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This intimate story is a passionate retelling about a few roles interwoven with love and family relationship
ma-cortes13 April 2014
This drama is an enjoyable tale with an interesting characterizing about a few characters dealing with brooding and engaging issues . Nicolas (Ricardo Darin) believes to have met the family he has always wished when during a flight between from Alicante to Barcelona he meets a beautiful woman (Irena Jacob) named Ingrid and her child named Raul (Valdivia) . They get married and have a perfect relationship , but a bit later on , all changes suddenly .Then Nicolas meets a mistreated supermarket cashier called Sezar (Bebe) and establishes a peculiar relationship with her .

This is an intense drama proceeded in slow-moving plenty of sentimentalism , emotion and a few surprises . The flick also contains some sex scenes and nudism in charge of Irene Jacob and Bebe . Interesting as well as thought-provoking screenplay by Jose Luis Cuerda , based in a novel from French writer Didier van Cawuelaert . Very good acting by Ricardo Darín as Nicolás ; Darin is an excellent leading figure of the most important Argentinian movies such as : "El Faro" (1998), "El Mismo Amor La Misma Lluvia" (1999), "Nueve Reinas" (2000), "La Fuga" (2001) and especially known for ¨The secret in your eyes¨ and ¨El Hijo De La Novia¨ . His partenaire is the French Irène Jacob as conflicted Ingrid , a strange woman who hides a dark secret and a nuanced interpretation by singer Bebe as Sezar who delivers a very natural presence . In addition, a brief cameo by the same director Jose Luis Cuerda as a judge who marries the couple . The main problem has to face , beyond not being able to avoid falling into a little interesting intrigue , it is derived from the coldness of its staging , some slow-moving scenes and some roles are poorly developed . Because the story needs a vibration more real than the one offered in this sometimes dull as well as sad flick , though also develops enjoyable moments as when takes place the lovely relationship between Ricardo and the child and enjoy themselves . However , the spotlights images which are in the second half of the film allow me to forget the gaps of the first half . Anyway, it's is compensated with a gorgeous cinematography by Hans Burmann who has photographed great hits such as ¨Open your eyes¨, ¨Tesis¨, ¨Amnesia¨, ¨Guantanamera¨ ; including spotless pictorial images and a willingness , almost perfect of the elements of each shot , every sequence , every space . Shot on Catalonia , where have been filmed the gorgeous landscapes , marvelously reflected on location in Montseny, Barcelona, Spain . Furthermore , sensitive and appropriate musical score by excellent composer Lucio Godoy .

¨La Educacion de Hadas¨or "The Education of Fairies" , International title , is a little successful flick by Jose Luis Cuerda , being efficiently produced by Frales Felices and Sarah Halioua and resulted to get a minimum hit at Spanish Box office . Cuerda is a veteran professional , being his film debut ¨Pares and Nones¨ a typical Madrid comedy . He subsequently directed ¨El Bosque Animado¨ also with script by notorious Rafael Azcona and based on Wenceslao Fernandez Florez's novel . He followed directing failures as a drama titled ¨Viuda De Capitan Contreras¨ and more comedies as ¨La Marrana¨ and ¨Tocando Fondo¨ . His greatest success corresponds as producer , as he produced hits for Alejandro Amenabar as ¨Tesis¨ and ¨Abre Los Ojos¨, among others . His highly-acclaimed and successful movie was ¨Lengua De Mariposas¨ , it has a rating as better than average and is a beautiful and powerful film . His most personal movies were two comedies with a peculiar and surrealist sense of humor , this ¨Amanece Que no Es Poco¨ and the following titled ¨Asi en el Cielo Como en Tierra¨ but in anti-religion tendency .
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Beautiful tale
pepeto3 July 2006
Beautiful tale, excellent cast, wonderful locations from Girona, Catalunya (but it seams Galicia) with all the deep, magic forest. I think it's Montseny. You will believe in Fairies! Bebe, Ricardo Darín and Irene Jacob do a great job and the child is brilliant. As Sezar says: "Since I've met your child, I haven't had the will of having a child". It's all about love between man and woman and adult and child, but real love, not the kind of love they sell us from Hollywood, but real, natural love. If you like stories about relationship between people, you will enjoy this film. I know they have had problems finding the boy, since it should be the history's keystone. It's amazing how well and natural the boy acts. An interesting promise!
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The Fairies Await...
Chrysanthepop27 June 2010
José Luis Cuerda's 'La Educación de las Hadas' starts off a little awkward and messy. The encounter between Nico, Ingrid and her son is portrayed very strangely. At this point the story rushes into Nico and Ingrid getting married and moving into his house. And from there he jumps to the sequence where Ingrid asks for a separation. While the initial sequences are heavily rushed, the scenes thereafter move at a very slow pace.

The backstory of the characters are poorly developed and one may feel the requirement of an explanation for the character's actions but once Sezar and Nico go out on a date, the story quickly picks up. Cuerda also provides a surprising explanation of the characters' motivation and leads to a beautiful ending. The highlight sequences that are in the second half of the movie allow me to forgive the flaws of the first half.

'La Educación de las Hadas' is beautifully shot. The natural locations and Nico's house are breathtaking to look at. The background score is soothing to the viewer.

Ricardo Darin is superb as Nicolás. He delivers a very natural performance. Irène Jacob is brilliant as the conflicted Ingrid. Bebe, who is known for her singing talents, is terrific as Sezar. Víctor Valdivia holds his own as little Raúl.

Even though 'La Educación de las Hadas' does not start off on a great note, I suggest one have a little patience because the latter portion really makes it worth the watch. The film could have used a little more 'fairy magic' imagination but even otherwise it's far from a bad watch.
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A solid little film
Argemaluco20 July 2008
I started watching this film with zero expectations.And,without being great,La Educación de las Hadas resulted to be a good little movie.Let's start with the positive elements.The performances are excellent.I think the best performances from this movie are made by Ricardo Darín and from the singer Bebe.Darín is an excellent actor but Bebe really surprised me with her performance.She showed being a very capable actress and I hope to see her on more movies.The screenplay is solid and the story it tells keeps the interest.Director José Luis Cuerda found a good tone for telling the story.An element which irritated me pretty much from this movie was the excessive cheap sentimentalism from some scenes.I think that moments took out some points to the movie.Another negative point is that some scenes feel a little bit boring.In spite of that,La Educación de las Hadas is a good film and I recommend it.
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Change of genre
chiaviah12 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This film has undoubtedly some qualities in it, but it's a big disappointment for any reader of Didier Van Cauwelaert's magical novel "L'éducation d'une fée", which I really can recommend heartily to anyone. The tone of the novel and the film are completely different. JL Cuerda has decided to make a sentimental movie out of a surprisingly original and witty written material.

I don't know what has led JL Cuerda to change some items in the script that to me seem a loss compared to the book (the nature and possible evolution of Ingrid's problem, the nationality and past life of Zesar, among others). And the biggest loss of all is not allowing more place in the film for Nicolas' job as the (now idle) creator of such wonderful and unusual games as "Je crée le monde" ("I create the world"), which we glimpse as childish pictures in the introducing credits and which explains much of his inclination towards the creation of an ideal life for his step-son, fairies included. The whole character of Nicolas is difficult to understand if his attraction towards dabbling with imaginary worlds is suppressed. If you just watched the movie, have a try at the novel (translated- at least- into Spanish, Italian, German ("Solange du mich liebst")). You'll be delighted and you'll find yourselves transported into a completely different universe.

Much of the originality and the mystery of Ingrid's decision to quit Nicolas is also missing and leading to an excess of gooey, tearful scenes that are also a betrayal to the much wittier, drier tone of the novel. I see in the credits that Mr Cauwelaert co-writed the script with Cuerda, but I wonder if there wasn't some linguistic misunderstanding in this cooperation.

On the other hand, the character of Zesar is in my opinion the only improvement compared to the novel, as the chapters that revolve about her were for me the novel's main flaw. Bebe's playing was surprising and nuanced, and I enjoyed it very much. I could visualize her drama much better in the movie.

The beautiful landscape of Cataluña is a new element that, as a lover of that area, I enjoyed very much. The novel is set in France.

A good subject for any compared literature student dealing with screen adaptations of novels: how to radically change the genre, while keeping the same tale.
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A good drama with a fairy-tale touch
Alejandro Gaspar8 July 2006
"La Educacion De las Hadas" is the new movie from Spanish director Jose Luis Cuerda, his follow-up to "La Lengua De las Mariposas", a local hit back in 1999. Cuerda is known for his subtle sentimentalism and his funny approach to all themes (Including the end of the world, see "Total"). The movie is based in a novel from french writer Didier van Cawuelaert. It tells the story of Nicolas,(Ricardo Darin) who falls in love with two people, Ingrid (Irene Jacob) and her seven years old son Raul. All of them have hidden secrets and wounds that will appear in the process of knowing each other. This could have been a melodramatic movie if not were for the light touches which are the trademark of the director, and for the magical underlines that surrounds the narration. The cast is fine, with Darin as good as ever, and Irene Jacob with her best role since "Rouge", but the real surprise is the newcomer Bebe, in his film debut after selling thousands of discs in Spain. She gives charm and interest to the Algerian immigrant Sezar, who appears like a faerie for the rest of the characters.
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Sweet story with sweet carachters
rakellison10 July 2006
La educacion de las hadas is a sweet story. You may find lost in the beginning since not many things are clearly explained, but that is the charm of the whole thing.

Ricardo Darin fits perfectly in the role he plays and I bet every women would love to have such a man by their side. Raul also plays a great role, having those kind of kid's occurrences that make you love the character.

Bebe plays an excellent part as well, even though I still believe she would be better on the stage doing her own thing.

Finally Ingrid, for whom you first feel kind of a hate since she is the problem root here.

A bit too predictable in the end, but still a nice fairy tale
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Walk in forest
Armand24 September 2009
The world as magical definition. Exercises of gestures and failures like roots of a special age. And the respiration of deep truth. Tree, grave, photos and "hadas". A movie - game. Old and strange, familiar and childish.Story about miracles as ingredients of knowledge. And the air of a spring mornings. A film like a madlene. Memories and tastes. Touches and smiles. Birds and the shadows of parents. And the child as key of natural forms of words. For me, this film was a delicate gift. And a form of time's sleep. A isle, a small refuge, a piano's song in mythical season of rain, a walk in forest, contemplation of a river. Or maybe, only piece of imagination. In fact, a form of cruel remember.
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Sweet but funny movie
jorrespam7 November 2006
I was lucky enough to catch this film in premiere at the Latin American film festival in Brussels the other night, and I must say I was impressed with the power of such a 'sweet' movie. Other movies in the festival were e.g. Babel, with Brad Pitt, so although at first I was quite sceptical about this festival and La Educación de las hadas, this turns out to be unnecessary

I'm not going into detail so I won't post any spoilers, but if you are in doubt of seeing this one, I'd say go for it, you'll like it don't expect a lot of action though, but funny conversations combined with a powerful love story.
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Amateurish editing and uneven acting spoils an otherwise fair(y) story
rasecz22 December 2007
The presence of Darin in a film draws me to it. Until now. Too bad he had to be part of one that eschews subtlety, that is edited in such an amateurish way, and that depends excessively on large and small contrivances for plot development. The acting is uneven but I felt it was more the fault of the director.

Darin plays a husband to a wife with a young kid from a previous marriage. When the current marriage begins to unravel, secrets come to the surface gradually.

There is a secondary thread in the form of an Algerian woman, Sezar, whose life eventually intersects that of the character played by Darin. When that happens, the film gains focus.

Unless you are a die-hard fan of Darin, better avoid this one.
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