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best thing on channel 5, just great fun

Author: archiesanders from United Kingdom
19 August 2006

It is wry, dark and humorous with a perfectly pitched line in silliness. Do not expect hard edged drama, do not expect much in the way of mind melting plot twists. Having said that there is enough plot that i was most irritated to miss the final episode. Do not expect much detailed characterisation, certainly not for the supporting cast. Do expect the p..s to be taken out of everything. Do expect to laugh. the botox episode was particularly amusing.

i really hope they make a second series of this, it was kind of hidden late on a Thursday night on channel 5 and i doubt many actually watched it. It made me chuckle more than anything else on recently.

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awesome show

Author: UzuUzuDeshi from United States
26 March 2006

I was channel surfing and ended up on Oxygen when this was on. It's housewives meets mafia how these women control their town. Odd twists and good acting make this a highly entertaining piece of the BBC. One of my favorites, second only to Xena: Warrior Princess. Once upon a time, Two best friends come home to find their home vandalized. From then on they take a vow to stop crime in their own vigilante style. Camilla goes to far, and it results in two gangs of housewives battling it out in suburbia. All the little details are funny, from how the 'gangmembers' get their own parking spot at the grocery store and ridiculous discounts through intimidation. I would highly recommend this show.

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worth watching

Author: abrown2980 from Portland, OR
20 April 2006

"Stepford Wives" vs "Suburban Housewives" or perhaps an English "Twin Peaks" - you'd understand the connection if you REALLY watched "Twin Peaks". The acting is rich, the comedy black and the content adult. If you enjoy bloke comedy then you will recognize a few faces. It doesn't take long before you are well entrenched into the story line and you'll be thanking Oxygen for running two episodes back to back.

Overall theme: Joyce and her husband have moved into a small English city (it has a church, so it's a city) as he has accepted a position as chief constable. Two factions of housewives are contending for influence/control over Joyce and ultimately, her husband's influence over local law enforcement. Each gun toting faction uses a different method of influence, fear and intimidation vs conscience and moral duty.

The supporting characters (more a case of caricatures) are campy and carried out by actors and actresses with the same commitment to their role as Don Adam's "Maxwell Smart".

Highly recommended.

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Well - I liked it!

Author: Peter-1994 from United Kingdom
15 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

While I accept Bill's criticism that the characters were a little one-dimensional, I nevertheless found this hilarious. It's certainly original. The opening 10 minutes give no idea what's to follow but the cat fight between the two suave ladies of the rival gangs was a great opening gag.

Instead of making their living selling hard drugs or smuggling, these ladies keep their charming town of Little Stempington 'clean' by running a protection racket. Dissolute youths are kept in line by tweed clad ladies of a certain age toting Uzis under their pashminas; as Camilla says "Why do you think the shopping arcade isn't full of sullen youths sniffing Toilet Duck?" The main scam here is not hard drugs but weapons grade HRT patches which liven up the sex lives of all who take them.

This gun-wielding women's institute never quite manage to kill anyone but they certainly trash a few houses, cars and gardens along the way. Favourite characters are the smooth and hardened bitch-queen of Little Stempington, Camilla Diamond, played smoothly by Anna Chancellor ('Duck Face' of Four Weddings); 'Auntie' Hillary, the sex crazed vamp wonderfully played by Rachael Blake (Home and Away and Heartbreak High) and Barbara (Felicity Montagu – sometime long suffering PA to Alan Partridge).

You can get a flavour from (select the UZI option for best effect).

I guess nothing is more divisive than comedy – you either love it or hate it – and although this show is not as original or anything like as dark as League of Gentlemen or Synchronicity it IS funny and worth a go. I look forward to series 2.

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Little Britain meets The Sopranos

Author: Mark Hale ( from United Kingdom
25 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Channel Five never seems to have anything that I want to watch. Well, that was the case until I discovered "Suburban Shootout"!

Fans of comedies like "Little Britain" and "Spaced" will find plenty of surreal pleasures in this tale of bored suburban housewives turned vigilantes and gangsters. Every episode these tweed-clad Amazons engage in drug dealing, extortion, wanton destruction and pointless violence.

The talented cast pitch into the bizarre story lines with gusto and the series is brimful with enthusiasm. There aren't many comedies that I find laugh-out-loud funny these days, but "Suburban Shootout" did have me chortling on the sofa as I watched. I really hope that Paramount and Channel Five make another series.

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Oooo I like it! - EDIT: Nope I take it back!

Author: JulesTSmith from London
27 April 2006

Nope- now I take back all my other comments. Suburban Shootout was a one trick pony- the pilot very funny but after that it all just goes downhill. Well done Channel 5, take a good idea and ruin it.


Finally some great original comedy from Channel 5!!!!! It seems great from the pilot. Desperate Housewives meets The Godfather! A woman and her policeman husband move to Little Steppington- a typical little village in the south of England. However before the first box is unpacked Joyce is taken on a tour round the town by a group of housewives only to be become involved in the destruction of the Wicker Barn. Very clever dialogue, and a great performance from Chancellor!

Give it a go! Thursday nights 11pm Channel 5. Give it the ratings it deserves so they can make more shows like this! Also Channel 5 move it to a better time slot! It's about time us Brits took back the king of comedy title from the Americans, we've been laking it for AGES!!!!

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There's only one joke in this awful sitcom

Author: Bill_Bones from United Kingdom
19 June 2006

Suburban Shooutout only has one joke and you guessed it it's the one in the title. If you find it hilarious that middle England housewives are in fact gun slinging gangsters and feel like having that gag rammed down your throat in various different ways for half an hour then this might be the show for you. Most will hate it. Or just not notice it.

The worst aspect is the characterisation. It's non existent. Everyone is one dimensional and there are no motivations based in reality. The relationship between the main dippy woman and her husband, the copper played by Ralph "Finchy" Inneson, is the most stupidly unbelievable thing going.

Basically it's kids' TV. Bad kids' TV at that. Awful and unfunny. Could have been good if there was anything beyond the "hilarious" premise but there's not. Avoid.

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