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17 Mar. 2006
Gateway to Hell
The owner of a country music dance hall becomes worried when his pregnant wife blames a dangerous fall on a ghost and his handyman exhibits signs of demonic possession.
24 Mar. 2006
The Diabolical
A girl who is unable to walk or talk becomes a human portal for a demon.
10 Aug. 2006
Demon Child
A courier in Kentucky feels helpless when her small boy's invisible playmate proves to be a demon. Her old friend, a shaman, is her only hope of saving her son.
17 Aug. 2006
Sallie's House
A young couple with a new baby learns that the ghost of a seven-year-old girl named Sallie lives in their home. The wife is fascinated, but the husband is terrified.
14 Sep. 2006
Hungry Ghosts
An American family moves into a mansion in Taiwan and soon learns the ghost-infested house was built to terrorize its occupants.
31 Aug. 2006
Where Demons Dwell
A young boy joins his sister and her boyfriend as they spend the day cleaning their new rental house. Immediately, a demon in the house torments the boy and takes possession of him.
24 Aug. 2006
Ghost Soldier
A single mother of two girls discovers a photograph of her ex-boyfriend's brother, who died in the Vietnam. Soon the dead soldier is haunting her house.
7 Sep. 2006
House of the Dead
A family in Maryland find their new home is menaced by a pair of ghosts who attack them in their beds and throw things about the house.
21 Sep. 2006
Dark Forest
A haunted crawlspace and a sinister forest are the source of trouble-making spirits in Hinsdale, New York.
28 Sep. 2006
A Haunting in Florida
An ex-army ranger can do nothing when his pregnant wife and baby daughter are threatened by the ghosts of a cigar-smoking man and a glaring old woman.
5 Oct. 2006
Fear House
A single father and his three children move into an old house in Missouri and quickly move back out. Later, he warns the house's new occupants of the paranormal terror that awaits them.
12 Oct. 2006
The Attic
A single mother moves into a new house in Michigan with her three-year-old son and learns she has the ghost of a drug addict in the basement and a malevolent spirit in the attic.
19 Oct. 2006
Hidden Terror
A haunted house sends a man's girlfriend into a deep depression and his female friend into a terrible sorrow before he finally calls in a team of paranormal investigators to find out what is going on.
26 Oct. 2006
The Unleashed
A mailman dabbles in the occult and unleashes demons that torment him and his family. A white witch attempting to help only makes things worse.
2 Nov. 2006
A Haunting in Ireland
An ordinary, working-class family in Ireland finds that the government-subsidized home in which they have spent many happy years is suddenly haunted.
9 Nov. 2006
The Forgotten
In Salt Lake City, Utah, a family moves into an old Victorian house with a mysteriously sealed-off room in the attic. When they expose it to the light, they unsettle an evil ghost.
16 Nov. 2006
The Wheatsheaf Horror
The employees of a pub in North East England battle a cruel spirit who once murdered a little girl and still has her ghost under his evil power.
30 Nov. 2006
The Possessed
When innocent people are attacked by entities from the supernatural realm, they rely on paranormal investigators to protect them from the unknown. These investigators rely on their studies, their personal experiences and, in many cases, their piety, as they assume the risk of becoming haunted themselves. Mary Vogel has been a spiritual counselor for ten years, but a recent encounter with the demonic forces her to question everything she knows and trusts. Violent nightmares invade her mind by day and unseen entities attack her body by night. In the church, which was ...
7 Dec. 2006
The Presence
The strength of the diabolical lies in the power of deception. In subtle ways, it destroys the bonds of friendship and family, distorts the beliefs of the faithful, and takes possession of the living. Sarah Miller perceives that something supernatural lurks inside her new home, terrorizing her children, and causing her to doubt her own senses. Her fiancé's skeptical response provokes frustration, putting the entire house on-edge, as a sinister presence struggles to take control of the family. Sarah seeks help from a lay religious demonologist, who recognizes the ...
14 Dec. 2006
The Dark Side
Bobby and Addie Wilcott have a strained marriage that they hope will improve when they buy an historic house in New England. Their marriage is further tested when doors refuse to stay closed and the piano repeatedly plays by itself. The couple tries their best to ignore the strange occurrences until their 5-year-old son is attacked by an unseen entity. Paranormal experts Ed and Lorraine Warren, famous for their work on the real-life Amityville horror house, discover that the couple has a much bigger problem - a demonic presence that is feeding on the discord in Bobby ...

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