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Saint Seiya: The Hades Chapter - Inferno: An Animated Epic

Author: Rectangular_businessman from Peru
12 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The animated adaptation of the Hades Saga (From the original "Saint Seiya" manga) started very well with the 13 episodes of the "Chapter Sanctuary". It is from this point where the trouble starts.

With a clearly lower budget than "Sanctuary", the animation of "Inferno" is extremely cheap to the point of being almost laughable at moments. The fighting scenes left too much to be desired, lacking of most of the emotional impact and excitement that the ones from the "Sanctuary" original video animations and the first anime series.

On the other side, the plot, being a completely faithful adaptation of the manga (Without any change made to it) was entertaining to watch, even if there are several moments when thing seem to be happening way too fast. The character's designs were decent, and the music was okay (With most of the score being entirely taken from Seiji Yokoyama's work on the previous TV series) I guess that this wasn't entirely bad, but in my opinion it could have been much better.


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Saint Seiya - The Hades: Inferno

Author: Boanerges Neto from Brazil
18 March 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The episode 1 of the second part of Hades starts with the Castle of Hades in Germany becoming dust. Seiya jump in the hole to the world of Hades, he will die if he don't get the Arayashiki, the Eighth Sense.

In the Castle Shiryu, Shun and Hyoga are almost jumping in the hole, when Libra Dohko comes and talk with them. They jump into the hole. The rest of the episode tell how Seiya and Shun arrives in Hell (Inferno) and meet the Specter Aqueronte Caronte, they jump into his jump, and after some battles with him, the reach the other side of Hell, where Seiya defeat Caronte. They arrive in the Silent Trial. In there the Specter Marokino is killed by his boss, Balrog Lune, because he speak high. Lune reveals all Seiya and Shun's sins, Lune knock out Seiya and stuck Shun with his whip. He kills Andromeda, but suddenly a voice appears, and Lune recognize the voice, it's Hades, and he wants his head back to his neck. Lune runs out the trial and find the head of Andromeda, but inside the trial, Andromeda wakes up Seiya. They follow Lune, but Gemini Kanon, that arrives in Hell defeat Lune with one blow. Wyvern Radamanthys see the action, but his specters arrive and are defeated by Kanon, Kanon asks for Seiya and Shun go. Radamanthys is gone.

Seiya and Shun arrives in the Pyramid, one of the prisons of hell, in there Seiya and Shun defeat Cerberus the three head dog, só Sphinx Pharaoh appears, but when he almost attack the Saints, Orpheus arrived and say that he will defeat the Saints.

Orpheus goes to his garden, where is Euridice, his beloved girlfriend, but Euridice was transformed into a rock. Because when she was bitten by a snake and dies, Orpheus came to hell and play his lyrics song to Hades, he asked for Hades to bring back Euridice to life, Hades agreed, but with the condition that both of then could only look to the sun when they came to Earth. Sphinx Pharaoh took the Pandora's Mirror and make Orpheus look to it because Orpheus thought that they were out of Hell, but when Orpheus looked to the sun, Euridice was transformed into a rock from the neck to down.

When Orpheus realizes his mistakes he defeats Pharaoh and bring a chest were Seiya and Shun hide themselves. Pharaoh says that his will take the chest to Hades, so Seiya and Shun can kill him.

Shiryu, Hyoga and Kanon defeat some specters. When Orpheus bring the Chest to Hades, Pandora takes a Trident and start to stab the chest, but nobody moves. So the three Judges of Death arrives in the Giudecca.

Orpheus make everybody sleeps with his lyrical songs. Seiya and Shun knocks out Hades, but this was just an illusion, Radamanthys wake up and grab Orpheus, Seiya blow up both, but just Orpheus is killed. Seiya is sent to Cocytos the icy prison. And Shun reveals himself Hades. He is now possessed by Hades, because he has the purest soul of of the world, and Hades need this body to his resurrection.

Kanon, Shiryu and Hyoga meet Radamanthys after Kanon kill one more specter. In the beginning of the fight Kanon, that ask to Hyoga and Shiryu go, wins Radamnathys easily, but then Garuda Aiacos e Griffo Minos arrived. Minos make invisible rope alongside Kanon and he now can control him, he broke his finger, but someone arrives, is Phoenix Ikki, that realizes that Shun is making a sacrifice to save all, he remembers Pandora, when she tried to take Shun away, years ago. Phoenix knocks out Aiacos, Shun is now Hades, Shiryu and Hyoga runs to Giudecca, while Seiya is stuck in the snow in the Cocytos.


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very cheap animation

Author: ktse from United States
4 January 2008

I am a big fan of Saint Seiya and I loved the Chapter Sanctuary. However, this season has many closeups where only the mouth is moved. It is very annoying to watch. Not to mention, the finale (episode 25 I believe) is just plain terrible. TERRIBLE!!

It was a far cry from the very dramatic and emotional finale to Chapter Sanctuary. Much could have been done that animators just didn't do. Perhaps the biggest gripe I have with the entire season was the last two episodes. The saints just spent too much time being redundant so that the animators wouldn't have to animate any more fight scenes (i.e. Hyoga's fight with the last judge).

Overall, this was a huge disappointment, and I hope Elyseum would be better. It's funny how an anime of this quality outranks Akira Kurosawa's best movies.

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