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Great show.

Author: Roger_Sterling from Addison, Illinois, United States
18 February 2006

This show isn't like those other try-to-make-it-look-real-but-fail-miserably type of shows. It really makes it look real. I really hope discovery channel lets it have a long run. it's got me hooked. Not to mention the fact that the show scares the crap out of me most of the time.

Honestly, the discovery channel has made a good decision airing this. The narrator really has a voice that sounds, well, i don't want to say creep, but serious. Suitable for the show. I can't believe this is the first comment for this show. It's outstanding. New episodes start airing March 17. I will be watching. And so should you, especially if you love these paranormal type of shows.

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A Haunting gets an A Plus

Author: Gregory Irish from New Jersey
5 January 2007

My wife and I have found this show "A Haunting" to be very entertaining and shows what many people have been through. While some of the shows may appear to be strange and some of the characters might appear to be different, just think how it would affect you to live through some of these events as they are. They have endured situations that most of you would not be able to handle yourselves. I hope that this show continues to put out new episodes. Of the episodes we liked are, "Fear House", "Hidden Terror", "Unleashed", "Gateway to Hell" (which was about a nightclub that was owned by Bobby Mackey. the country musician), "A Haunting in Ireland" and "Darkness Follows". Discovery Channel has a winner with this show. Keep up the good work.

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Love it - hope it gets good ratings

Author: AerLingus from Abbotsford, BC, Canada
20 July 2006

I love paranormal programs, but not just any programs, as some don't have experts on the matter nor the sufficient research before airing. What I have enjoyed about "A HAUNTING" has been the narrator's voice, the fact that it deals with well-documented cases (I was familiar with some cases such as the one based on the book "In A Dark Place," although the names were changed on TV), the interviews with the actual people involved (including many reputable experts and investigators), and the realistic dramatizations. The show doesn't poke fun at the subject, nor does it exaggerate and over dramatize the events. The show simply represents the facts (as given), is non-biased, and allows the viewer to form their own opinions. The music is effective too. I really enjoyed some of the two-hour specials they had on a couple of years ago. Hopefully, there will be enough viewers to get the keep the program on the air.

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Author: nmurphy77 from United States
20 October 2008

Every time I watch this program it irritates me. I cannot see how a person with any sense can handle this. In most of the episodes I have seen either people get involved in Wicca, Druidism, or something else equally harmless and horrible things happen to them or they clearly have a psychological condition which makes them susceptible to hearing voices or the like. Then, as predictably as a parable in Bible Study, they go back to the fold of the church or something and then, magically, everything is OK again. Is this show some form of propaganda or is it just celebrating the most extreme superstitiousness I've ever seen?

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Truly terrifying

Author: dorotka24 from United States
16 August 2007

I've always been interested in the paranormal, and there are not many dramas that do justice to what must be a fearful experience. Not all of the episodes of "A Haunting" are great, but those that are I found to be as terrifying as any drama regarding the paranormal, on TV or in the theater. The creators most certainly have taken the stories they are given and had plenty of creative license with them, but that doesn't bother me a bit. If you want more "realism" in your paranormal show, then there are a number of reality haunted house shows, EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) recordings, and the like that could occupy days of your time, but I frankly become quite bored with such things. Definitely give this series a look.

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TRUE haunting in your nightmares

Author: Disfigurator from Latvia
18 September 2008

I am huge fan of Horror films and Horror gaming and roots for such addiction lies deep into my psyche.

I was watching this show when it was aired in Discovery and this show immediately caught my attention for good amount of episodes. I have seen pretty much Horror movies and played most Horror-soaked games like Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, Forbidden Siren.

To think - I must redefine my statement, that Horror gaming is the scariest form of entertainment and that no movie can deliver equal scariness. But this show CAN. It features some nice narration, tales from witnesses and Para physics. But the thing that made me stand up all night is that these are REAL ghost stories, depicted in realistic way in the taste of Discovery. Such a combination (true ghost story + nice narrative + good cinematography) is the nuclear weapon of Horror.

This show indeed made me stand up all night or delivered some troubles to get sleep, because these stories manifested into myself and my fantasy and this combo just scared me sh**less – and wouldn't’t let me go to sleep properly, really. Experience, which is quite rare for me - equally I was scared in my childhood due to the acts of Hellraiser, later - due to some ghost-Horror movies, recently - due to Silent Hill and Fatal Frame game-play. This show lines in between Ghost Horror movies and game-play periods. I think, that A Haunting was the last drop in the glass, titled "Please fill this glass and make the owner a HUGE horror-addict".

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Author: batnicboy from United States
14 March 2006

I am riveted by this series. I never was a great fan of the "mummy" or the "mummy returns..." type of silly scary movies or shows since they're fictitious. I thought I'd never see anything better than haunted hotels of Neworleans. The story line and special effects in this series has captivated me and admittedly because it is based on a real story although it certainly is enhanced to make it even more appealing. Kudos to the Discovery Channel for endeavoring to venture beyond with such realism and occasionally including shots of the real folks that actually lived these experiences. It is a fantastic mix/blend which enhances the appeal of the series. The word is hopefully getting around about this series and I'm doing my part to spread it. All I can say is MORE MORE MORE please Discovery!

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Friends have related encounters...

Author: dskok-1 from United States
17 December 2006

I have countless friends, all of which do not talk readily about nor have an obsession with paranormal occurrences confess to experiencing encounters with entities. From plain as day sighting of aparitions going about their daily business in an old apartment to others hearing voices and loud sounds of horses running into their house on a nightly basis (a new house at the time). Others experiencing aparitions in a house that the owners reported noises and trunks moving across an attic floor. This is just a sampling, I have heard of many more. The persons that related these experiences are reluctant if not embarrassed to admit their encounter after I tell them about the 'ghost stories' recounted on "A Haunting". As a child I witnessed unexplainable sightings of aparitions and movement of objects. As an adult I would be terrified if I encountered the happenings related by my friends or persons on the series. I have no doubt that the stories that friends (and relatives) related are true and have no doubt that the extremes portrayed in "a Haunting" are true.

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Pure propaganda of the worst kind.

Author: notorius1977 from Greece
19 November 2012

Watching one episode is like having watched them all. Usually a white Christian family gets harassed by an evil daemon. A sort of an exorcism (mainly Catholic) is performed and everything gets back to normal. Of course never tangible evidence are being presented. Only a dramatized story narrated by the family who had the experience. Third party witnesses are strictly limited to the ones performing the exorcism (the ones interested to keep their businesses going). It is as if people in these stories do not have a life. Everything happens when they are alone or with their families. If a story involved non related people, it would be far more interesting. Currently watching tele-evangelists perform online miracle healings has more suspense and is more difficult to achieve (I mean to set up the hoax).

We all know that Christianity owes most of its success to human superstition and fear of the unknown. This show does exactly that. It enhances fear and superstition. It does not illuminate or give more details about the unknown. All you need to know is that daemons exist and they are out there to get us. We should be thankful that there is a God Monopoly (the Church) who knows the correct mambo jambo words to make them go away.

Common we are not so dam or a are we?

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Makes me want to write an angry letter...

Author: pjyielder from United States
29 June 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I can remember being a child, watching the Discovery Channel and being endlessly entertained by mere science. The Shatner-narrated nature documentaries never failed to fascinate me and make me want to learn more about the intricate world known as nature. Even the "Dinosaurs" CGI special was interesting because it was based on fossil findings, geological change over time, etc. After seeing this show, I am convinced that some superstitious, possibly fundamentalist nut is at the station's helm. If you watch this crap and actually believe it, you are a moron and there is no hope for you. Every scene is meticulously (over)acted by a group of nobodies, and the special effects are both terribly done and highly exaggerated. If these spooky things really happened (child making toys levitate, high-speed wind coming out of a closet, etc.), HOW ABOUT CATCHING THEM ON TAPE AND SHOWING THE FOOTAGE? I can't believe Discovery has really gone this far in an attempt to replace science and factual observation with hokey superstition and laughable ghost stories. In one episode, a young boy has communication with a spirit named "Man" (ha!) which leads him to try to kill the family cat, make his toys levitate, and generally scare the crap out of his entire family. They let this behavior persist for A YEAR before deciding to call their shaman friend to "cleanse the house". Did the thought of taking him to a doctor never cross their mind? I guess rational, logical behavior takes a backseat to hysterical superstition in our oh-so-advanced society. This show is pure insanity, but I guess it's fitting for a station whose regular lineup consists of Monster Garage, Cash Cab, and American Chopper. At least they're getting their precious ratings while making the populous dumber and dumber (and making me crack up with laughter!)

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