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Don't believe the bad rep about this movie.
proteusphi3 July 2007
At least until you've seen it for yourself. A relatively small number of people have voted on it, so its rating is up in the air. Anyway, I found this movie to be very interesting. Here's what I have to say about it. My summary is at the top and the longer explanation is at the bottom.

SHORT: Genuinely frightening and dark, as well as psychologically complex and chilling. If you can look past the non-linear plot and confusing pace of the film, then you will enjoy this addition to the horror movie genre. 6 out of 10.

LONG: This movie can be somewhat confusing and its direction takes a very schizophrenic approach to showing events in the movie. That can understandably be a turn off for some people, but the fact of the matter is that the direction is one of the elements that helps make Dark Corners a scary flick. From the get-go you have no idea if what the heroine is experiencing is real or imagined. The story follows the life of a woman who's trying to get pregnant; at night she has nightmares and cycles between her life and that of the woman in her dreams.

In the dark surrealistic world of her dreams, she sees people being violently murdered and is killed herself several times. The multiple cuts from fantasy to reality, as well as the camera angles help to unsettle the viewer and put them on edge, leaving them vulnerable to the movie's numerous scare scenes. And as much as they would cut from one scene to another, I never felt cheated or that it was over-done, because Karen's story with her pregnancy would always advance at an adequate pace. As for story, it cryptic all the way to the end, yet we are given small clues along the way. The ending itself is a little flat, yet creepy and appropriate.

The acting was awesome. I loved Karen's actress and that of her husband; they had great chemistry that made you want to watch their banter scenes. Supporting characters were okay. I felt their character parts were more of a draw than what the actual actors brought to the table.

Scares. This movie is genuinely scary! At times it is disgusting and disturbing, but does not have over-the-top gore. It doesn't rely on cheap jump-out scares too much, but instead relies on atmosphere and horrific situations. The two scenes in the mortuary were really what got me. You have to see them for yourself--classic, grade-A American horror. I was impressed.

So for its great scares, atmosphere, and good characters and acting, I give Dark Corners a 6 out of 10. Though the direction and pace of the film may be confusing and off-putting, the plot and story are there. This film is also more entertaining then a lot of other direct-to-DVD horror flicks that have more linear plots, yet look like they were made for the Sci-fi channel. *cough* Bottom Feeder *cough*
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A low-budget "what's the twist" movie that's worth a watch
yukichigai17 February 2008
I caught this movie several months ago, and it was only after happening to come across it in my collection recently that I realized it was really worth commenting on here. So here goes.

Firstly, my brief take on the plot: Karen Clarke lives in a city where dark and horrifying things exist just beyond the edge of her vision. Susan Hamilton is a happily married woman suffering from recurring nightmares. Each considers the other to be the person they become in their dreams. So who is real? Now, this is not one of those "are you sure this is low-budget?" productions. There are numerous qualities about this film which make it very clear to the viewer that we are, in fact, in the land of independent financing, ranging from certain scenes shot like they're using 1950s camera equipment to the typical "small roles filled by people with all the emotions of a cardboard box" syndrome. This even extends to one of the more significant minor roles, an older blond woman whose acting ability alternates between competent and "Plan 9 From Outer Space" depending on the scene.

With that said, there's still something to this film. It takes a bit to get going, with the first 30-40 minutes leaving the viewer with a lot of puzzle pieces and very few ways to connect them, but the pieces themselves are reasonably interesting. Once we hit the halfway mark, however, things begin to connect a bit more. Most of it is executed well, leaving the viewer feeling neither confused nor as though they've been led by the nose. A few times, however, clues are all but identified with bright neon signs, particularly a seemingly pointless conversation which suddenly draws attention to itself with a rather unorthodox camera pan. The presentation otherwise is excellent, with many of the scenes set in the "dark" city just about oozing a sense of corruption and decay. Much of the content is surprisingly robust as well, with a lot of allegory and outright symbolism present throughout. (Though the significance of it all isn't truly clear until the end of the film) While the smaller roles are filled with the typical low-budget riff-raff, the principals all do an excellent job in this film. Thora Birch is entertaining to watch and, as always, you can sympathize with her character(s) almost instantly. Toby Stephens gives a short, interesting, and dark performance which is perfect for the film, and in a pleasant surprise Alan Perrin makes a highly intriguing detective in both "sides" of the narrative.

However, the real winning part of this film is the final reveal, the "twist" if you will. While it isn't what I would call exactly genius, it's still pretty clever; even the most observant of viewers will at best be able to determine part of the twist, but not all. More importantly, the reveal is both creepy and satisfying, albeit in a Schadenfreude-y kind of way. It's a worthy payoff for 90 minutes of invested time.

BOTTOM LINE: It's not really award worthy and it's certainly not perfect, but it's entertaining and has a wonderfully satisfying-yet-creepy ending. If you're a fan of "twist" movies like Memento and Sixth Sense but prefer a "darker" feel this may be right up your alley.
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Twisted Psychological Horror Film That Fails To Leave An Impression.
Mr_Ectoplasma24 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
"Dark Corners" is a bizarre and twisted psychological horror/thriller that centers around a young woman, Susan Hamilton (Thora Birch), who is happily married to her husband, David (Christien Anholt), and is desperately trying to conceive a child through a special fertilization process, since she is unable to naturally have kids. Things seem to be going alright, except for the strange nightmares that Susan suffers from, in which she is another woman, Karen. But as time goes by, Susan begins to question the lines of what is and isn't real as she finds herself terrorized and stalked by a man who has been committing murders in her community.

In the tradition of films like "Jacob's Ladder" and others, the premise that this film is grounded in has been done a few times, and it seems like it's a difficult thing to accomplish, because most films with this type of theme tend to be rather poor. I will say that "Dark Corners" does have some good things going for it though. While it didn't necessarily get any real fear out of me, there were some well-written scenes and a couple of clever camera tricks to be found. The sets were appropriately eerie as well, and the contrasts between the Susan and Karen worlds were intense - Susan's being very white and pure, while Karen's was dark and filthy. But the script here was a little bit muddled.

I know, I know, these types of psychological horror thrillers are typically known for being somewhat hard to follow, and this one was no exception. It lost me a couple of times, only for me to catch up eventually, and I was paying attention. Things don't really "mesh" (for lack of a better term) together well, and it felt to me that the script was kind of half baked. The premise of the nightmare world versus reality is intriguing (even though it has been done before), but it just didn't feel fully developed here. As for the acting, Thora Birch leads our cast as the mentally disturbed main character, and is good as usual. The supporting cast is mostly unknowns, and some of the acting was a little choppy. As for the film's conclusion, well, it was interesting, although it still doesn't resolve much. But maybe that was the point of the film, to pose questions and let you make up your own answer? Problem is I had a lot of trouble piecing things together to come up with my own conclusion.

Overall, "Dark Places" is a bit of a half baked psychological horror film that failed to impress me. If you've seen a film with the same basic premise (blurring lines of reality and imagination), this film isn't much different. It has a few nice moments here and there, and Birch was entertaining to watch - but overall I felt this was a rather weak and underdeveloped film. Could have been better, I suppose. You may want to give it a try, but if the odds are against you, you might as well pass on this one. 4/10.
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Highly original, psychological thriller
gkane33323 November 2006
I too saw this film at the recent AFI festival in L.A. and thought it was absolutely amazing - an extremely original and enigmatic mind bender, it reminded me of a cross between Rosenary's Baby and Lost Highway. Having said that, I can see that this film is definitely a love it or hate it kind of deal. I actually went back for the second screening and felt that both audiences were generally extremely receptive (the people sitting either side of me gave it top marks) and were particular enthusiastic on the second day during the Q&A with director and Thora Birch. Personally, I would consider this an absolute must see.
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Better than I expected
bjt5512 August 2008
Once again people who dislike horror movies seemed to have rated this movie low... This is a horror movie so if you like horror movies then you will like it! It had a genuinely creepy feeling which was great for this movie. In fact it was made pretty artistically because it goes from her normal life where everything is super bright to the point where it almost hurts your eyes, then her dreamself which is really dark and morbid. There is a lot of symbolism in this film and a killer ending. I love movies with twisted endings that aren't predictable. If you pay close attention to details you can begin to figure out a few things, but its hard to guess. This was an original idea, and pulled off really well. This would have gotten a higher rating if they created more suspense, I mean there was a few good parts but for how great the story was they could have done a better job!
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one of the best psychological movies i've ever seen
antares-186 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
stalked by creatures... where are those creatures? there's not a single creature in this movie (imdb plot description) i've to give you some spoilers to make you understand what this movie is all about; thora has psychological problems and in her nightmares she lives another life as a super hot dark girl (she should really stay like that). as movie progresses reality and nightmares gets closer and closer to each other and in the end you realize that this all or at least a big part of all was the reality and we were watching it, just from her perspective.

putting all the pieces together is really hard, if thora was the murderer (both shrink and dark thora has a smashed fingernail so they are probably the same person) who was the blonde thora? someone completely else? was that guy dark thora's ex-lover and they part ways and she turn back and killed his wife (blonde thora)? either that or blonde one were also thora so we have a multiple personalities psyco here... i mean, in the end, shrink kills blonde thora, dark thora turns into blonde thora's husband and kills the shrink. dang, who is who?

so it's that kind of a movie, it's surreal, it's psychological and it's not a movie where creatures stalking you and then killing you.
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This movie is cool!
scrappy66625 May 2006
Forget the "Arrow in the Head" review, I caught this movie at a screening in Cannes last weekend and really enjoyed it. Dark, twisted and challenging (with liberal doses of very black humour: Mister Kyrke-Smith the mortician is hysterical) this is more "Rosemary's Baby" meets "Jacob's Ladder" than Jason-style slasher crap. It is something of a conundrum, but it makes a change for film-makers not to assume that the audience are idiots in need of spoon feeding. Watch closely as there appears to be clues and symbolic references scattered throughout the film - not sure I got all of them, but definitely looking forward to a second viewing. Probably not your standard multiplex fare, but if you like to think about movies and you get a chance, do go see it.
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"That's what hell is…"
mario_c26 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
DARK CORNERS is a mysterious, complex and dark thriller with a great surreal cinematography and confusing plot. It's all about a woman, Susan Hamilton (played by Thora Birch), that is having some terrible nightmares, in which appears another woman being stalked by a strange man. These nightmares seem to be each time more real, and she decides to visit a psychiatrist, Dr. Woodleigh (Toby Stephens), recommended by one friend of hers. The consult starts to be a little strange because he quickly finds out what's happening to her, like by magic… He puts her in some kind of hypnotic therapy, and through her dream, he "killed" the woman in her dream that was disturbing her, relieving Susan from her painful nightmares… or at least he thinks he did…But in fact, he didn't! Let's see why, later…

As I said this film has really a great cinematography in my point of view, because it has great scenarios/settings, very good camera shots, good characterization, and especially a surreal and dark ambiance that turns it mysterious and odd. I even think this cinematography was a bit inspired by David Lynch's work, especially if we think about the bizarre characters (like the old lady that is waiting in Dr. Woodleigh's consulting room, when Susan arrives, or the strange people that surround the woman in the dream), the duplication of the same character (Thora Birch is Susan, the main character, but she's also Karen Clark, the dream's woman) or finally the extremely bizarre scenarios and ambiences created (principally on Susan's dreams).


But this film also has a very open ending that can easily provide many theories to the plot… When the movie ended I was extremely confused about what was happening, like any person that watches this film, but one scene was persisting on my mind as an important key to solve the mystery: when Susan says "I think that's what hell is..It's having your sins pulled out from the dark corners of your soul and served up to you in this endless loop of torture."! I found it very deep and I knew it would have some kind of significance to solve the mystery, but I didn't know how! Until I read two previous comments here in IMDb that really explain what happened in this movie! Remember when I told you that the psychiatrist had put Susan in a hypnotic therapy and killed the woman in her dream? In fact he didn't, in the dream, but he did it in the real life! Let's take it by parts:

In the end we see the woman of Susan's dream, Karen, to pursue the mysterious guy that stalked her during the entire film. The guy enters in Susan house provoking a shock between these two supposed separated "worlds". If Karen is just a dream, someone that dwells in Susan's mind, how can she enter in Susan's home? The viewer asks. But then, when she enters deeper in the house she finds Susan dead, in her bed, in a pool of blood, and she looks at the mirror, and who do we see? Karen? No, we see Dr. Woodleigh, the psychiatrist! Suddenly, Susan's husband (David, played by Christian Anholt) enters in the bedroom and he looks at "Karen" and who does he see? Again, Dr. Woodleigh! Yes, that's true, he's the killer! And what about Karen? Who is she anyway? So there it is my explanation to the movie (the same of these two users I did refer before!):

The real life is what happens to Susan, the subplot about Karen is just the looping hell where Dr. Woodleigh fell after he die by Susan's husband hands (after David find the psychiatrist next to her dead wife's body it is suggested that he spanks him, probably until death)! Or like one of those users said:" Do you ever wonder what happens to rapists and murderers when they finally get to hell? Answer: they get to relive their crimes, over and over, from the point of view of the victim". That's the explanation to the plot that's hidden in that line spoken by Susan: "I think that's what hell is..It's having your sins pulled out from the dark corners of your soul and served up to you in this endless loop of torture". Beside, we can remember that the people that surrounded "Karen", in those strange and bizarre scenarios, had very weird faces and behaviours, seeming to be more like demoniac creatures than human…

The other user I mentioned made me remember of another important thing: this kind of plot, and consequent explanation, is not as original as many may think. Like him/her, I also saw a movie some time ago called SALVAGE which had the same kind of plot and explanation!

It's a surreal and metaphysical explanation to the plot, but it's the more logical one in my point of view, and I'm quite sure it was the director's idea making this film.


The acting is very good, especially by Thora Birch. She does an incredibly job, playing these two different characters, Susan and Karen. About the soundtrack I think it could have been better.

Anyway, it's really a sinister and mysterious movie, with a great cinematography, just the way I use to appreciate so I will score it 10/10!
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Not that bad.
Cablebot300018 August 2008
This dark thriller isn't bad, its not great, but certainly watchable and suspenseful. The acting is good. Thora Birch gave a pretty nice performance even though she sometimes didn't seem to really understand her character. the atmosphere is great. The dream was good, and the nightmare was dark and disturbing. and it had a morale to the story. Though a lot of people might not like it (which might contribute to the low rating). It will also please gorehounds, as there is plenty of brutality and blood. I think it should have a little higher rating. Its definitely worth the watch if you come across it. I rate it 6/10 Rated R for bloody violence, disturbing images, terror, and brief nudity
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Dark Horror
Petrus Vermaak30 July 2007
Although this might be a B grade movie, it is well polished and kept me guessing right to the end. It's not every day that a good quality B grade movie is presented to us, and I think that it could actually pass for a A grade. Well done! I wish A grade movies are made this good. Do not bother with bad reviews, give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised and am sure you will be too. Although there are times when the acting is not at its best, it had me holding my sides at certain points while looking around in the spooky corners of my house at others. I give this a big thumbs up and award it 10. This movie was beautifully edited and definitely worthy to be part of anyone's collection. I will definitely be buying it to add to my collection of DVD's.
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Excellent new horror movie
dcozzuol23 January 2008
This is easily one of the best new horror movies I've seen in a while. At best I normally find modern horror movies entertaining, but lacking real substance. Dark Corners isn't your average gore obsessed horror movie, but really a movie that is trying to play tricks with your mind. The story revolves around Susan who is trying to get pregnant and her nightmare self Karen. In the nightmare world of Karen we get to see surreal twisted visions, while in Susan's world we see her coping with the difficulties she is having with her pregnancy. Though the movie is captivating throughout, it is really the end that makes it so good. The end has a great twist that is hinted throughout the movie, but you really can't comprehend what it is you are seeing until it is all over.
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Thora Birch Delivers, But Has Nowhere to Deliver To
gavin694228 August 2007
Please note: I already submitted a review, but I must have forgot to hit a button or something, so this is a rewrite. As such, it will be shorter.

A woman (Thora Birch) is trying to get pregnant but is haunted by mysterious and morbid dreams. At the same time, her dream self is haunted by the dreams of her waking self. Which is the real, and why is her unborn child at the heart of the battle? What role does the hypnotherapist play in all this? My primary motivation for picking up this film was Thora Birch. I loved her in "American Beauty" and even more so in "Ghost World". I am sorry to say she doesn't carry that same beauty here (I like her as the short, pudgy girl) but her acting remains unblemished. Being the main character and the lead supporting character puts a lot of weight on an actor's shoulders, and she carries it.

Unfortunately, she is left to do the work with a team that is unworthy of her. The writer-director is a newcomer, and not particularly skilled. I could give him the benefit of the doubt and say the budget wasn't there or he was strapped for time. But I think this still wouldn't explain the poorly constructed plot and the lack of any real direction. Too many holes remain throughout the film ,and the tone went from serious to humorous in a very disjointed fashion.

I liked some aspects of this film: the dark world was cool, especially if you grew up playing Legend of Zelda. Dark worlds in general are always nice (who doesn't like goth chicks?). The dark humor was also good, like the way the mortician solves the problem of the erect corpse.

Continuity and plot problems run amok, and I have one prime example: the therapist. As the movie goes on, we begin to suspect more and more that he is involved in the darker elements of the film. But we never really get the full story, and worst of all -- her problems begin before we even meet him, making the case for him as a suspect very hard to swallow. Maybe I missed something.

I didn't particularly enjoy this film, and I don't think my friend Hannah did either. You know, if we hadn't just seen "I Know Who Killed Me", this probably would have been the worst horror film we had seen in a long time. Especially after watching a quality film ("Vacancy") the night before. If you can't get enough of Thora Birch, check this one out. But that's the only reason I can think of to deal with this mess, and even that's a risky decision I probably wouldn't make the second time.
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Okay here's the explanation
brian_herm27 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Don't compare this movie to a slasher flick. It's in a different category. I thought it was great, very spooky and weird without being too gory (don't watch the first few minutes while you're eating though). I enjoy films that make me think, and there are hints dropped throughout the movie about what's going on: the "nice world" girl talking about her sins, the goth chick being told by her dead friend that it's because of her. I felt like a dummy at the end when it's explained. Good scenery, great visuals, good acting. If it's hard to follow... well, are all of your nightmares perfectly logical? I don't think the spoiler will diminish your enjoyment of the movie, but if you're a smart cookie who likes solving puzzles, stop reading.


Ever wonder what happens to rapists and murderers when they finally get to hell? Answer: they get to relive their crimes, over and over, from the point of view of the victim. So there.
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This is one of your better psychological horror films.
yurshta14 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
While not my all time favorite film, I did enjoy the "strangeness" of this film which centers around two young adult females and in the background a serial killer. Who are these two women? How are they connected with the vicious killer? I'll not spoil the surprise for you here, but once you know how all this connects you'll be aghast! A clue is in the comments made by one woman when talking to her husband about what would be the perfect Hell! The cinematography of this one is extremely good and has an aura about it. It is so good, that if I were to write and direct a horror film, I'd want the cinematographers, camera men, and set designers who worked on this one to work on my horror film.

Some of the strangeness and aura reminded me in some ways of Silent Hill. The film does not center around the killings with a load of blood and gore. The Slasher genre generally is one of the lamest of all types of stories and such films usually have to throw in tons of sex and graphic nudity to make up for their lame plot lines. This film is not like this. This is a smart horror film for the connoisseur of the macabre, the strange and who likes the psychological element of horror.

All in all a good flick and well worth seeing or renting at your local movie rental establishment.
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a nice surprise
trashgang18 April 2010
Never heard of this flick and never red a review of it I was wondering what it could give to me. I found it just for 1 cent, the cover didn't attract me but somehow I thought, yep, I take it. And what a great surprise it was to watch it. I was never bored even that it isn't a real slasher or a gory movie. What it does deliver is some scary and suspense full moments. I was locked on the screen from frame one until the end credits. And you have too, it's about a girl having some weird dreams but when she wake up she is sometimes still in her dreams, sometimes she doesn't. To make it a bid easier for the viewer is that you will have her with blond hair and sometimes with black hair. But still you will be confused when going on the color of her hair. Some moments are really intense, so I guess that if you are a freak on ghost movies or stuff like that that this one is for you, sure, it has some dark corners.
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Somewhere deep inside Dark Corners, there's a good idea trying to get out. Possibly.
BA_Harrison17 August 2009
Dark Corners, directed by Ray Gower, is one of those films that is designed to have its audience ponder long and hard about events, and then come to their own conclusion about what they have seen. The problem is, even after much consideration (and on-line research), it's unlikely that a satisfying answer will be forthcoming. There's a point beyond which ambiguity simply becomes frustrating and Dark Corners cruises right past it and keeps on going; in fact, the film is so confusing that it's quite possible the makers didn't really know what the hell was going themselves.

Thora Birch stars as a young, blonde wife named Susan who suffers from terrifying nightmares prior to having IVF fertility treatment. In these vivid dreams, she sees herself as another person—a brunette named Karen (also Thora Birch)—who inhabits a hellish world where she repeatedly wakes from her sleep covered in blood and bruises.

In order to try and quell her night-time hallucinations, Sarah visits Dr. Woodleigh (Toby Stephens), a psycho-analyst who suggests hypnosis as a way of dealing with the problem. However, her appointment with Woodleigh proves to be the start of even more horror for poor Sarah, as her life gradually becomes more intertwined with that of her imaginary self, and she becomes a target of a knife wielding killer known as The Nightstalker.

There's a lot of conjecture on the Dark Corner message board about what is really supposed to be occurring, with some posters proposing that both Sarah and Karen are manifestations of Dr.Woodleigh (AKA The Nightstalker), who is reliving his sins endlessly in hell. Whilst this is certainly a possibility, quite how one reaches that conclusion based on the evidence offered in the film is beyond me. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe in being spoon-fed the answers, but in this case, a couple of satisfying morsels wouldn't have gone amiss.

Fortunately, although the story is a real head-scratcher, the quality of the acting prevents this film from being a total loss. Birch is great as both versions of her character (and also rather cute to boot, particularly as the brunette), and she is ably supported by Christien Anholt as Sarah's understanding hubby and Joanna Hole as best friend/work colleague Elaine Jordan. These solid performances, plus a fair bit of graphic nastiness, make the film a reasonably engaging and entertaining experience; just don't expect to understand all that you are seeing.

4.5 out of 10, rounded up to 5 for IMDb.
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Dark Corners should stay there
vwhite-413 November 2006
I saw this film at the AFI film fest in Los Angeles on Friday night. I wanted to walk out partway, but didn't want to damage the director who was going to lead a Q & A afterward. The film was uneven, sometimes hackneyed and incomprehensible by the end. It didn't make any sense despite the symbolism and clues throughout both the dark and light worlds. Thora Birch was brave and worked hard to be real in both roles, but the separation between dark and light was too emphatic. THe resolution made no sense whatsoever and I advise people to save their money and time unless they have to analyze a film for a psychology class. My time would have been better spent standing in line for Pan's Labryth again.
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Surprisingly good
alr12629 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
May contain spoiler, not sure After I read one viewers review, totally condemning this film, I thought I had to watch it. It can't be that bad.

Okay, maybe it was a little slow, but, it was thought provoking, it made the viewer think a little and it was entertaining.

DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER, I MAY GIVE AWAY TO MUCH We may be seeing inside Susan's mind, or are we? This is where the twist comes in. I personally it was an original movie. Nevermind the fact that somebody said that certain sets were done ala Saw (that was an awful flick). There are parts where one starts to wonder and before long, the viewer figure things out, to a point.

If you want to see a movie that will entertain with a little bit of thought, I recommend this film.
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huge surprise!
ironfist6995 June 2012
this a great horror mystery movie,it keeps the spectator until the end,especially at the end..thora birch is great in this one.In the nightmare world of Karen we get to see surreal twisted visions, while in Susan's world we see her coping with the difficulties she is having with her pregnancy. Though the movie is captivating throughout, it is really the end that makes it so good. The end has a great twist that is hinted throughout the movie, but you really can't comprehend what it is you are seeing until it is all over.Probably not your standard multiplex fare, but if you like to think about movies and you get a chance, do go see it.
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Off the chain! Absolute Horror GEM!!
Jon Doe18 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
For some this movie may require more then one viewing. I would actually recommend watching it at least twice as there is so much going on that things make much more sense after a second viewing. After reading some of the reviews here I can see that this movie went over a lot of peoples heads which is no surprise to me.

First of all, no, the movie leaves no question unanswered, there are absolutely NO plot holes, and if it did for you watch it again, you missed it or if you refuse, maybe this just isn't the movie for you.

Thora Birch, as always, gives an excellent performance. I swear every time I see her starring in a Horror I know its going to be good. This girl is talented and has an eye for picking great independent movies. I recommend checking out "The Hole" if you like her. Also, the rest of the actors in this movie are totally believable and give stellar performances.

Without spoilers, this movie follows a young woman who lives two separate lives. One while she is awake and one when shes asleep. In one life she has everything she wants, a picture perfect life if you will. And the other life is dark and miserable. As the movie goes on the lives begin to intertwine. All of this is going on while a serial killer terrorizes the city they live in.

The scenery of this movie is absolutely perfect between her two lives. Bright and happy in one life, Dark and menacing in the other. The characters and scenes in this movie are truly real. There are funny moments(This is NOT a comedy in any way) and some serious wtf? moments. Definitely not a cookie cutter movie in anyway though some may mistake it for one hence the bad reviews.

For genre fans I cannot recommend this movie enough. I really don't like to sound over anxious in movie reviews because a lot of it comes down to taste and I don't want to let people down if this isn't there type of movie, but still, this movie really affected me to the point that I actually bought it and have shown it to many of my friends who aren't into the horror genre as much as myself and everyone I have shown it too has been affected which just reinforces my belief that this is of GEM quality.

Mark my words, this will be a forgotten classic someday. The good acting, the subtle hints, combined with the "holy sh**" ending makes this one hard to forget.

I gave this movie a 10 out of 10 rating because it really delivers. I never give 10. In the past I have given 7's to independent movies that were only deserving of a 6 to help them out when the one time trolls have killed and thoroughly discredited a movie, but in this case this movie really is, to me a 10/10 horror movie. I can think of nothing that could've made this movie better then it is.

Absolute gem!!
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This movie sucks badly!
stv_httl12 July 2007
This is a stupid movie with a convoluted story and an ending which fails miserably to make any sense of the rest of it and leaves the viewer with a feeling of raw disappointment for having sat through this boring and illogical piece of cinematic garbage! And I am quite a fan of horror movies so I was looking forward to seeing this but after having watched it I now have to say it is undeniably one of the worst movies I have had the displeasure of having sat through in a long time. Thora Birch's performance is only so so at best and the gore scenes, while impressive and shocking are one of the few highlights in what is otherwise a totally disappointing snooze fest!
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Beautifully done but really confusing
slayrrr6666 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
"Dark Corners" is a better-than-expected slasher with some good points.


Trying to get pregnant, Susan, (Thora Birch) and David Hamilton, (Christien Anholt) become concerned about a series of weird dreams she's having. Trying to get to the bottom of the dreams, Dr. Woodleigh, (Toby Stevens) finds that they are the manifestations of stress towards an upcoming fertilization treatment and it stops them for awhile. Coming back soon after, she realizes that the dream-world manifestation of herself, Karen Clarke, (Thora Birch) has her friends stalked by a ruthless killer that is the re-embodiment of a killer in her world, and tries to use her skills to solve the killings so her dream-world part can stay alive while making sure to save the baby.

The Good News: This one wasn't that bad when it had something to offer. The best part to this is that there's a great idea to this presented through the plot. Normally, the double identity trick is deployed differently, given off as the subconscious actions of her imagination that manage to get the point across, which is really unique and does work here. There's also the rather suspenseful way that the film utilizes the differences between them to generate some really nice atmosphere. The normal world is always light and fun, while the manifestations are always dark and dirty, really nice and managing to make them feel even worse than they already are. That's a fun tactic and really allows for some really creepy scenes, since it's always a little more tense and disturbing when it goes into that world. That's due to it really making use of some great slasher stylings. From the dark-masked, imposing killer to the way that the stalking scenes are set-up, which are well-done and rarely, if ever, disappoint, there's a lot to like. One of the better ones, where it stalks after a victim through a series of disgusting alleyways into the warehouse, complete with escape attempts and tactics to get away, leaving all of these scenes rather impressive and enjoyable. Some of the others, including one in the restrooms at the office and a tense confrontation within the home that records the fight over the phone to the oblivious party listening in, these confrontations are all pretty entertaining. The last good point is that there's a handful of really nice and particularly brutal kills. Besides the one where they're choked out on the phone cord, there's an incredibly graphic slit throat, another has their stomach carved open and is gutted and a whole mess of them are found mangled, torn up, dismembered, dissected and much more, leaving us with a lot of violent and bloody aftermath. All of these here are what make the film worthwhile.

The Bad News: There wasn't a whole lot to this one that didn't work. The main factor in this one is the fact that there's just no way around understanding what's going on in here. Figuring out what happened in this one is going to take a major toll on the viewer, as this one is just nearly impossible to figure out, switching between the two worlds with relative ease and hardly makes any distinction, making it even harder to determine. Even beyond that, determining what the film is really about will give a real headache to many out there. Even worse, when the ending came along, it had the perfect opportunity to try to explain what had happened but instead, nothing at all made sense in this. This was an incredibly bad move and just really deflated the movie considerably, enough to really became a factor to get over and presents the movie with it's biggest flaw.

The Final Verdict: With some good visuals but is really flawed when it comes time to think about it, this one isn't that bad. Give this one a shot if you're into that kind of film, find these interesting or just looking for something with something more to it than normal, while those who aren't fans should heed caution.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language and Nudity
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In every man, a monster...
mansour86876 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This was a "promising" good movie with some dialogue and a lack of plot or character development that prevented it from being a great movie. If you can overcome some of the poor lines spoken by the leading couple, particularly such memorable lines as: "Give me a shout if you'd like me to come over there and wipe you". "You'd like that, wouldn't you, you perv"; then you might find a fairly engaging thriller worth the hour and a half to see it. As I said, some of the lines were hideous and the numerous "toilet" scenes were filled with an inane dialogue that does nothing to advance the plot, deepen character understanding, or shed light on the film's overall themes.

The second greatest problem is the poor plot development. Of what relevance is the night stalker to Susan's revelation that she is linked psychologically and spiritually to Karen? I could be misinterpreting the movie, but the link between Karen's nightmares and Susan's nightmares suggests they are two parts of the same psyche, at odds with the apparently "beautiful" life Susan leads and the hideous life Karen leads. Susan lives a life of comfort but not exactly "love", Karen one where men are purely bestial and live only to rape and repress women. You can argue that Susan feels like she is a victim--she dreams of women raped and murdered at the hands of the night stalker. In her waking world, her husband dominates her life and literally takes her for a ride but she has no sense of independence. Her body is not her own; the fertility treatments are destroying her own babies, possibly her sanity, and one wonders if she wants pregnancy only to please her man without taking her own safety into account. This is most striking when she gets up for a bathroom break and her husband nearly orders her back to bed. Though her dreams and miscarriage are taking a toll on her, her husband's motives and treatment of her feels slimy and completely insincere and he never really take his eyes of his solitaire game.

On the other hand, Karen has no man whom she loves. The scary retinue of people on the bus are there only to mock her and attack her. Hers is a far more dangerous world, where women are not kept in gilded cages but are victimized and attacked, eroticized in ways that are vile and reprehensible. Yet why does Karen choose to live in an abandoned industrial district? I know that in nightmares the dreamer doesn't consciously choose her surroundings, but this fact in itself suggests a woman who does not care for her own safety; it could also be a clue to her true identity,complete with a "Saw" movie washroom with fluorescent lights, a Hollywood cliché for typical serial killer furnishings. We all know the cliché--the abandoned warehouse is where Hollywood movie serial killers always keep the victim strapped and bound to a table. Could we try some originality please? Not that violence should be condoned, but serial killer movies are a dime a dozen. Karen has no one else to confide in. She is merely there to dream that she is really Susan Hamilton, but there is no deepening of the connection between the two women other than that each one dreams the other girl is her true alter-ego.

And what role does the hypnotist have to play in the plot? He is finally revealed to be the night stalker, but what are his motives for attacking the two women? Karen and Susan keep referring to the secret hidden sins they have no wish to reveal. The hypnotist is stalking both of them, but to what end? And why? Both women are pregnant and then have miscarriages, all of this being revealed to both of them as one women sleeps to awaken as the other woman living a similar yet different life. What are Karen's sins that she finds herself staring down at the murdered body of Susan only to find that she sees her face in the mirror transforming into that of the mad hypnotist? A little theory: I think that aside from Multiple personality disorder, Karen and Susan are two sisters somehow separated and kept estranged from each other. Karen, lovely as she is, is beaten up and injured in her dreams only because she is somehow the night stalker. Sometimes Karen sees herself as the victim because she cannot subconsciously realize until the end of the film that she is the murderer of each of the young women. Her facial injuries are all inflicted by the women she has slain.

Why? Karen cannot accept that she has been denied the kind of life that Susan has lived. We always think the grass is greener, the roses smell sweeter on the other side. This is my theory, however incorrect it may be.
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Any worse it would have burnt the reel
idonotexist22 May 2007
Who approves these "movies"? This is worse than a C grade primary school video project directed by a few kids.

It has no characters, there is nothing happening, no effects, everything is so clichéd you can easily just skip to the credits and still know everything that happened (aka nothing). The cast runs about like a bunch of lost fools and the only thing happening is weird grimaces through horrible acting and a few splatters of catchup. They copied SAW in terms of lightning and room design in a few scenes which didn't even help...

-5500/10 seriously, can we give negative rankings? this deserves it so bad!
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Hidden gem.
thanasis z8 November 2014
To call this a movie a hidden gem, is not a hyperbole, but it reflects its quality.It is a dive into the darkness, in an unknown place that salvation seems so far away. I haven't seen a lot American horror movies which are more frightening than this. It's a shame that this movie didn't get the recognition it deserved. 5.1 is not a fair rate. I would give it a 7.5. I think that the reviewers should award efforts like that, for encouraging producers/directors/writers who don't have large budget in their movies, to keep their vision up. Finally, i must confess that i wouldn't have understood the meaning of the end if i had not read the interpretation here, in movie's page in IMDb. Maybe that was the only flaw, the end is a little confusing.
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