Wedding Daze (2006) Poster



Inches and Falling
(I Love Love)
Performed by The Format
Written by Samuel Means, Nathaniel Ruess
Courtesy of The Vanity Label/Nettwerk Music Group
With You Tonight
Performed by Molly Pasutti
Written by Scott Nickoley & Jamie Dunlap
Courtesy of Master Source Music Catalog
Ballata: Questa O Quella Per Me Pari Sono
Performed by Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra
Written by Giuseppe Verdi
Courtesy of Naxos Music
Melancholy Moment
Performed by Seyi River
Written by Seyi River
Courtesy of Inna Flame Filmjoints
Must Be You
Performed by The Sun
Written by Chris Burney
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Records Inc.
By Arrangement with Warner Music Group Film & TV Licensing
If Heaven Hadn't Sent Me You
Performed by Julian Hernandez & Janice Wojeck
Written by Stephen Lang & Marjorie Maye (as Marjorie Maye Pulice)
Courtesy of Master Source Music Catalog
Brighter Discontent
Performed by The Submarines
Written by Blake Hazard
Courtesy of Nettwerk Productions
Performed by Scott Nickoley, Jamie Dunlap & Kelly Burgos
Written by Scott Nickoley, Patricio Castillo & Jamie Dunlap
Courtesy of Master Source Music Catalog
Women's Realm
Performed by Belle & Sebastian (as Belle and Sebastian)
Written by Sarah Martin, Stuart Murdoch, Richard Colburn, Mick Cooke (as Michael Cooke),
Christopher Geddes, Stevie Jackson (as Stephen Jackson), Isobel Campbell
Courtesy of Matador Records & Licensed from Jeepster Recordings
Performed by Peter Salett
Written by Peter Salett
Courtesy of Dusty Shoes Music, Inc.
Ice Cream
Performed by New Young Pony Club
Written by Tahita Bulmer, Andy Spence, Igor Volk (as Igor), Lou Hayter (as Lou),
Sarah Jones
Courtesy of Modular Records/Universal Music Australia PTY Limited
Under License From Universal Music Enterprises
Brand New Day
Performed by Orba Squara
Written by Orba Squara (as M. Davis)
Courtesy of Res Freq Recordings
The Fire Thief
Performed by Hem
Written by Daniel R. Messe
Courtesy of Waveland Records/Nettwerk Music Group
Una Simple Mirada
Performed by Matt Hitt & Francisco Rodriguez
Written by Matt Hitt, Francisco Rodriguez & Marc Ferrari
Courtesy of Master Source Music Catalog
Love Is a Game for Two to Play
Performed by Francis MacDonald
Written by Francis MacDonald
Courtesy of Shoeshine Music
By Arrangement with Music for the Masses
Santorini Taverna
Performed by Matt Hitt
Written by Matt Hitt & Marc Ferrari
Courtesy of Master Source Music Catalog
Un Bel Di
Performed by Compagnia d'Opera Italiana
Written by Giacomo Puccini
Courtesy of Master Source Music Catalog
My Idea of Heaven
Performed by Leigh Nash
Written by Leigh Nash, Rick Nowels (as Richard W. Nowels Jr.), Billy Steinberg (as William E. Steinberg)
Courtesy of One Son Records/Nettwerk Music Group
Nothing's Gonna Stand in Our Way
Performed by Kenneth Springs
Written by Kenneth Springs, Paul Taylor & Marc Ferrari
Courtesy of Master Source Music Catalog
Love Today
Performed by Mika
Written by Mika
Courtesy of Casablanca Records
Under License from Universal Music Enterprises
Bright Side
Performed by Lissie
Written by Lissie
Courtesy of Lion Boy

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