movie.

Jackie Chan (playing Fong Ka Ho) and Louis Koo (playing Octopus) are two professional burglars that live extravagant lives that require a lot of spending money, and get hired for job that promises million of Hong Kong dollars, though Michael Hui (playing Landlord) fails to inform his burglar associates that the job is to kidnap a baby. Fong Ka Ho and Octopus get attached to the baby, and then things start to escalate to a wild thrill-ride.

Jackie Chan puts on a great performance in this movie, as expected, and he is doing all of his trademark action and stunts, lots of action and comedy here. And he is well accompanied by Louis Koo who also puts on a good performance. I am a huge fan of Asian cinema and used to live in Hong Kong so I am no strangers to the Hong Kong cinema, and I must say that Charlene Choi (playing Pak Yin), despite her small role, actually put on one of her best performances ever. It is nice to see that she is finally growing into a good actor and is over that sugar-coated silly comedy that she made when she was younger.

The story in the movie have several aspects and depths and all work out quite nicely coming together full circle at the end. "Robin-B-Hood", despite the somewhat stupid title, is a really great action and family movie. Very suitable for fans of Jackie Chan or people in for an evening with the family. And I must underline that "Robin-B-Hood" is a MUST for all Jackie Chan fans. Sure he is getting older, but the man is still performing amazing stunts and spreading his good humor.

I was thoroughly entertained from the start of the movie until the very end. And I purchased the 2-disc Ultimate Edition from Amazon, and will definitely be giving the extra materials on disc 2 a go later on today.
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Overdid it
whitemule173 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
*minor spoilers* Amusing and entertaining at times, 'Rob-B-Hood' was overlong. This was clearly a huge-budget movie extravaganza. It contained all kinds of elements: over-the-top action, complex & dangerous stunts, plots, subplots and more subplots, plenty of secondary characters who really have no point to the story at all, a Chinese all-star cast (Jackie Chan, Louis Koo, Yuen Biao, Michael Hui, Charlene Choi from the singing group "Twins", and more, including cameos), some goofy romantic aspects; all rolled into one, long movie and what do you get? A story about three kind-hearted thieves, two of whom have to baby-sit an infant they kidnapped, who have to battle Triads who also want that baby. The movie was way over two hours, and the uncut version contained at least 30 more minutes of footage.

The fight choreography was fairly good, but it went back to the usual "Jackie Chan defeats them all" formula. Yuen Biao surprisingly returns to team up with Chan. Overall it was a movie aimed for all audiences, even though it contained some really intense scenes. Like all big-budget movie extravaganzas, when there are too much of everything, the basic story lags. Not too bad, though. Recommended for everyone, I guess, especially for those who like Jackie Chan, but to those who do watch it, you're in for a long night.
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Hilarious at times..still a good flick..
sendoh1523 May 2007
Humour does vary but there's something about this movie thats just so funny. I rarely laugh hard at any movie even comedies and i still found myself breathless from laughter. I love Jackie Chan in his old ways of making movies away from Hollywood, its much more deep and funnier. There are only handful of impressive action scenes but the comedy and drama makes up for this. Yes drama and a fairly good one for a Jackie Chan film.

I've been a fan ever since in whatever he does and will always be. At the end of the day it all comes down to the entertainment value and this movie is surely entertaining. Its just pure fun, not taking it too seriously will also liven up the viewing of the film. Don't be critical, after all this hard work is to bring you entertainment, an hour of two away from all seriousness.

Watch it for entertainment not for criticizing. 10/10 simply because one of the jokes made me laugh so hard.
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Overlong comedy about three men and a baby
dbborroughs24 November 2006
Latest Jackie Chan film is a wildly overly long (well over 2 hours) comedy action film about a trio of safe crackers who use the loot to fuel their addictions. When things take a turn for the worst the trio kidnaps a baby, the same one that they had saved earlier in the film. When one of the trio is hurt and thrown in jail after the getaway, the remaining two, Jackie Chan and Louis Koo must care for the kid. Of course they bond with the kid and of course circumstance provides for some death defying action sequences.

I really didn't care for this film. Sure its nice to see Jackie playing a semi-not so nice guy, but on the whole this is the sort of thing we've seen a dozen or so times before, and I'm not talking action. For me much of the film was past formulaic and into the cliché rut. How many films have their been about grown men with no baby experience taking care of infants? How many of them have gags stolen by this film? As for the action sequences they take a bit of a back seat to the comedy and the baby. Sure there are some nice bits, Jackie walking down the air conditioners and the car chase/crash are good little sequences but they too ring of things that have gone before. It could be argued that Jackie is getting up there, he's 52, but its not that what he's doing is bad its just that its a bit lifeless and repetitive when compared to his earlier films.

It also doesn't help that the film is paced so,leisurely that we feel every one of its 130 plus minutes. This is a movie in need of some real trimming.

A miss. Wait for cable.

4.5 out of 10, 5 out of 10 for IMDb purposes
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A fun Jackie Chan romp that's a hit and miss.
USSEnterpriseF13 January 2007
I first wanted to say its not nearly as bad as some of the other idiots who reviewed this film said it was. This movie does have some scenes that miss the mark and weren't really needed, but all in all I was satisfied. After watching New Police Story I needed to see Jackie in a film that's more fun, and Rob-B-Hood certainly delivers! Even though this movie's main element isn'the fighting there are some really nice fight sequences, the best of which is towards the end (as always!). The entire finale takes place in an amusement park over rides, ATVs, and speeding roller coasters! I felt that some of the danger the baby was put in was unnecessary but definitely gave Jackie chances to use death defying stunts. If you can get over the fact that the obviously fake baby is visible from time to time you will enjoy this. TWO THUMBS UP!

I also thought I should add that this film ended up outgrossing X-Men: the Last Stand AND Mission Impossible III at the 2006 Chinese box office!
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Jackie and partner and blind man = loser and jerk and old man baby-napping = horrible horrible movie
maria smith28 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I am a huge fan of Jackie Chan. I have and loved his autobiography, along with a good deal of his American movies. I love the cartoon. I started to watch it just cause it had him in it. I will watch anything of his and it's really, really hard to get me to not like it... Well they must have worked exceedingly hard. The movie is dubbed in English horribly, and is so incredibly, unbearably tedious I stopped watching it and tried to lay there and fall asleep instead. At a half hour I was thinking oh come on it has to be at least half over! but no I rummaged around till I found the case... IT'S OVER 2 HOURS LONG! I didn't have high expectations for it... I was just thinking something to watch when I was bored and a little like the pacifier in terms of comedies with a baby... but with baby-napping... So I got Rush Hour 3 which I loved and this. Don't waste your time watching it... There is no funny at all at least when I gave up at 45 minutes into it... Everyone's life sucks, main characters are: Jerk Of The Year, Jackie as Loser Gambler, Blind Dude with insane depressed wife... No part of it is happy... I really want to go return it just cause I hate giving 20 bucks for that crappy of a movie. Like it sucked so bad I still can't believe it. I don't know why Jackie would have done this rush hour 3 came out on DVD at like the same time so it's not like for the work or for the money... And you know Rush Hour 3 had to pay well and it's not like if he wanted to do more movies he couldn't. It's just incomprehensible why when he needs no padding in his career he would subject anyone to this drivel. In short, MOVIE SUCKS DON'T BUY! I definitely won't blindly trust Jackie to give me a good movie anymore that's for sure... If you have an option between watching paint dry/staring at an already painted wall or watching this the wall wins by a landslide.
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It was OK, but nice to see Jackie Chan and Michael Hui back.
OllieSuave-00717 April 2015
This action comedy flick starring Jackie Chan and Louis Koo as burglars Thongs and Octopus, whose job is to kidnap a baby. Later on, the baby develops strong paternal feelings to the two crooks, leading them to play the role of father.

There are plenty of good-old-fashion Jackie Chan action and slapstick humor. While the story has an intriguing concept, it is overloaded with multiple subplots, which dragged the film at times. The "protecting the baby from the triads" storyline is quite appealing, however, and it does create some suspense. There is also a little good mixture of drama, especially the touching scenes involving Thongs' father (Feng Ku). The acting was also OK, but I thought Chan and Koo playing the two father figures together was a bit odd.

There is a large cast of characters in the movie, but it was especially nice to see comic veteran Michael Hui return to film, as well as martial artist Yuen Biao.

Overall, it is an average action comedy flick - not too bad.

Grade C+
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