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Sex & Nudity

  • The flying angel player in charge of 6 cities can be seen flying around naked and his butt can be seen. This was unusual for a Super Nintendo game considering it got past the Nintendo censorship

Violence & Gore

  • The flying angel player can be seen shooting bow and arrows at floating skulls, bats, dragons, red demons. Also the angel can get beat up by monsters. Also the angel has the power to strike houses with lighting, flatten houses with earthquakes.
  • The monsters can be seen grabbing people, striking their house with lighting, causing an earthquake to flatten homes.
  • Some of the people in Actraiser 1 die during the building of cities.
  • The swordsman player can be seen swinging his sword at monsters and demons. Also he can be seen killing monsters with magic spells including the fireball, stardust shower, aura balls, and 2 pillared lights.
  • The monsters can be seen beating up the player with swords, axes, fireballs, spears. The player can fall down in pits or get stabbed to death by spikes.
  • The swordsman player can be seen fighting boss battles including demons.
  • After the swordsman player kills the boss, the boss can be seen getting blown up before disappearing.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Many of the monsters including skeletons, demons and even the final demon boss Tarzan can be scary for little kids.
  • Recommend ESRB rating: Rated E-10+ for violence, mild nudity, and peril.

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