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With a calmness that bespeaks confidence, this small, spellbinding second feature by Hilary Brougher brings together two women, trapped in separate states of denial and distress, who manage to end each other's entrapment.
The scary culminating flashback, in which Stephanie gives birth -- in a public restroom, on a high school ski trip -- is a marvel of authentic disturbance.
Some cases should never come to trial, because no verdict would be adequate. You are likely to be discussing this film long into the night.
Tamblyn's surprisingly measured performance commands attention.
The film itself is dark and chilling, if occasionally plodding, but worth seeing for the absorbing potency of its main performances.
This is first-rate stuff.
Chicago Tribune
A stark, painful drama about pregnancy--a subject rarely treated this fully, candidly or tragically.
This is grim material, but director Hilary Brougher -- working from her own script that won a Sundance award -- examines the lives of these two suffering women without sensationalism or preaching.
However you feel about her character and what she may or may not have done, Tamblyn's portrayal of Stephanie Daley is softly devastating.
The Hollywood Reporter
A muted psychological mystery where filmmaker Hilary Brougher's interest in "solving" a possible crime is superseded by her investigation into matters involving denial, free will and the physical and emotional burdens of pregnancy.
The movie amounts to an extended short story that progresses slowly and fades away with key questions unanswered. Ambiguity isn't necessarily interesting.

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